Jul 25, 2008

You Asked. Now You Shall Recieve.

Well let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Krazy Karla actually asked me, "Melissa, are you going to find out if you are having a boy or girl? And are you going to let us know?"

Karla, Karla, Karla...are you kidding me? OF COURSE we are going to find out if it is a boy or girl. For two reasons.
1. I'm nosy.
2. I'm cheap. And if it's a boy - then do you have any idea how much stuff I'm gonna need? If it's a boy, I plan on spending some major moola within minutes of my finding out.

And yes. I plan on letting y'all know. I have a feeling y'all are gonna be alot like my family. You'll track me down and drive me nuts until I give up all the information you so desire.

Which is fine. I'm totally used to it.

Electric Elizabeth emailed me with several questions one of which I will use today and the others I will save. Here goes..."Do you go #2 in public?"

Elizabeth, obviously you are new here.

Otherwise you would know my feelings toward a little known restaurant called P.F. Changs, a popular hotel chain known as The Marriott, and what my daughter refers to as the "Bounce House." So to answer your question...well, you read the following stories and then you tell me.

Oh, and then add: Costco, Publix, LifeWay Christian Bookstore, Marshall's, and my friend Teresa's house.

Some crazed lunatic from just down the road - who shall remain nameless - sent me this. "I got your Friday question. Who is your favorite pastor? You better give the right answer or you’ll be singing your solos from the shower and not the stage."

Apparently someone needs a little boost of self-confidence, no? But hey, that's okay - we all do from time to time. Though he need not worry. It's him. He's my favorite.

Yes, it's my SOUTHERN BAPTIST preacher.

And although I am not a SOUTHERN BAPTIST girl...
And although I do think there are some different ways he could at least try to wear his hair... And although I think he's getting to the age where a nice little pair of frames would make him look both distinguished AND hip...
And although I wish he would wear at least one pair of shoes that he paid full price for...
I sure do love him.

And he does let me sing alot. But that's because I'm his favorite. I know that for a fact, because I tell him I am, all the time.


Kinky Kelley asks this, "I think that I recall you mentioning once that you flat iron Remi's hair. If I dreamed that up, then forget about it, but if it's so I'm wondering how often you iron it and do you think that it has at all damaged or permanently changed the texture of her hair. I want to flat iron my niece's hair but I'm afraid of scarring her for life. I mean, not really scarring her but that her hair will never curl again for the rest of her life."

Kelley, you did not dream that. It really happened. And honey, you should have seen her. She looked fabulous!

But it is not something I do very often at all. Mainly because she can't sit still that long. But she has kind of short hair so it doesn't take a whole long time to do it. If I had a child with waist length hair you couldn't pay me enough.

So I would say I've flat ironed it maybe 4 or 5 times. And heck no! That hasn't hurt it at all. I first thought when I put that hot flat iron to her hair, "Oh no! What if it burns it off and it falls out?" But then I just had to decide what was more important her hair falling off at the root or her looking good in her polka-dot dress. And I'm sorry, but the dress won.

I didn't wash her hair the next day. Just so I didn't have to blow dry it. Ya know, tryin' the whole "less is more" approach. Which I've never totally agreed with when it comes to hair.

But trust me, your niece will be totally fine. Just don't do it everyday. Unless fashion calls for it, of course, then all bets are off.

Okay - so there are our questions for this Friday. If your question wasn't listed, no worries, it may very well be up here next week. Or the week after that. Or in the year 2010. But either way - keep checkin' back.

Thank you all for sending in your questions. I love reading them and will get to each and every one of them. In the mean time, have a great weekend. Hire a babysitter and go see Batman - Heath Ledger ROCKED IT FOR 2 SOLID HOURS!! A-m-a-z-i-n-g is all I can say, my lovelies, amazing.

Happy Friday.


Caroline said...

Good Morning Melissa. I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for your appointment today. May it be the good report you are so hoping for. Blessings!

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I love reading your blog...you always make me smile.
Have a blessed weekend.

Heather said...

My prayers are with you this morning, Melissa. May you float out of that office today, walking on cloud nine...

Me said...

Praying for you guys this morning.

Adelaine said...

I flat iron my daughter's hair all the time! It's naturally straight but gets funky dents in it when she sleeps on it wet.

I hope you have the world's most stress free, healthy, float out of the office appointment ever!

Deanna said...

I even talked to God about you in the shower last night. (don't get me wrong, I don't go thinking about folks I don't know in the shower...it's just good quiet time to talk to Him) Hope you have a wonderful easy appointment! How far along are you now?

Melissa said...

I have debated for quite some time now on whether or not to flat iron my Lala's hair. She has her mama's hair and this will be good when she gets older, but for right now, it's a crazy, sloppy mess. She doesn't even have a natural part. Thanks for the inspiration.
I think I will be playing beauty shop this afternoon.
Praying for your appt. today....
Love ya sister Melissa (#2, thought I'd slip that in there :)
Love and hugs from Melissa The #1

Lula! said...

You should've never linked your church. 'Cause now I'm organizing a trip, whereupon all your fans will descend one Sunday to hear you sing.

I'm just sayin'.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Prayin' for floatage today sweetie.

Breanne Vasquez said...

Praying - I really hope it all goes well this morning! I could not sleep last night and I kept thinking about your doctors apt - I am so nervous for you. I guess I am on the nutty side!

Anonymous said...

I have a question.
What's that "thing" on your right foot?

a concerned friend

Evi said...

For two straight years I used to blow dry my daughters hair every morning with a large brush to straighten it...then we cut it short. Well worth it...can't stand the crazy 'bill the cat' look she had going.
Oh and Lula...did you get our confirmation numbers yet for the flight?...(teehee)

KO said...

We cannot wait all weekend long to hear your good report from your dr. visit. Please be good to your "lovelies" and post again with the good news :)

KO said...

We cannot wait all weekend long to hear your good report from your dr. visit. Please be good to your "lovelies" and post again with the good news :)

Mrs. S said...

way too cute!

Anonymous said...

Loved, Loved, Loved Batman. It was amazing. All I can say.


Katie Says said...

you always make me laugh. thank you! ;)

Sheri said...

Rumor has it my best friends daughter (and yes, I'm going to claim her as my almost-niece) will be here on Monday. Praying like crazy because mama has some health issues that make the last few weeks critically dangerous.

Going to the drive in tonight to see Journey to the Center of the Earth (in 3D!) and Hancock . . .hope to catch Batman next weekend there!