Jul 24, 2008

Couple Things.

Occasionally I will leave a post called "Couple Things" whenever I need to cover a couple different areas all at once. It doesn't happen often, so don't be scared. But nonetheless here we go...

1. Yes, I've been doing WATER AEROBICS. I feel the need to clarify this for the 25+ members of my family who emailed me yesterday to tell me both "how proud they were of me" and also to ask me "are you actually wearing a swimsuit in there? And is it one with good support?" To those loved ones I would like to say this:

Look, it's water aerobics, okay? It's not like it's Power Pilates with Helga the Drill Sargent. No need to be proud. I mean, for pete's sake, I'm the only one under 58 in the entire class. Yes, I wear a swimsuit and yes, it has good support.

Okay, that's a lie. It has almost no support. Which is why I have given myself two black eyes and a bloody nose. Oh, and before you get too proud - I skipped yesterday morning in order to go to Cracker Barrell with the AG. But he threatened me! He really did. He's just awful like that.

And yes. I had bacon.

2. Sarah and HappyMcFamily listen up!! You have a request. Now granted, I am a little bitter about this considering it is MY blog and MY posts and no one wants any of MY wisdom. But hey, I'll get over it. In the mean time a couple of my lovelies want a Beef Tips and Rice recipe from Miss Sarah. And HappyMcFamily they want to know how you do your meal lists (they also want to know what the heck FlyLady is...I have to admit, I'm a tad curious myself). So see that little "email me" button over to the right, just click on it, send me your info and I'll make sure they get it.

And who knows. If they're lucky maybe I'll just send them MY Beef tips and Rice recipe. Oh yeeeeaaahhh. Who wouldn't want that?

3. Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is my first Doctor's appt. Okay, peeps, it's time! I know that I will wake up Friday morning just sick to my stomach at how my morning appt. will go, so if you're opening up your morning with some prayer - why not send some "peace" my way?

I'd also like a good report from doctor and I'd like to float out the door. I've never floated before. I've heard lots about it, though. Sounds awesome.

So please pray for me and the Attorney General and of course, little Julio. Who has been nothing but nauseating and dizzying and extremely tiring.

This much I know, my lovelies, God is good. All the time. And all the time. God is good.

4. Heather W. informed me that Estelle Getty died. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Well, okay, that's a lie. I can believe it. I think she was like 104. But still - this is Sophia. Sophia Petrillo. The character that is a part of my dearly beloved Golden Girls - of which I watch probably two or three A DAY! Every evening when I'm cooking dinner, that's what is playing on my TV.

I was so sad to hear she passed away. She was a very funny lady who provided me with a world of sarcastic comebacks. As if I needed any more.

And thanks to Ashley who informed me of the Lifetime TV Golden Girls marathon on July 25th from 12-5. I suggest we all watch it and then refer all next week to the great one-liners we hear. Although I know them all by heart. But still...nothing is better than a great one-liner.

Take for instance two days ago when I actually came across an old episode of Hart to Hart. Can you believe that? I watched every second of it. And loved the line when the police chief told Mr. Hart that he would "make a note" of his concern. And Mr. Hart said, "When you do - file it under H."

I mean, who else could get away with saying that? I tried to say it to the AG last night when he was complaining about a paper he had misplaced. I said, "Well next time you might try filing it under H." But he just looked at me and said, "Melissa, sometimes you really get on my nerves. And you have something between your teeth."

So thanks to Estelle Getty who at the age of 62 got her big break in a little show called The Golden Girls - and went on to win TWO Emmy awards. Proving that no matter how wrinkled we are or past our prime we are considered - it ain't over till it's over.

5. Don't forget that tomorrow is question and answer day. If you haven't turned in a question for me yet, why not? I am ball of wisdom and information that I know you are just aching to dive into. Plus I can do good hair.

6. In the ongoing debate of "Nature Versus Nurture" may I just show this video to those who fall on the side of Nature? Nay-tay-tay my friends. Nurture wins out every time. Trust me. She may not have my DNA but she has everything else.

Notice how she refuses to dance until begged (she gets that honest).
Or until she finally hears the applause on the television (She also gets that honest. That is actually a problem I am trying to deal with right now. It's serious.)
And how she takes a bow at the end. (I am a firm believer in "if you're gonna go to the trouble of doing it, at least take a bow at the end.")

*The Attorney General would like to put in a disclaimer that he neither dances this way nor does he weigh 300 pounds.

Personally, I think they're both adorable.


Amy said...

YAY! I am the FIRST to comment. Nevermind that it is ONLY 4:24AM here in Texas! And..you posted this in the middle of the night, you sneak! Anyway- I will be praying for you-that God will give you peace for your appointment and shower you with his love! Let us know how it goes will ya? EVEN if that means 2 posts in ONE day! I too am a BIG Golden Girl fan. I personally love Rose the best, we WONT go into why. So..the video is TOTALLY adorable! I think the AG dances very well. Remi must have taught him his moves. She is precious..just wanna eat her up! Oh, also...love your country voice! Too cute! Blessings-Amy
Oh, still waitin' on the book. I just KNOW you will pick me...Lord knows I need some love!

Jenn said...

Praying for you...

Perksofbeingme said...

This might be the cutest thing in the world! And just so you know, since we've been talking about the whole prayer thing, well, everytime I try to pray not only do I start with "Melissa says this works," but I've been praying for you. Maybe that will help me feel better about it. I'm sure Sarayu knows everyone is thinking about you.

Kelley said...

How cute is that Remi!!! Thanks for sharing.

And, by the way, can I just say that FlyLady makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork. No one is THAT organized and clean, for pete's sake.

I prayed for you today and will definitely ask for an extra dose of peace for tomorrow's appointment.

ugagirl30 said...

Okay, so I KNOW he taught her those moves. Who does the AG think he is foolin'? Very precious.

Karol said...

She's too cute! I'm praying for a relaxing, uneventful dr's appointment tomorrow!

Deanna said...

I second Kelly on the FlyLady comment. I've visited that page a couple of times (glutton for misery?) and all it made me feel like was a total failure at housekeeping. We both work full time out of the house, so what if I haven't cleaned the floors in like....weeks...many many weeks...that's disgusting! I can't believe I admitted that! But we have wood floors and I sweep...okay okay, Hubster sweeps...it's just that we haven't used the Floormate on them in a while. You won't think less of me because I have dirty floors, will you? Let's not discuss dusting, which I think is a total waste of time...unless I can write my name in it...then it's disgusting and I have to clean it. ARGH! I'm digging a hole here...

And yes, still praying for you. I want you so badly to have a wonderful pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Argh, that video is adorable! How cute is she?

Since you're taking questions for tomorrow, was your daughter dancing to gangsta rap? :)

Good luck with your appointment!

Deb said...

Oh the anticipation while waiting through the first 26 seconds, knowing something extraordinary was coming. and she didn't disappoint. look at her bustin a move. get it girl...show em how its done Remi. And the AG looks like he could break it down too. Way to go guys!

Me said...

Yes, Estelle Getty died. Didn't you notice that she was not at your water aerobics class? :)


Melissa said...

That. was............ADORABLE!

Have you seen my divas? They made up some artistic version of Laurie Berkner before bed a few nights ago.

One of my boys in youth prayed for you by name last night! Melissa Lee Radke. Just needed to make sure God didn't get us mixed up.(I'm ducking lightning as we speak...:)
I'm done havin' babies....! (Again, ducking lightning and guarding my fallopian tubes)

Melisa@andbabywillmake4 said...

Adorable video!!

Nauseating, dizzying and tiring is actually a very good thing!

Breanne Vasquez said...

It is an adorable video! She is too cute!! I love her hair. Ha Ha at the bloody nose (it made me think of Meet the parents with sister in the pool) my favorite part of the movie. I prayed and will continue and send major prayers tom morning for doctors appt.

Deanna said...

I just dropped by to THANK YOU! You so make me feel like a normal person. Went to the pool to swim with my boys last night and decided I would swim some laps (more than one is considered laps right?). I was so pleased with myself when I got home that I rewarded myself with a tall glass of Pepsi and a nutter butter. Just when the guilt was about to set in, I realized that I am not alone. Other GREAT women and moms live this life! So here's to you... for helping Moms know that there is life outside the swimming pool!

Also... that is the most adorable video ever! Can't wait to hear about Julio tomorrow.

Vicki said...

Before I finished reading I had to get down here and say that FlyLady is awesome. If you follow it. If I were to actually do what FlyLady tells me (and not even everything) I'd have a spotless house. I did a really scheduled cleaning regime when we lived in Virginia, and I was so proud of that house. It does take some serious willpower to keep up with it.

Now, back to the reading.

Vicki said...

I'll be praying for you! And I've already posted a question. And your daughter is adorable, but I've gotta hand it to the AG--he's an amazing dancer.
Gotta go! Hubby wants to go shopping!

Merrie said...

Awww! How cute are they??

Sending peace prayers your way. And finding it very positive that you're tired and nauseous.

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

How come I read this entire thing, yet the only thing I can think about at this point is bacon and beef tips.


Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Mel about using your blog for my requests. I just need some new recipes. (Thanks to Sarah...will check you out.)

The Remster is adorable...loved the video.

Have a good day tomorrow...I hope you "float".


Mrs. S said...

Ok I have to say I'm very sad to hear about the golden girls marathon I will be missing due to lack of good tv. thanks hubby.
Anyway, also Estelle was 84, not 104...she was also younger than Bea Arthur (who played her daughter). That's some fun trivia I use whenever I get the chance (or so my hubby says). She wore a wig to play Sophia. I love the GGs.

Will be praying for your drs appt. All will be well.

Sarah B. said...

First...were you watching SYTYCD? Love that show...and AG is an awesome dancer. Any man who will dance with his daughter like that gets huge kudos...props to daddy! P.S. You'll be in my prayers all day.

Sarah Shalley said...

The recipe is POSTED! CHECK IT OUT!

While you're there, if you'd like to book a session...I'd love to hang out with you.


Melissa...PEACE to you! I'll pray that everything is according to GOD'S plan for you.

Lula! said...

I was quietly singing, "Get down girl, go 'head, get down" while watching her dance. Not because she's a gold digger, but because that's what we sing to get Caroline to dance. Every now and then we get super spiritual and and say "Praaaaaise the Lord--life up your hands!" And she complies. Then shakes her boo-tay.

Get down girl, go 'head, get down...

I'm not asking my question. Because I've only asked it a million times and you keep ignoring me. So whatever.

Sheri said...

Mmm, Bacon. Daggone you. Guess what I'm having for dinner? Right after I get back from a long walk with the mutt . . . that way I will have earned it!

Still praying for you!

Question: What is your favorite guilty/comfort food quick fix?

Amy said...

I love watching videos of when my girls were dancing when they were little. They are too funny.

She is so cute, and the AG can shake it pretty good too ;)

Leighann said...

There's just something about a when a little girl says 'Come on, daddy' that gets grown men to do the funniest things.

Swirl Girl said...

You watch MTV's America's Best Dance Crew too?

We love to watch dance shows as a family. My two little hams boogie on down like there is no tomorrow. At home, at the store, in a restaurant....no prodding or cajoling. It's their thang.

good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Mellisa: Which of these comments/questions are true?
1)White girls don't ....jump
so.....they shouldn't run for cheerleader
2) Fluffy white girls need fluffy swim skirts
3) Fluffy girls should refrain from swimming too close to the shore (...& you know why)
4) Tan Fluffy girls are easier on the eyes than white fluffy girls.
P.S. Loooove me sum AG & 50cent Remi Cake!!!!
Your mother in Texas

Amy Jo said...

Whoop! Whoop! you go girl! she is too cute!

Praying for your appointment, and you to have peace as well girl!

Amy Jo

Finding Normal said...

I'll be praying for you come Friday AM. Heck, I'll start now, just for good measure. I hope you float!
I'm sharing some bloggy award lovin with you today--come on over!

Ashley said...

I am praying that not only will you float out but that you will float IN and have unimaginable peace!

AND What in the world is that song???

You make me laugh out loud. I will be watching for you at the water aerobics... I have not seen you there. Callan has swim lessons during the water aerobics sessions. I mean... I could video or something???!!!

Anonymous said...

That video is too cute.

Good luck at your appt tomorrow as well...it sounds like you and Julio are doing very well!

Julie said...

I am cracking up at that video! She is a doll!

Will be saying prayers for you. I know how this is. We too got pregnant after adoption - just the way God planned it all along. I still remember how scared I was at each and every MD appt though.

Even though it sounds awful I am glad you don't feel that great. That is a good sign.


PS - Let me know when people start saying "oh isn't that just how it happens. You adopt and then get pregnant". If I had a dollar for everytime I hear that I would be sunnin and funnin down in the Carribean.

Rhea said...

I love your accent.

Remi dancing with the AG is the BEST thing ever. Loved it.

I'm praying for you, thinking positive thoughts and all that. I can't wait to hear about your appointment tomorrow. I want you floating! :o)

Angela said...

I am definitely praying for you and I have some other comments I want to add on this post, but I gotta go to bed for now, LOL! For the moment, I will just say this is the second VERY adorable video of a friend's little one I have seen this week. The other one is here, my best friend's two year old.

Love and hugs to you!


sanctuaryseeker said...

Love that video. Your hubby is precious to be wrapped around Remi's little finger.

Peace to you. Prayers for you.

I know you want to float, but it would probably make you sick. Which is a good thing. It's also good that you are tired and nauseous.

God is good.

Kelly said...

What a great daddy!
Best of Luck tomorrow; crossing my fingers that you receive news that makes you SOAR out the door.

miri68 said...

Your little girl is too cute! I will be praying for you tomorrow to be lifted up in wonderful news. Peace,