Oct 7, 2009

The Last Time I Talked To My Mother...

I should probably change the name of this little segment, considering I once titled it this when I lived 400 miles away from her and we only spoke on the phone.

Now I live about 2 yards away and can't get her out of my kitchen.

Nevertheless, the woman can say some things that just, well, things that make you go hmmmm....

Take for instance, last Friday when we went out to run some errands. My mom takes a sudden detour that nearly flung me out of the vehicle.

"What are you doing taking that curve? You're already going 80 and you're blind."

"I know. But you'll be happy I did."

"Why? Where are we going?"

"To the meathouse."

"A meathouse? Mom, are we going to a haunted house?"

"No, we're actually going to a meathouse."

"You mean a meat market?"

"Whatever. It's where they bring in fresh ribs and beef and steaks."

"Oh, okay - so we're picking up some beef?"

"Beef? NO! We're going cuz it's where the Pentecostals bring the brittle."

I would love to explain this to you all and as soon as I know what the heck that sentence means you can be assured I will.

All I know is they were out of "brittle" so she told the lady at the register, "You're out of brittle? What kind of communist society are we living in? Oh honey, I'm kidding...give me enough beef to make a big batch a' chili."

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Anonymous said...

I have laughed so hard I am crying!!!!!!! Some day, when you have eleven hours to spare, I can explain that sentence to you...I wish you could spend just one little weekend with my family, then you too, would know EXACTLY where your mother was coming from.
LOL - oh, the joys of family! Ain't it great bein' home?!

jennifer kitchens

Kim said...

Oh, I know what that sentence means!!

Kim L.

katy said...

Aren't mothers grand? (really they are, a bit looney at times, but we may as well get used to it, for I fear we will turn into them!)

Anonymous said...

I knew you moved back for a reason...to get more good material for your blog!!!! Your mom is just like her mom which means you will be just like your mom:)


Danica said...

Peanut brittle! Yum! My great-grandma and her church ladies used to make it at church all the time! (yes, they were pentecostal)