Oct 7, 2009

Guess Who's 2?

Today, today I am turning 2

And so I've got some news for you

I've decided to act like most terrible two's

Until you give me what I want you to!

Tell me I'm pretty and tell me I'm smart

Don't correct me when I scream or fart.

Don't make me use the potty don't make me take a nap.

Don't make me wear that silly dress that has that silly cap.

Please let me touch my brother!

On his face or on his head...

He loves it when I slap him,

He told me last night before bed.

So let me stay up late at night

Watch Scooby Doo all day long.

And quit making me try and count to 20

Or sing that stupid A-B-C song.

Because today is my birthday gosh dang-it!

And I'll do whatever I dare.

And trust me, I don't want to brush my teeth-

And don't even think about touching my hair!

Instead I think I'll just lay here

While you fix me some chocolate milk.

And fetch me a blanket that's not scratchy?

I prefer pink chenille or fine silk.

Don't turn that ceiling fan on too high...

Don't turn that ceiling fan on too low...

And please scoot away from the remote control

While I'm watching my favorite show.

No I don't want chicken nuggets!

And corny dogs just will not do!

I prefer a pepperoni lovers with cheese

You'll go get that for me, won't you?

So that is how I'm going to act today

I'll do nothing and then I'll do it some more

Because today is my blogs special birthday

And what else are birthdays for?

So as I lay around all day won't you tell me

Just exactly what this birthday means to you

Cuz there's something to be said for comments

And for or five? Well, that just will not do.

I can't wait to hear how you spend my birthday

I hope you think of me all day, too.

And as I blow out my candles and make my wish

I'll be hoping for another year with you!

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