Oct 6, 2009

TV Down-Low

Let me begin by saying "thank you." Thank you for letting me have Monday off. Sometimes this blog thing can become quite the little taskmaster, and since the family and I moved into our new digs this weekend I had to set some time aside to organize my new house.

And also I lost my computer in the move.

But it's found now and I am back on board.

So the new season of TV has started up and well, I'm all aflutter. I asked your opinions last week and boy did you all give 'em to me. And for the most part I agreed with you...

Cougar Town
Let me go on record right now as saying that I have never been one to lay my judgements on anyone else. You like CougarTown? Great. Just take some ice water cuz it's gonna be hot in hell.

Oh, for pete's sake. I'm kidding.

Personally, Cougar Town is not for me. Mainly because it's pretty trashy - but also because Courtney Cox is completely annoying and acts like she just downed 12 of those Pixie Sticks of sugar just before the 2nd take. But I am a Courtney Cox fan so if you're watching the show and something happens like David Schwimmer or Matt LeBlanc come on the show and they all go down to a coffee shop to shoot the breeze, well, then could you email me? Cuz I'll TiVo it for sure.

Modern Family

Pass the ice water, cause I like it. I know I'm not supposed to. I know I'm supposed to be against it in every way. But I can't help it. Whenever a chubby gay man dances I'm hooked.

Please don't email James Dobson; I know it goes against everything we believe in as the RightWingChristianCoolitionFoxNewsFocusOnTheFamily people that we are. But it's funny. And ya know, at the end of a long day sometimes you just want to yuck it up. And people, this show has got me, The AG and my dad almost losing our breath.

Did I just lose my Republican voting rights?

Flash Forward

Are you watching this? WHY NOT????

It has the potential to be really good. And it reminds me of a little show about an airplane that went down on an island and all these people were LOST there and the AG said, "How in the world can they write a show about people being lost on an Island for more than one season?" And now he's an addict. Well, yeah...he said the same thing about this one. And yet, we're hooked.

The Good Wife

There's something about watching a drama on CBS that makes me feel very grown-up. Does anyone else ever feel that? I love this show because a.)it's clean and b.) Julianna Margolis is a great actress and c.)I feel like it's a show my mother would be proud of me for watching.

I have no idea why, I'm just hoping to goodness it makes up for Modern Family.

And last but not least...


You know how I feel about this show. I've already made it clear.

But then I watched another episode and now I'm not so sure. Can I really love something that I would never ever want my kids watching? I mean, isn't this like that age old question they taught you in Sunday School, "Jesus is everywhere we go...so if he is at school with us are we going to cheat? If he is standing with us at our locker are we going to gossip?"

Well, if my kids were sitting with me on the couch would I want them watching this? (Yes, I know they're 3 and 1....not the point) The answer is, "no." I would not want them watching it and I would not feel right about watching it myself.

But thankfully they're 3 and 1 and so this isn't really an issue for me right now. So party on Wayne!


Maybe I should just start downloading the music from iTunes and nix the show. However, I am two weeks behind even getting around to watching it on my TiVo so maybe the problem will work itself out. Maybe I'll forget it exists and never have to ask myself the really hard questions.

Because let's be honest, I've gotten through 30+ years not asking myself the really tough questions so why in the world would I want to start now?


You've had a couple of weeks under your belt now to watch them...what are your thoughts? Where do you all stand on Modern Family? Glee? Anyone still watching Golden Girls, or is that just me?


Anonymous said...

What you said about Glee is what you should be asking about Modern Family. If Christians continue to support shows like this, then they will keep on producing them. We need to be salt and light.

oldwomaninashoe said...

My Monday nights opened up when I got fed up with TLC . I'm big into reruns of Dr. Quinn, Frontier Gynocologist ( although if I hear her say "I'm a docta" like she's God or something I may get sick), Doc, HGTV shows and of course, Survivor. I did mention to my husband the other night maybe I shouldn't watch it anymore because I tossed my house slipper at the screen when one of the players referred to another as "ghetto trash" & then claimed not to be racist. For the most part the kids control the television and it's Boomarang, Sprout & Disney.

jana said...

My family doesn't have TV and reading your overview posts of shows almost makes me want to get cable. Almost. I love not having TV so I will just have to continue stalking your blog so I feel somewhat connected to Tv land.

Amy said...

Do you watch Biggest Loser or Drop Dead Diva?? Love them both!

votemom said...

i like MF and think it's incredibly funny and entertaining.... but it bugs me that they are making Glee so down&dirty.

the ranchy song lyrics and pornographic dance moves are just un-necessary and really take away from the show and storyline. just my opinion. not to mention make me change the channel when my 15 yr old son walks in the room.

so far, MF isn't pushing the gay thing. i mean.. really they aren't. the gay characters are incredibly funny - and it doesn't really have to do with being gay.

and they are just like real people in real life. some gay people are really funny. some straight people are really funny. when all the jokes start becoming about being gay, i'll probably ditch it.

the Lion King scene had me laughing out loud for ten minutes. AND I NEVER LAUGH OUT LOUD.

do i think gays should adopt children? nope. and i am a huge adoption advocate and have adopted myself. do i think gays should be parents at all? nope.

do i think this show has an agenda? yes, probably.

is it stopping me from living my convictions? nope. is it making me more tolerant of sinful behavior? nope. not yet. i am trusting the HolySpirit to convict me if it begins to.

for now, it's just darn funny television.


Sissy said...

I have not fallen in love with anything new. I'm still in love with my old stuff and that's all I can keep up with right now.

I love:
Grey's Anatomy
The Office
Project Runway
Top Chef
Say Yes to the Dress

I have heard things about Glee and Modern Family and I am not so sure.

Sayrah said...

I love glee for the sure fact that it has music... I prolly shouldn't like the story lines and how they are making it racy, but thats what happens in high school so I get it!
Modern Family Cracks me up!

Genie Marie said...

I love...LOVE...FlashForward..and yes it does remind me of LOST, which I am also addicted to. I kept telling my husband that he had to watch it...he watched the first episdoe and was hooked when he saw the man in black walking around all those sleeping people!! I am excited to see where it goes:) I am with you on Glee...the storylines are a bit much..but the music was awesome!

mommaof4wife2r said...

i don't watch because i count on you to tell me the breakdown instead! i still like house...love grey's...and the office. i'm old school at this point, i guess. oh, have you seen community? it's stupid funny!

martha said...

Yep, Glee is the only one on your list that I love. But I'm disappointed in myself for loving it. The music brings back a flood of memories of me holding the microphone in high school. BUT, it's continually and needlessly hateful to Christians. (It's also raunchy, but in my memory, high school itself was raunchy, so I can deal with that. Unless it makes sin admirable.... )
On second thought, maybe I shouldn't be watching it.

I struggle with these decisions....

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I am loving The Good Wife. I think it is great. Definitely on my DVR list!! Wanting to watch Modern Family ( I know I will love it- even though I shouldn't :-) )!

cndymkr / jean said...

Well after reading the other comments I'm thinking that I am going to hell. I love Glee, Flash Forward, the Good Wife and a host of other shows. I haven't seen Modern Family yet but it's going on my list now.