Sep 29, 2009

Tuesday's Are Terrific Days for Random Thoughts.

There were no pig races this weekend around here and I'm starting to feel all outta sorts.

So I went on a jog.

You get it? Pig races? Jogging? Me?

Ah well.

This weekend was so tame in fact that I am starting to think moving to the 75904 is not as flashy and dazzling as I had expected it to be.

Friday night the AG took me out to dinner and to see The Informant with Matt Damon? Anyone else seen this? I would love to know your thoughts considering I would probably choose an unmedicated colonoscopy over ever having to see it again. (Did that seem a little over the top? Trust me, it wasn't.)

On Saturday I took a nap and made a Paula Deen dinner (All 47,000 calories of it. Here it is if you're interested.) while The Attorney General went to a football game. And then on Sunday I got two screaming kids ready for church while my husband went to - you guessed it - another football game. Guess who had to pray against having that ol' ugly root of bitterness? Mwa!

Seriously though, he is a wonderful man and deserves a weekend full of football if that's what his little heart desires. He brought me back a Kings of Leon CD and some bags of peanuts from Logans to make sure momma was happy. And she was!

Oh...another completely random note (since I am literally typing this post with absolutely no idea of where I'm headed) you all tell me your thoughts about some of the new shows that premiered last week. Let's see, we have:

The Good Wife
Flash Forward
Accidentally on Purpose
Modern Family

Of course I have my thoughts...have you ever known me to not have my thoughts? But I want to know yours. Because I don't want to personally offend anyone by telling you that some of the shows were horrific and tasteless. I'll wait until tomorrow to do that, 'k? 'K.

So tell me what you thought and then I'll tell you if you're right or wrong and then we'll be friends forever. Until then...


Mandy said...

I thought Mercy was pretty good. A little cheesy at times but not bad. And my mom said she LOVED The Good Wife, but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet.

Lynda said...

I didn't watch ANY of them, but can't wait to read your report!

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought Mercy was pretty good. And I LOVED The Good Wife.
I will NOT be watching Modern(aka The Way of the World)Family. In fact, I've sent emails asking for it to be REMOVED! ;)
I have no desire to watch any of the others.


votemom said...

i liked FF - i'm definitely hooked after just one episode.

i watched Modern Family - i thot the premiere was very funny, but can't imagine i'll be making it a priority in my life.

just patiently (not!) waiting for LOST to return. until then, it's all just filler ;o)

Kat said...

The Good Wife was good, in my humble estimation. Actually, strike that- it was great, in my faultless estimation.

And, I thought Community was worthy of several chuckles.

I didn't catch the other shows and I'm not likely to anyways. I think I already watch too much tv.

Anonymous said...

I did not like cougar town. I was shocked that Courtney Cox would do this!

Faith(ful) Reader said...

Cougarville was just plain stupid and trashy; Modern Family, on the other hand, was amusing but it felt predictable and like they were trying too hard.

Melissa said...

Flash Forward was good. Not as good as Lost, but definitely has potential. The opening scene was a little too reminiscent of Lost...

I haven't seen any of the others. Lie to Me is a must see! Comes on FOX on Mondays! Soooo good.

I did catch the first epi of Community, actually, but I wasn't all that interested. It was okay, but I'm not DVRing it anytime soon. I'm running out of hours because my DArling husband keeps recording old Magnum PI episodes. Can I tell you just how much this drives me crazy? The TV is mine and he just come all up in here and takes it over with all his hunting programs and RTV with is Retro TV....Magnum, Hulk, A Team, Knight Rider, etc.

Melissa said...

grammar errors all over that comment. I should really proof read.

Jeni said...

The Good Wife is for sure worth watching and Mercy is good too. Didn't watch any of the others...too little time. Hooked on Biggest Loser and Survivor and of course won't miss Glee!