Sep 21, 2009

You Just Thought We Were Classy.

Now you know we are.

So here's my little darlin' at the Forest Festival this past weekend. That's right. It's called The Forest Festival. What's wrong with that? You got something to say about it? I think it's nice to be festive about the forests; to celebrate timber and pine with rides and corny dogs; to promote things like nature and rag weed with things like roasted corn and pig races.

That's right. I said pig races.

Wave if you love a good pig race!

Rocco got to ride his first carny-ride. It was the carousel. It went over 96 miles and hour and he was held in place by two women who can barely stand upright as it is. One laughed till she peed and one got off the ride and was so dizzy she couldn't figure out where to get out. I'll let you determine which was which.

And this would have been the humbling moment when Remi told her Nonie to "find your own horse."

Because I am a tad classier than my counterparts I chose not to partake in the carousel riding or snake handling. Instead I hung out near Ray's Cajun Catering Van and shelled out $2 every few minutes for what he described as "the world's greatest stuffed shrimp." Preach on, Ray, preach on.

All in all it was a great experience. Oh, sure, there were some things we could have done without.

But I had a good time - even when all 11 of us were lost from each other for about an hour. (*Note to self: If the AG and I are going to ever get "accidentally" separated in a crowd guess who will always end up "accidentally" without the children? It ain't him.)

So if you'd like to join us next year just leave me a comment. I'm sure they could always use a couple more in the pig race...or we could at least go for some ribs after.


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I'm up for the ribs!

Faith(ful) Reader said...

Loves me some ribs--speaking of Cajun, no "fried" pies? I went to the Jazz Fest in NO and learned of these must try some if you ever get a chance.

Anonymous said...

I love me some BBQ. I once drove from Northern Missouri to Memphis TN for BBQ. (and to see Graceland!)

T said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast!

Jenny said...

I CAN NOT believe that you let that sweet child handle that snake. You can bet your buns that my sweet little one will NOT be doing that!!!! BTW - We have our big 20 wk ultrasound on 10/5. Can't wait to see our little miracle baby.

Ashley said...

I do think your classy. In fact, I'll one up you and let you know I've traveled to a foreign country for pig racing. Hahahaha! Okay, well maybe that isn't the only reason I went. They have pig races in Colombia, where my husband is from.

Sissy said...

I may have to stop being your friend after seeing Remi with a snake. I don't do snakes. Not at all. Can't ever watch them on tv, either. I had to give up watching Survivor.

There isn't anything else going on with us right now. No adoption news. Not a bit. Wish I had more to report, but nothing is happening. We're just sitting here waiting. It isn't fun.

Shelley said...

Girl, I love you more than my luggage (steel magnolias). I need the information on how to "accidentally" let my dear hubby wind up with the children. Need that secret girl, come on, give it up.

Shelley said...

Oh, and no freaking way am I going to let a snake crawl on me. Not gonna happen.