Sep 24, 2009

Thanks for Pulling Me Out.

So last week I mentioned that I was in a rut. And boy was I.

Thank you all so much for bringing out your tractor, hooking it up to this poor girls sedan and pulling her .....uh...big tail....out of the muck. I so appreciate it.

I wrote down every single website that you all suggested. Every last one. And I have had some fun, let me tell ya.

Sure there are sites like and that I neither know what they are nor how to navigate them but I know they came from Shawn so I feel certain they are right-winged and Republican to the hilt. And I'm down with that.

The AG would personally like to thank Katherine who sent me to and now hears me talking about the Avondale Table and Chairs in my sleep. (In Italian Green, of course.)

Beth sent me to and I am allllllll about it. I've already created a bookshelf with my favorite books on it! And now I don't have to wander around the library going, "What was the name of that book so and so recommended?? What was it?? Ah, yes. Twilight." Now I will always have the names at my handy disposal.

My mom and I have gotten our money's worth out of Have you people gone here? WHY NOT??

Kar, I found to be so interesting. Did you read where he went to the Church of Scientology? Hellllooo?? But I love things like this, so I'm now a fan.

Missy, makes me feel like I am doing nothing with my life. In fact, less than nothing. So thanks a lot for that. No, I'm not being sarcastic. I mean it girl, thanks for that. I needed it! What a precious blog.

Melissa sent me to and which I thought were both really interesting. I'm more than anxious to see how these work.

Of course there are tons more I haven't had the chance to look at yet...and I'm dying to. So give me time. But I suppose that's the whole point; I want to be able to take my time, visit a few sites at a time, really get into them and then when they say or do something I disagree with then disregard them completely and move on down the list. See? That's how I roll. So some of them I may not get to for a little while - but that's all part of getting out of a rut. It takes a while.

Thanks again, my lovelies.

Did anyone else find a site that they didn't know existed and were thrilled to find?
In other words, did anyone else benefit from my fabu post?

See? Stretch Marks isn't just about who you know, it's what you know.

Okay, it's mostly about who you know. Glad I know y'all.


Beth said...

I had fun reading and visiting all the sites too. Thanks!

Me said...

I saved the best for last...

Shelley said...


I'm on good reads too. Send me an invitation to join you. Or send me an email and I will invite you.

Melissa said...

Both of those sights are great. Just sign up for the free account at and start shopping. Look for the items that have coupons and add them to your cart. She will ship it to you. All you pay is the price of the item minus your coupon. Shipping is free. It's so great!

And, could you like email me???? I'm feeling super neglected. I have a great recipe for green enchiladas, but you can't have it until I hear from you....:) How's that for a bargaining chip? Probably lame since you live in Ameica's Mexico.....