Jun 27, 2008

How am I supposed to make a million dollars off our story if she isn't here to sign copies at the booktable?

Let me just start by saying, "Thank you." I really appreciate you all letting me get all...well, real with you yesterday. Your response was tremendous. I love your comments and I adore your emails.

Is this some kind of great "community" we got going here or what? I am really starting to consider having y'all over once a month for fajitas.

I really, really am starting to like y'all. A WHOLE LOT!

Okay, back to it!

Look, you know I am a good girl at heart. Really, I am.

Yes, I signed up for VBS. And yes, I bailed.

Yes, I am sorry cans of icing went missing. And yes, I may or may not know where they be.

And yes, I saw that golf cart just sitting over in the office parking lot at church with the keys inside and so I took it. But yes, I had bought some new sandals and they were killing my feet.

So see? For every thing there is a reason. I promise. I don't do anything without really thinking it through and making sure it's okay. And to be honest, whirling around our church campus in a golf cart while eating white icing out of a can seemed like a good idea. At the time.

Oh, for Pete's sake. I'm only kidding.
About the icing.
Not the golf cart.

I would however, like to thank all of you who have contacted me - by phone, email and comment - and have insinuated that if TWENTY cans of icing went missing it must be Melissa.


That's a whole lotta food addiction goin' on there. So thanks for the vote of confidence, gang.

But on a more serious note...Last Wednesday became a very sad day for my family when they found a tumor on my mom's ovaries. A tumor that didn't look good - at all.

Please know that twice before we have heard them tell my mom, "There's a tumor."

And twice before we have heard them tell her, "It's cancer."

So needless to say, we'd been to this rodeo a time or two. And cancer was our fear.

Tuesday my mom was scheduled to go in and meet the surgeon. Our guess was they would probably admit her to the hospital that day, with a surgery to follow the next day.

And so here in our story do you have me and Remi flying out to be with her ASAP. Yes, I was shirking my duties at V.B.S., but I would have rather been shirking them for a silly, stupid made-up reason. Not the very real one I was going home to.

And here's where the story gets interesting, because let me go on record as saying: Even though I once begged and pleaded for God to work a miracle in my life - and even though He didn't - I KNOW He still performs them.

Oh sure, there are certain things I am not sure about.

Like, I don't really understand why Charlie Daniels had to make The Devil Went Down to Georgia sound so scary. But he did.

I really don't understand why Oprah has to be on the cover of every "O" magazine.

And I don't understand why some of my friends have to jump through 68 hurdles, fill out 8 pounds of paperwork and wait 2 years to bring their baby home from another country, and Brangelina is bringing another one home any day now.

These things boggle my mind.

But I know that when God decides to perform a miracle. He can do it.

It isn't too hard.
It isn't too silly.
It isn't bad timing.
He isn't surprised by anything.
He isn't take off guard.
He can.
And He will.

If He so chooses.

(Let me interject here: Please don't leave me a comment telling me that you don't believe any of this, because He didn't do a miracle for you when you asked. Well, He didn't do one for me one time when I asked. But I still kept asking - because that's just me. And He still keeps healing - because that's just Him.)

And so I got off that plane, covered in sweat and soy sauce, and waited on what our next move would be.

And it was all for naught.

Because although I am not blessed to see miracles every day, I was blessed to see one on Tuesday. No surgery was needed. No cancer was identified. Mom was happy and healthy. And I was home with her.

Two miracles in one day!

And ya know? Now that I think about it...the fact that we don't see miracles every day may not be so much of a bad thing. Personally, I'm glad that I don't need to call on Him to perform a miracle every day. I don't want cancer looming at my doorstep or the fear of the death watching me from my window.

I'm happy to need a miracle - only every once and a while.

And I'm happy to trust Him - no matter what He decides to do.

And I'm happy to report that my mom is in fighting form.

In fact, just this evening I made dinner for her and dad, and my Granny joined us. Now there's a table of conversation for ya. Granny promptly told us that for months someone has been calling her house and asking for Pawpaw, trying to sell him something. Finally, they called today and she told them in no uncertain terms,
"Look. He's dead. He's been dead 11 months and so he ain't gonna buy anything and neither am I. And then I slammed the phone down."
She went on...
"I don't help anybody out over the phone anymore. Even if it is a handicapped child wanting a teddy bear, I - HANG - UP!!!"


Oh, and if you are wanting to know why I did the cooking - well, me too!

I told my mom since there was no longer the fear of death and she wasn't dyin' and all, she could go ahead and fire up that Fry Daddy tomorrow night!

Say what you want, but we're a heartwarming bunch.


Lula! said...

Y'all are indeed a heartwarming bunch, and as I sit here watching the news and hearing of all the doom and gloom in the world, I thank God for Nonie and miracles and answered prayers and fry daddies. Because these things are why you and I are friends. Oh, but yes.

I am happy for y'all. He's good.

And for the record..."The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (which my family was just discussing last night!) isn't at all scary. Any song that ends, "I done tole you once, you son of a b*%&#, I'm the best that's ever been!" is seriously hard rockin' and a victory for all concerned. See? Not frightening if you listen to it with my ears.

p.s. MELISSA LEE--where's the Julio's, girl?

Trish said...

maybe he does work miracles in our lives everyday and we just don't know it? either they are too small to notice, or he protected us from something we didn't know was coming our way. sometimes they are big and obvious, God is soooo good!

hey my child is the handicapped wanting that teddy bear :) okay maybe we don't go around calling people, but she is my miracle and even though life isn't turning out the way I planned it, it's turning out the way God planned it and I'm learning that even though it's difficult sometimes, her disability is a blessing and she is my miracle baby!!!

i'm glad to hear your mom is okay, i don't know what I would do if my mom was sick with cancer, we are best friends!!!

i've been telling all of my friends, if you need a good laugh to come visit your blog. you are the first i visit everyday, because you always post at the butt crack of dawn, way before i'm up:) thanks for sharing! sorry for talking so much you just bring it out in me;)

Deanna said...

Like I said before...I laugh and I cry with your posts. I'm so glad that all is well with your Mom. God does listen...He may not always give us the answers we want, but He's there. And when He works His miracles, and we see that He's worked a miracle...it's incredible!

Z's Mom said...

Oh I TOTALLY believe in miracles! He has answered a couple for me... and denied me one too.
I'm so glad you're mom is okay. I know how that waiting game is and I DON'T like it. I'm close to my parents too and I don't want to even think about anything happening to them.
I'm not sure what you mean about The Devil Went Down to Georgia though...I gotta agree with Lula on this one....I love that last line and its rocking countriness!!! I see it as good versus evil....and of course good wins!!!

Trish said...

"I believe in miracles, you sexy thing"
yeah that song is runnin rampant through my head right now!

God is good. Always.

and in the words of Mr. Denver Moore "Miss Debbie aint goin nowhere until here work on earth is done."

ps. LOVED that book. read it totally based on your recommendation. i trust you taht much.

Anonymous said...


I am so thankful that all turned out well for your mother. She is so special to all of us that know and love her, and I thank God for this miracle for her.

I love when you include Granny in your blogs. No one can imagine the real Granny without knowing her. She, too, is so special and a blessing to all of us.

Michelle told me about the zoo trip yesterday. It sounded like a real hoot!!

Thanks for being you and opening up about your life with all of us.

Love you girl! You're special, too!


Anonymous said...

Melissa, I rejoiced when I read this:

"And here's where the story gets interesting, because let me go on record as saying: Even though I once begged and pleaded for God to work a miracle in my life - and even though He didn't - I KNOW He still performs them."

I rejoiced because that is exactly how I feel, too, and that is exactly what FAITH is all about! If we only believed when we see things happen, then it wouldn't be faith!

And then I rejoiced again when I read this from Trish:

"maybe he does work miracles in our lives everyday and we just don't know it? either they are too small to notice, or he protected us from something we didn't know was coming our way. sometimes they are big and obvious, God is soooo good!"

Because I believe that we do experience miracles every day without even knowing they are taking place.

Thank you, ladies ... both of you ... for reminding me of what I believe.

Melissa, you make me laugh each and every day, but it is in moments like this that I realize the true beauty of your blog.


Sarah B. said...

You and your family sound like a hoot! And you know what, those same people who are questioning God's miracle or the lack of miracles don't often see them anyways....as people we get selfish and if one need isn't met than we don't recognize all the good he does for us. I have learned never to question God's intentions with my life...he is good!

Mindy said...

I am SO happy to hear that your mother is doing well!!

Kimba said...

Good Lord (literally), woman! I feel like I have been blessed today just because I read your story.

Our God is good and kind and loving and sooooooooo much smarter than we can ever imagine. And I'm so glad that you got your miracle this time.

The Collins Family said...

I've been reading blogs during nap time and I can't even remember how I found yours, but it is so entertaining! I'm so glad everything is good with your mom and I totally agree with you about God's miracles and women who scrapbook!!!

Anonymous said...

OK....Let us scrappers be. You BLOG, We SCRAP.

Happy to be a scrapper.

Lula! said...

I done TOLE you your fame was comin'. Fuh-real.

WheresMyAngels said...

So glad to hear your mother is doing well.

I do have to disagree though, I think we all see miracles everyday, we just don't recognize them.

Sidney said...

Your granny sounds like my mom. Boy, they get ornery and cantankerous when they get older, don't they?? So glad your mom is better, and I believe in miracles too (my ex is still alive, so, hey....)

Thanks for your humorous and uplifting outlook on life!