Mar 14, 2011

Well, That Was Odd. (Bachelor Recap)

For some of you, you'll be happy to know The Bachelor is over. Therefore Tuesdays on this blog can go back to fancy titles like, "Someone Give Me A Chicken Recipe - STAT!" or "You Pulled What? Out of Where?" I know you're on the edge of your seat, aren't you?

But until then, humor me once more, won't you? For you see....I'm kinda dying inside.

For the past ten weeks or so I have gotten together with eight other women. We've popped popcorn, we've added M&M's to it, we've discussed our children, our weight and how our children effect our weight. But more than all of that - we have intently watched as Brad fell in love with Emily. And because our lives don't have a whole heck of a lot going on in them right at this moment, we invested something in to this show.

Call us silly.
Call us romantics.
Call us idiots.
We don't care!

So needless to say we were just a teensy bit excited about tonight's Finale episode.

So excited, in fact, that we decided to start our evening off with some Italian food.
And so excited, in fact, that we decided to wear matching shirts that we made just for this occasion.

And now that I look back at those last two sentences I can see where only the Italian food sounds like a good idea to most of you. Yes, I can see that. But I cannot tell a lie : I loved that shirt!

Oh, the excitement of seeing Brad choose Emily. We screamed and screamed and screamed some more! But then our hopes seemed a little dashed when The Bachelor: After The Final Rose came on. (Stupid ABC execs, don't they know we don't want to see what happens after the rose? We only want to see the champagne and flights of fancy up to that point?) But to then see Brad and Emily come out and look so.............real. It kinda stunk. I wanted them to look deliriously happy. I wanted them to look intoxicated. I wanted them to look like a couple just starting out is supposed to look.

But instead they kinda looked a little too real. A little scared. A little thrown in to the fray. A little dazed and confused.

And I don't watch reality television for the reality. Sheesh.

So there, just below this blog is a comment box. Leave your comments. Tell me how ridiculous shows like this are. Tell me how the couples never make it and they are a lower class of people to have to even go on reality television. Tell me how the women make fools of themselves and lower the standard by which other women are measured. Tell me how foolish Brad is and how he will never allow himself to be happy.

Go ahead. But just know...I've heard it all. And none of it has mattered. I love the show. Its my guilty pleasure, just like reading US magazine in a steamy bubble bath. Dropping a little bit of ice cream into my vat of chocolate syrup. Ordering room service when I'm not even hungry. Or having my hair colored when I'm clearly not THAT blond.

That's what guilty pleasures are: something one enjoys without feeling guilt for it.

Today I woke up to the real world. My daughter in between us in bed because she threw up all over hers. A husband with a nagging cough. A son who wants chocolate milk when I clearly forgot to buy milk. And forty errands I have to run all before noon. I also have a $20 in my pocket that I have to make last for a week.

Now that's the real world.

And if Brad and Emily can make it in that, then more power to 'em! Who's to say they can't? Who's to say they can? Certainly not me. I wouldn't want that job anyway. I just simply want to get together with friends, drown my priorities in some Alfredo sauce and sit back and gab.

Yep, I'm guilty. Who cares!

P.S. To our other 3 compadres, you were sorely missed. (They are school teachers. And apparently at Spring Break school teachers like to run for the border. Who knew!)


Dysfunctional Mom said...

That was the most awkward after the rose show I'd ever seen. It was such a letdown! They should have at least given us a couple of weeks to be happy and think everything was hunky-dory. Jerks.
I watch so much garbage TV, I'm surprised my television doesn't emit a foul odor. Whatever, it's my brain I'm rotting.

The Comptons said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Team Emily advocate that was disappointed...yea so we all know the real world sucks but could they have just pretended for that 1 hour to satisfy our needs? Did you see that Ashley the Dentist is going to be the next Bachelorette? and what about her "new look"? eh, should be interesting...

Amy said...

Of course I was rooting for Emily and was so worried he wouldnt choose her..when he got angry when she was talking to him about what being a parent was all about I knew right then that they would have a problem. That was the first time I saw him get angry about something that didnt deserve it. I loved the song they played after the proposal and the whole thing was perfect..the words he spoke, etc. Then BAM. She wasnt wearing her RING?? CRAZY. I was SO let down!

Becky D said...

I will admit, I've based my entire assessment of the season off of your posts, previews and the last 30 minutes last night. I did a fist pump when he picked Emily! I wanted him to choose her! (I'm still in la,la,land b/c I didn't watch after the rose....) And now you've ruined that for me! Darn you! JK!

Kelly said...

I found it funny when Emily said, "I knew it wasn't going to be the Brad and Emily fall in love show" because the whole season I have thought that was exactly what it was. I so enjoyed watching each week for that very reason. I have been saying since very very early on that he was in love with Emily.

I believe he is madly in love with her and there is no denying that by the way he looks at her but....her not so sure she truly loves him and more than that, I don't think she knows how to let him love her that much. I think it scares her.

I was really let down by the way Chris attacked the situation. He could have avoided a lot of that discussion and let us live the dream of love a bit know until the tabloids ruined it for all of us.

It's been fun following along on Tuesdays with you. Thanks for the laughs. :)

Sissy said...

I am in the minority here, and was rooting for Chantal. Don't know why. Just thought it was a better fit, given my relationship expertise. LOL. Anyway, I was not surprised at the ATFR special, because Emily showed glimpses of being difficult to talk to throughout the series. And I can imagine, when confronted with how he acted with the others (and he did nothing wrong, mind you) she would have reservations.

This was nothing worse than when Jason dumped Melissa on television and then turned around and kissed Molly. This was real life, like you said, and she has a daughter to consider. I'm not surprised she hesitated. I wonder what would happen if they did it like Survivor and made him hold off choosing until they could air it live? Interesting concept.

Love you and these recaps. Totally wish I could be with your group for Monday nights!