Mar 14, 2011

Spring Broke.

It's Spring Break. The time when the sun stays out longer, becomes bolder and moves in as if to say, "Come. Bask in me. Allow me to move you from melancholy to pleasantly perky. Put on your shorts. Let's frolic."

Spring Break problem #1: I don't wear shorts.

I always look at this week like this, "What can we do? What can we do? We got nothin' planned...what can we do?" Then I do a lot of crying and whining and begging the AG to give me some money, give me some money, give me some money. And he does. And I blow it all the first afternoon at Target and Chik-fil-a.

Spring Break problem #2: I need more money in order to entertain these children.

We actually do have a couple of things planned that we are holding in our back pocket like a Full-House for fear that springing it on the kids too early will result in our favorite series of questions, "is it tomorrow yet?" Followed by the ever popular, "So I'm going to bed tonight and then what happens?" And the one that never gets old, "But you said we were gooooiiinnnngggg..." Ugh. So later in the week we will be taking the kids to Houston for a couple of days where we will (in my mind) pack picnic lunches and spend afternoons frolicking in Herman park and riding the train. But will, in reality, carry a spanking spoon into public restroom where we will not "spare the rod or spoil the child" while their daddy orders 2 Coke's to make up for the ones that are lying on the floor of his car and orders mommy a large fry and a shake...just because.

Spring Break problem #3: I once read where anger comes from unfulfilled expectations. It is highly probable that this will be one very angry Spring Break.

In truth, I like Spring Break. There's a lot of needed laying around the house. Eating lunch with the windows and the door wide open. There is a lot of grilling when daddy gets home and walking down to the pond to feed the fish. Sure there are lots of brother/sister wrestling matches. (But look at the glass as half full, people, that is some free entertainment you might not otherwise get!) There's also time for momma to hold babies while they watch their favorite cartoons and there's always a reason to spread out a blanket in the pasture and pack our favorite lunch of Cheez-Its, M&M's and applesauce.

So this Spring Break don't worry so much about entertaining your little ones. Instead of going out of town - read them a book. If it's too cold to swim - pack a picnic lunch instead. And if you know me AT ALL then you know what I really meant to say in those last few sentences was, "If your husband hands you a $20 scream 'THE LAST ONE TO CHIK-FIL-A HAS TO WASH THEIR HANDS!' and get the heck outta Dodge!!


What are your big Spring Break plans? Oh, and I only want to hear them if they are sad and depressing. If they, in any way, involve white sand or a child-free vacation then I ask that you please post your comment on someone else's blog. Don't take it personally. Thank you.


Katrina said...

Spring break no longer means much of anything. I work for a company where I am on the bottom of the totem pole and will therefore be working EVERY day of spring break and will get to listen to my girls tell me about the things they did all day while I was at WORK wishing I was doing those little things with them. Sad enough?

Kim Little said...

Sad and depressing....I am going to send my Marine off to be deployed. Do I win the sad and depressing prize? LOL

missy said...

love how you are both insightful and hilarious at the same time. have a great break. still haven't decided if we are road tripping it to my sister's while my husband goes to india for 10 days or laying low around the house.

Andrea said...

My little one is going to school for three of her spring break days because of the freakish blizzard we had earlier this winter. Then one day will be spent shopping, just the two of us, for things Mommy has needed all year but couldn't afford until my little tax deduction pulled through for me :) Oh and she might get a toy since she *is* the reason for said deduction ;) The last day will hopefully be a day at the park with a kite and a picnic...unless the darn farmers are right and we get *ANOTHER* freak blizzard. Then I guess it's cocoa and cartoons...again.

Gail said...

Spring break? What is Spring break? My boss never said anything about a spring break!

Andi said...

For some weird reason, my husband has treated the last two spring breaks as time shares. He takes us on "vacations" while he does job interviews. We go out and have fun for a few days, knowing that several hours of one day will be spent doing the job interview thing. It is weird.

And stressful.

And the only way we seem to get vacations.