Feb 28, 2011

Never Fear....Not That You Were.

I watched it, I watched it.

But I don't have time to post about it. Just yet.

Cuz my little man is coughing his head off and it sounds like a small dog moved into his chest. So give me a little while to get him to his doctor's appointment, load him up with some drugs, put him down for a nappy-poo and I'll be right back at it.

Because elephant rides and overnight stays in a tree-house cannot be summed up in two minutes. They just can't.


Givinya De Elba said...

Ha! Love the term "nappy-poo" because it SO wouldn't mean that over here!

Here, "nappy-poo" would mean the bowel explosion that mercifully doesn't go all over the clothes, baby car seat and car interior. It's the one that stays contained. It's good news.

Best translation into USA: "Diaper-poop."

Tonya said...

Can you please comment about the tree house and possibility of plumbing somewhere that I couldn't see? That was my concern on the overnight dates and I haven't been able to discuss that with anyone yet.

Good luck getting your little one well.