Jan 10, 2011

Mine Was Fine. And Yours?

Let me start by saying right up front that this is one of those blogs that at the end you will ask yourself "Why, Donna, why? Why did you waste precious moments reading that drivvle?" And you will think about what you could have done with that time, how you could have invested it. And you may even begin to fear that you will have to stand accountable to God one day for all the wasting that you did with it.

But maybe I'm overthinking it.

Because today's blog is about my weekend. And it was a whoooooooooooooole lotta nothin'. Mainly because my highlights were this: I burnt my head with a curling iron and I bought a new jogging suit.

See? Isn't there a hungry child out there who needs sponsoring right about now? Of course there is, but you're gonna keep reading aren't you? Because this blog is kinda like the scene of an accident: you can't look away.

Here are the ironics about my weekend: A. I have been using a curling iron since 1981. So it isn't like its a new art form I've just picked up. B. I don't jog.

I spent the majority of Friday going on an out of town shopping trip with my mom and my Granny. That is kind of like going on a bear hunt with a two spoons; you must be on guard at all times because at any moment you may be asked to do something you are pretty ill-equipped to do. Oh, I don't know, take the moment my mom pulled up beside two young men in a work truck, rolled down her window and asked them if they knew who she was.
"No, ma'am."
"Then why are you honking at me?"
"We were just being silly and honking our horn, we didn't mean...."
"Well, that's fine. I just wanted to make sure you knew that if you were tryin' to get lucky you were lookin' in the wrong car."


Or then there was the moment my Granny made me take her into her favorite dress shop and bring items of clothing to her while she sat in an overstuffed chair because she was "feeling dizzy." (Note to self: Granny is always feeling "dizzy." Or "lightheaded." Or "weak." Or "faint." There is a good chance she is faking.) I spent an hour chasing after sentences like, "Bring me something with flowers," or "do they have anything that goes with blue?"


Oh, and then I burnt my head with a curling iron and had to wear a Cars band-aid around on my head all weekend.

And then I bought a jogging suit.

And to think, all of the above happened on Friday. Which is probably why I spent Saturday and Sunday SLEEPING! Later in the week I may try to take up hot-rolling and exercise. Though I seriously doubt it.

So......how was yours?

Oh! And on another note: I am looking for a really good, rich, creamy, sinful soup recipe. I'd love for it to be some kind of enchilada or taco or mexican - but I'll take whatever, because its starting to get really cold here and apparently my family is completely over Campbells Chicken Noodle. Who knew! So email me your recipes (melissalee@consolidated.net) and the favorite may just get a prize. Seriously! I'm not kidding. Hope you like to curl your hair because there's a curling iron with your name on it!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Your weekend was more exciting than mine... other than I spent all day Saturday watching wonderful movies about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert whom I ADORE!!!

Givinya De Elba said...

Funny you should ask, Pioneer Woman just posted today a recipe called Chicken Tortilla Soup and it sounds a bit Melissa-ish, but it has like a bazillion ingredients and sounds like a lot of bother. It would be okay if a Mom or a Granny wanted to make it FOR you though.

Shonya said...

Love the story about the men in the truck--that's the stuff that starts the day out right with a 'laugh out loud' moment!

Rachel said...

so does said curling iron come with just a little head skin burnt onto it? cuz if it does I am searching for a good soup recipe asap.
and i so want to have lunch with your Granny!