Aug 4, 2010

Love is Severely Blind.

So did you see the cover of last week's People magazine?

If not, no worries. It looked very similar to this picture right here.

And by "very similiar" I mean that:
a. It was of the two of them.
b. He was wearing shades.
c. She was wearing lip plump
d. And they were both making me sick.

So even if you didn't see the actual cover (which I couldn't find a picture of) you still have a visual of the conversation I had with Rocco. Who, might I add, is only one and makes very little to no sense whatsoever. *Not that I enjoy cutting a one year old down to size...but he hurt me.

Me: Rocco brush your teeth, buddy.

Rocco: (Pointing to magazine cover) Look mama! Look mama! Look mama!

Me: Brush your teeth.

Rocco: (Still pointing) Look mama! Look mama! Look mama!

Me: What?

Rocco: (Pointing to Brad) Dada.

Me: Uh, no.

Rocco: Dada. Dada. Dada.

Me: Oh, you think that's daddy? How sweet. How ignorantly, blissfully sweet.

Rocco: Dada!

Me: (Pointing to Angelina...and with great anticipation) Well then, who's that?

Rocco: (Staring intently) I don't know.

Except for all the kisses and the hugs and flat out adorableness, one is stupid.


Candice said...

God love that sweet little man! That's when you look at him and say, you better thank the good Lord that you're cute! :)

Momma Rhyne said...

That exact thing happened to us a couple months ago but with Nick Lachey and Jessica. Daddy got "Nick" and I got nothing, LOL. Gotta love those kids

Melissa said...

Too cute! I mean....he is so way off! I think you may want to get him to an eye doctor.

Does that help?

Michael and Annalea said...

You're hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning!