Aug 2, 2010

Can You Feel The Love Toni....Oh Whatever.

If you think love has died than look no further than ABC my friends. A.B.C.

Oh sure, there were moments this season when I thought Ali was never going to find love. There were also moments that I thought some poor guy was going to get his hair caught in those extensions. But boy, was I wrong. Her hair extensions hung in there.

And she found love. Finally. Though I know it must still break her heart to have lost Jake Pavelka (NOT!) or to be jilted by Frank for another woman (NOT!) Ali was not left standing alone at the altar last night. She was left holding the hand of her fiery latin lover who looked like he had either just put out a fire or won some kind of championship game and had the cooler tossed on him, I'm not sure which.

And while Jake and Frank are on my mind, I would be remiss if I did not say, this girl must be some kind of superhero or something cuz she has dodged a bullet twice now! Can I get a whatwhat?? Geez Louise, to pass up cutie Roberto for Jake who is one contract away from being the new go-to guy for all sleezy Romantic paperback covers. Or Frank, who is one blazer sell away from being Dillards Salesrep of the Month. Are you kidding me? Girl, you won by losing when it comes to those two.

But enough of that.

Let's get down to the real business at hand: Chris. The leftover. The third wheel. And chances are, the next Bachelor. Now here's where I make people mad....but I was not a Chris devotee. Was he cute? Sure. But was he cute in a, "Oh man, I hope she marries this guy he is just heaven!" Or was he cute in a "Oh man, I hope he bags my groceries I love to see him blush when he grabs the cantaloupes." Only you can decide, but I have to tell ya he was cute in a bag-boy kind of way. At least for me.

I thought he was super sweet. Very gentlemanly. And respectful of women. But with much delight I can say, so was Roberto. For the first time ever, maybe, I saw a woman on the Bachelorette who COULDN'T lose. That was, indeed, a first.

And so we sit quietly by counting the days until US weekly reports that they've gone their separate ways and she's now seeing some B-list actor from the Disney channel or something. Which won't surprise me. But will sadden me. Perhaps I, like tens of others out there, want to think that it might be, just a little bit, half a smidgen perhaps - be real. Otherwise what were all the calories for?

Between the four of us women there were fajitas, queso, chips, Coke and chocolate cake. We like to say its because we're women and we must have food when we watch love bloom on television. I say its because Ali goes with queso and chips like tears go with rainbows. But again, that's just me.


Sissy said...

I had Reese's cups and ginger ale with my watching party of one.

Chris was my preferred choice, but I could see that she loved Roberto more. Better to let Chris go and not subject him to an even more hurtful rejection.

Glad you had a good time!

Alison said...

I think Roberto has some sort of glandular, sweating problem. Geez, he was glistening buckets during the proposal.
I admit that my cold, black heart felt a little warmth last night. They look happy, even if Ali pronounces Roberto's name as "Rahbirdo."

Bree Shaw said...

i know i am a little far behind here.... but i agree with you 100%. roberto was my pick. i liked chris, but liked roberto better. i too, was ok with both men that were left and that was a first for me too. i think they will stay together!