Aug 4, 2010

Oh No She Di'int.

My freshman year of college I learned a lot of things:

I learned that even though you are in an all girls dorm at a Christian University, there is still going to be that one girl who refuses to wear sweat shorts and t-shirts to bed, but instead opts for red nighties and fishnet hose.

I learned that when you cry in the shower no one hears you.

I learned that 3 hours away from mama was really far on some occasions. And wonderfully perfect on others.

I learned that a missed curfew came with consequences.

I learned that if you hate the cafeteria food and decide to only eat the rolls and dip them in Heinz 57 you will STILL gain the freshman 15, perhaps more.

I learned how to flirt. And I learned I was awful at it.

I learned who Kevin Costner was when I saw The Bodyguard. Life changer!

I learned that sitting at a table with Kasey, Julie, Dana, David and Jeff was more entertaining than ANYTHING on television. And that's saying a lot because this was the year of Melrose Place.

And last but not least, I learned about these babies....because most nights when Kasey got off work, she would bring them to my room. And we would eat them while discussing boys we loved, boys we hated, teachers we loved, teachers we hated, and why in the world we were trying to lose weight with no success. All the while we were scarfing these down like they were going out of style. Wonder why our weight loss effort were unsuccessful? And now my favorite recipe blog has gone and done 'em.

Have you ever had them? What do you think?


Dysfunctional Mom said...

I have had them, loved them, and now thanks to you I have to make them.
How cruel of you!!

ugagirl30 said...

Girrrllll, those are a staple at this house during football season. We don't usually eat them any other time. I guess that is what makes them soooo special!! Love my game day foods!

Ashley said...

And you know what... sometimes you can find them at the baseball field and you can eat so many you might want to puke! Not sure if that was because you at too many or because you got them at a baseball field concession stand!

katy said...

Fried pickles? I had my first fried pickles at Razoos a few years back. Love and adore them. I'm 7.5 months pregnant now and you have me really craving them...the thing is we are in a small town, no one has them here...gee, thanks a lot. (Oh, and it's not like I could make them!?). Yummo.

Melissa said...

I love fried pickles with lots of buttermilk ranch. I have resigned myself to the sad fact that I will never have beautiful thighs.