Jul 15, 2010

Dear Britany and Whitney, Meet Mel.

I'm not the first one to say this, I'm sure, but...


This man has lost his mind. He has absolutely, unequivocally lost his sanity. And I say this knowing full well my phone could ring at any second and it would be him assuring me of his plan to kidnap me in the middle of the night and sell me to a hot dog vendor in hell. I mean, he's that crazy.

Which is a shame because I loved me some Brave Heart.

But then again I also loved knowing he had been married for 30+ years to the same woman. I loved knowing that he had seven children with the same woman and he was a very present father to all of them. I also loved his movies and when he would go on Jay Leno and act so jovial and playful. I also loved when he was on Oprah with Julia Roberts doing publicity for Conspiracy Theory and he seemed so likable and funny.

But the ranting, raving, cursing, hitting and threatening to kill his girlfriend and bury her in the back yard? Not loving that so much.

Though I have never been more impressed with his acting abilities than I am now. Apparently his acting is beyond top-notch if this madness is what he's been shielding us from all these years. Bravo, Mel. Bravo.

Years ago right after Britany shaved her head I remember the AG asking me, "Who will it be next? Who do you think will be the next celebrity to lose their marbles?" I have to tell you my bet was on Mariah and that dude from NCIS, so I was so sad when Whitney Houston lost her way. Again and again and again. And I'm sad that in doing so she lost her voice.

There's a good chance Mel just lost his too. No more standing for a cause. No more helping the helpless. No more movies with a message. No more movies with a Messiah. You may have lost your voice this time, Mel, by not being able to control it.

What would Jim Caviezel say about all this?


Shelley said...

It makes me so sad. I may or may not be a conspiracy theorist myself, but when he brought out that movie Passion of the Christ. I know that satan did not like it AT ALL. And I think that Mel started getting a triple shot of demons working on him. Cause none of this nastiness started until after that movie. It makes me sad that people will now relegate him to the same category as Gary Bussey and Whitney and Lindsay and others. Just makes me sad.

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