May 24, 2010

Totally LOST.

For the last couple of seasons I have abstained from posting anything about LOST because, well, in all honesty, I didn't understand a blessed thing that was going on. And sometimes I think, "why would I leave a post on parenting know-how when every day around 3:30 you can find me under my bed laying perfectly still so they can't find me" just like I think, "why would I leave a post on LOST when all I can understand is that Hurley still has not lost weight and I love how Jack parts his hair to the side" - see? Pointless.

But I have always been a fan. I've just been a fan that doesn't really understand. Oh, sure, I've had my theories just like the next on-line, chat room, message board geek, but I've been too embarrassed to share them.

Until last night.

Last night I went to a LOST series finale party. And ya know what I realized? Lots more people are as clueless as me. They just exhibit their cluelessness in really cool ways, like wearing t-shirts or saying things like "wellllll, I read...."

But we're all the same.

So last night when the show actually started you could have heard a pin drop. There we sat, a living room filled with LOST geeks. There was the couple who were only watching the show because they had "invested so much stinkin' time into it that we either have to watch it or throw something through our television set." There was the couple who was there because they've "never missed one episode and have the whole thing figured out" and there was even the one guy with NOT PENNY'S BOAT tattooed on his hand.

And as we sat there and watched the characters that we've come to know and love these past several seasons re-connect with one another in a parallel universe akin to purgatory but with bigger statues and stained glass windows (I don't know - don't ask me!) I was kind of sad. I will miss them. Yet they all seemed so happy to finally be together. Except for poor Ben who still remained outside; always on the outside looking in.

But I couldn't help but wonder what about the island?
What about who took over after Hurley?
How did Kate die?
What happened to the plane that took off?
And where was Lupidis and Miles?
And was Daniel Faraday really dead if he was playing the piano?

There is still sooooooooooooo much I don't understand and I wouldn't mind a little help from a bunch of people who are smarter than me. But I don't know where to find those people, so you all will do. (Oh, I'm kidding. Hush.) So leave me your thoughts on last nights episode and maybe - maybe - I can begin to make sense of it.

But I wouldn't bet on it. Besides, I'm waiting for tonights first episode of The Bachelorette. Now that I can keep up with.

Hush, Attorney General, not. a. word.


Sissy said...

I don't watch Lost, but I had someone tell me what happened this morning anyway. Well, I have to say that I may have watched the first several episodes of the first season and then gave up, but I always wanted Jack and Kate to be together and I was assured that that happened. Happy Ending for me.

Now, as you've said, on to the Bachelorette! Totally excited about this. Totally.

Lisa @ Another Day Today said...

My husband and I are also huge fans, and we watched last night as well. Sorry if this comment ends up being too long. :)

Ben didn't go in because he still had things to do - maybe something to do with Alex. (At least that was what we came up with)

The people who left on the plane went on and lived out their lives back in the real world.

The "alternate/sideways" world was Purgatory, and each of them in their own way had to make amends for something or help another person make his/her amends.

Jack was the last person who had to make things right in the parallel world, and the others were waiting for him so they could all go on together.

Daniel was dead - it just wasn't time for him to move on. Maybe there was still something else he had to do (make his peace with his mother, perhaps?)

I think, at the end, the ones who were at the church were the people who were on the plane and those that were deeply connected to them, like Desmond and Penney.

I have to say that I teared up at the end when Vincent the dog came and kept Jack company as he died.

Sorry for the ramble!

Momma Rhyne said...

We love lost. I pretend like I understand and try to explain in to my hubby so I look smart but I'm really just pulling crap outta my a$$, LOL. But really I have no clue at all.

Anonymous said...

If you want some fun reading that really puts things together as well, I love to read Doc Jensen's columns at He posted one today that was brilliant. Here's a quote from that post:

"Once upon a time, Jack Shephard was a man who could not believe in anyone or anything else except himself, and he was lost. But this Doubting Thomas found faith and healing by humbling himself and committing himself to a community of fellow flawed and fallen souls also yearning for redemption incapable of doing it alone. As he lay dying, he saw the airplane carrying his friends home, and he rejoiced for them. And then he saw into another world, where he was welcomed with open arms and bear hugs, and he rejoiced — for himself. Earlier in the episode, Jack told Kate he took the job of guardian because he had made a ruin of his life and that The Island ''was all [he] had.'' He was wrong, as he had been wrong about so many things in his life, but this time, he couldn't have been happier. And then Vincent trotted up and snuggled against his side. Jack's eye closed. He let go, and he was gone."

Isn't that what church should be? A community of fellow flawed and fallen souls yearning for redemption incapable of doing it alone? Beautiful.

Givinya De Elba said...

I know nothing. Nothing. Lost started when I had my first tiny baby boy and things were scary enough without all the emotion of a plane crash.

But people keep asking me if I'm a huge fan. This is based on the fact that I named my daughter Anna-Lucia.

I just liked the name, okay?

Melissa said...

Yah. I'm just as befuddled. I laughed. I cried. But in the end. I have no flippin' clue what just happened. Did they even survive the original crash? What was all that wreckage at the end? I'm rewatching with the hubby right now to see if I can get some clarity. I don't like it ending with me still being so confused.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said it best, I think. I still have lots of questions. I thought there was goind to be a big bad showdown with the good and evil. But I like the beauty of what above person wrote so I'm going to ignore the rest and go with what they said! Thanks for the help. My husband is laughing at me!