May 25, 2010

It really was a great day; the weather could not have been better and I married a man who loves me enough to get in the pool with 20 kiddos so that I don't have to. That, is love.

With the exception of a couple of little girlies from Remi's Sunday School class, no girls from her school made it. However, every single boy from her church, her school and her family did.

Lest any other female hog the attendtion, she loooooooved that.

Of course I suppose a bunch of stinky boys are what you get when your delicate flower decides she wants an Alligator themed party. Fresh with alligator floats, alligator cake, fried alligator (aka chik-fil-a), an alligator swimsuit...

And spends the afternoon swimming with a tree frog stuck to her arm.

Wanna know why I love her? Because that was Saturday.

On Sunday she carried her pink Bible with rhinstones on it to church, wore her sparkly shoes and carried her wand. And a whole lotta attitude.


Mandy said...

Looks like such a fun party!!

katy said... the cake...too cute!

Kaye said...

Two words.... Love Her.

What self-assurance to be all those things and do it well. Go, Remi!