Jan 13, 2010

Couple Things.

Some of you wondered if I would be doing re-caps of American Idol.

DUH! Of course I will. But I like to bring on my heavy handed opinions once the field has been narrowed down a bit. You can't honestly expect me to give opinions on all the nuts they shuffle in and out these first two weeks can you? I can't begin to type all I'm thinking......my hands would fall off!

So until then I appreciate you letting me prattle on about The Bachelor. Sure it is cheeze at its finest; but I find it to be similar to Velveeta. Is it good for you? No. It is delightful in small doses? Absolutely. However, unlike Velveeta, hopefully it will not line your innards like an inner tube so that some day when you die they cut you open and find all you ate every New Years Eve was cheese dip made from Velveeta.

That really will happen some day. My friend Troy told me so.


So....it's Wednesday. Anyone feeling it? Let's see what's going on around here.....

Ah yes, I have done something to my knee during my personal training work outs. Its all stiff and swollen feeling. And sometimes when I'm carrying Rocco it will just sort of "give out" and I'll just about fall, which then translates to an automatic laughing spasm for whoever is with me (I tend to surround myself with people who have a mercy deficiency). And although it has gotten me out of doing lunges my trainer really isn't budging on much else. (Note to self: Find a new trainer.)


Oh, our church is going on a 21 day fast. Whaaaaaaaa? They recommended the Daniel fast, which is fasting everything but fruits, vegetables and nuts. Whaaaaaaa? I suggest the Melissa fast, which is fasting church until the 21 days are up. Oh, I'm teasing. I am doing a fast, it may be a little different from Daniel but I'm sure he would still be pleased. Of course I probably just lost any heavenly jewel I was ever going to get by posting my efforts on an internet blog for the world to see. But let's be honest, when it comes to fasting it isn't like my crown is going to be exactly weighted down.


Remi and Rocco are doing good. One of them hit the other one over the head with a plastic golf club last night. I won't say which one did it, but suffice it to say we called it "pulling an Elin."


I don't know if you all are keeping up with the Leno vs. Conan debacle. Granted, there was a 7pt earthquake in Haiti so who is hosting The Tonight Show is the least of the worlds worries, but nonetheless The AG and I have been keeping up with it seeing as how we are long time Conan fans. And may I just go on record as saying that Micheal Scott probably has no idea what is going on down there at the peacock or he would be all over it. For shame, for shame.

Your thoughts?


Well, that's as deep as I'm getting today. Don't wade in too far - you'll be sorely disappointed.



Sissy said...

I have been following the Conan/Leno thing a little bit, since I am a faithful EW reader and E news watcher. I live in a pop culture bubble sometimes, with nothing else getting in!

Anyways, I think it's kinda funny. I don't watch much tv after 10, so Leno being on then wasn't much of a thrill anyway. And I've liked Letterman better for a long time anyways (despite the sex scandal.) I just think it's funny that NBC is so loyal to Leno, given that his show is tanking. And reconsidering Conan's spot, but then his show is tanking too. Whatever. They'll figure it out and I'm sure no one will really be happy.

Okay...gotta get off here.

Melissa said...

I'm really mad at myself. I went to Reality Steve. Do you care to know what I found out?

My husband is on alert and may be heading down to Haiti with Disaster Relief. Sigh. Such devastation that I pray I never have to comprehend.

AI was just not diappointing in the least to me last night. I thought the impatient Doors guy was freaky, but right on pitch.
Cute cancer dude rocked my world.
Loved the first girl! With the DS brothers......made me cry!!!!! Simon was actually uber nice last night. What was that all about?

Deb said...

hubby switched over to idol a couple of times lastnight...holy cow...so crazy.....thought it was Jerry Springer or something...

Kat said...

Okay, okay, no pressure about the AI recaps. I guess you can focus on the Bachelor... (said sulkily).

However.... really? You got nothing about Ski(i?)bo Ski? Or "Pants on the Ground?"

I laughed out loud about the Elin joke! (Surprisingly, since I thought all Tiger jokes were played out at this point.) Bravo, Melissa, bravo! =) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I will not acquiesce in on it. I over polite post. Particularly the title attracted me to read the intact story.

feolafitness said...

I came across your blog today and saw your little blurb about the Daniel Fast. If you decide to do it (and even if you don't!), I thought I'd send you my blog address if you want to check it out. The blog is Those Who Hunger, and it provides recipes and devotionals for people doing the Daniel Fast. Perhaps it will encourage and motivate you! :) May God richly bless you as you seek Him in 2010