Nov 18, 2009

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Newsweek?

I'm not one to make too many political statements. It's not because I don't have any thoughts on the subject, I do. I just don't know how to state my point very eloquently. And also, the first year I was legally able to vote I voted for Ross Perot, so I feel to some extent I should forever remain silent on the subject.

I mean, I make little comments here and there like: "Wow, how about that Health Care Reform. (long pause) No seriously, can someone explain to me what Health Care Reform is."

Oh, and just the other day I made a comment about Nancy Pelosi and how even though I am proud she is a woman in office and all that we are women hear us roar crap I can almost guarantee you that this would be the kind of woman that were she to teach my English and Grammatical Language class my Freshman year of college my head would have spun around and I would have ditched a lot of class. Seriously, is she annoying to anyone else?

See how fancy I can be?

So pardon me for not being super grandiloquent, comprehensible and magniloquent on the picture above when I say: WHAT THE???

Are you kidding me? I mean, I'm no Sandra Day O'Connor or Dianne Feinstein but give me a break here Newsweek. Are you really wanting me to believe it's okay that you took a photo from a completely different photo shoot and used it for your own cover? Your own nationally recognized political cover?

Granted, I am not personally friends with anyone who has ever graced the cover of Runners World magazine nor do I ever intend to be (nor do I trust runners in general), but I do know the difference between right and wrong - and this beez wrong.

But if I'm hearing you correctly - and I think I am - then that means the next time Joe Biden is photographed at Lowes pricing toilets then we can expect to see him on the cover of newsstands with your caption reading THE REAL JOE THE PLUMBER. Cool!

Or if Madeline Albright were to be photographed at a Krispy Kreme with jelly donut running down her chin we would just plop that picture right on the front and title it, "SHE'LL EAT YOU FOR BREAKFAST." Really? Madeline Albright? Really? Yeah, I thought not.

But what I'm waiting for, what I'm holding my money back for, is the day they show John Edwards on the cover with his shirt off.
Dick Cheney posing with a his tighty whitey's.
Or Senator McCain in a pair of roller skates.

But they would never do that.

Because they like those men. And they hate her.

Sarah, I am not your biggest fan nor am I your harshest critic. But even I know that's wrong.

And I voted for Ross Perot.

Your thoughts? Give 'em up.


Candice said...

Preach it sister! I agree that it was quite slimy, them taking a photo from a completely different magazine and using it for their own purposes.

Lauren W said...

So... while I totally agree that Newsweek made a poor choice here... As a dear friend of mine pointed out, Sarah did pose for this picture. No, she didn't pose for this picture for Newsweek, but nonetheless, she did pose for this picture to be on the cover of a magazine.
Just a thought.

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

That pose was appropriate for a Runner's magazine, but obviously ridiculous for Newsweek. And that is why Newsweek used it. To ridicule.

ugagirl30 said...

I think that Sarah Palin has gotten the short end of the stick. For some reason, men began to view her as a threat to their manhood/man politics and decided to rake her over the coals. And they have done a pretty darn good job of making her out to be a joke. If she had never been considered a threat, they would have left her alone.

I didn't know the background of the cover before this blog post, but absolutely that is wrong to put her on the front of a nationally recognized magazine by borrowing the cover from a running mag! I mean, come on! Hilary is much more of a joke than she is!

Shonya said...

I agree with you--this shows a definite bias from a liberal magazine. They are trying to make her look bad by taking something out of CONTEXT. . .and they would not do that to the men you cited, nor our president (because, as you said, they LIKE them). Nothing new to say, you are just right!

Kiran Kairab Ferrandino said...

Yeah that was really lame. Am not a big fan of Palin, but not really sure how a magazine could think it was ok to pull that picture out of her and put it on the cover. I am surprised they didn't just photoshop her face on a porn star or Sports Illustrated model.

lame. lame. LAME.

Kacey said...

AMEN!! I couldn't have said it more eloquently myself!

Katherine Kloster said...

GRRRRRRRRR! We will never see Obama in anything that might even be REMOTELY negative! GRRRRRRRRRR!

Ashley said...

She posed for the picture and did not make the photographers/RW sign any usage agreements. While it may have been a poor choice for NW, I think it was an even poorer choice on Palin's part...... which is just another reason why I am glad she is losing more and more credibility every day. Keep it up, Palin.

Faith(ful) Reader said...

Don't feel bad about your first Presidential ballot being cast for Ross Perot, mine was for Richard Nixon!

Wade's World said...

Where are the feminists who are supposed to speak out FOR women? Why are they not outraged that a successful woman is getting slammed in the mainstream media? Oh yeah, they hate anyone that they don't agree with!

And Newsweek should be ashamed of this cover. How biased can you get?

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!! I think that was truly grandiloquent!

Givinya De Elba said...

My first thought was "What the?!?"

I do really want to see the covers of Edwards, Cheney and McCain you proposed.

Any Photoshop geniuses out there who can make this dream a reality??

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

What this cover shows me is just how narrow minded and stupid the Newsweek editors are. And don't feel badly, I voted for Mr. Perot as well and probably would again given the chance.

oldwomaninashoe said...

Wow. Good post. Sarah, you need to fire your PR people & go back to doing something positive for the people. You want to be President? Then give me a reason to vote for you. Posing on magazines, allowing the media to bash or praise you won't get my vote.
Perot...okay. I come from the state as Dan Quayle and Bobby Knight. I feel as if I should apologize for being from Indiana sometimes.

Sissy said...

No matter whether I think Palin is a great politcal mind or not, she did pose for this. It may have been for a running mag, but I don't know that a super serious politician would have posed all oiled up and tan like that either. If she doesn't want a silly image, she should have said she would do it in running pants.