Nov 17, 2009


1. I saw Sarah Palin's Oprah interview and was neither impressed nor unimpressed. In fact, I was about as blah about the whole thing as Oprah appeared to be. Anyone else notice that she seemed to have been forced at gun point to do the interview? That's my take on it at least.

2. In my preparations for Christmas I realized.......I'm broke.

3. This year I will be trying cranberry sauce for the first time. Thanks to this recipe. You did it again, Miss Deen.

4. I am giving up Dr. Pepper. I really am. And all who believe I can actually follow through with it please stand on your head.

5. The AG is watching The Dave Matthews Band on TV right now. Not only do I not understand one word the man is saying I also don't understand one word Dave Matthews is saying.

6. Why is NCIS such a big show? Did you all know it's number one right now? How did that happen? Is everyone over 60 but me?

7. I got my hair cut last week and it's toooooo short AGAIN! How do I stop this from happening? See, this is why moving is so much trouble. It's not the boxes, the change of address or the making new friends that's an issue - it's finding a new hairdresser.

8. Remi dropped/threw (depends on who you ask, me or Remi) my Granny's ceramic doll on the floor yesterday and it broke into a million pieces. After re-acquainting her with the TN Spankin' Spoon I realized her that the real discipline came when I tucked her into bed and she couldn't seem to get the image of a doll with a broken face out of her mind. (Insert evil laugh here!)

9. I'm tired of bathing. Constantly having to get wet, dry off, get wet, dry off. It's exhausting.

10. Remember how in the Peanuts cartoon Lucy was always so mad at her brother Linus because he carried around a stupid blanket everywhere he went? And she yelled and called him names and made fun of him and still he carried that blanket? Well, Linus says "hi."


Jenny said...

#4 - Good luck with that...this pregnancy was supposed to help me knock off that habit and it hasn't!!!

#6 - I am definitely NOT 60 and I love watchitsistah!!!

#7 - Stop getting it cut and let it grow...HEEELLLOOO

#10 - That is possibly the most precious thing ever.

Hope you're doing great. I miss seeing your smiling face.

Amy said...

I didnt catch the interview but I do LOVE Sarah...although, I dont think she should be president..I dont think any woman should..we are too emotional. Well, all of us except Hillary. This would be me the week of my period.."Bomb em" and they would say "But why Mrs. President?" and Id say "Because I said so!" See..not a good plan. And that pic of Rocco is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vickie said...

Cute pic of "linus"!

I love Sarah, too, but she's not had enough experience IMO. She needs to hang around Washington some more and learn all the dynamics. She's too fresh. Maybe in another term or two... I would like for some places to get bombed, tho...

Am I out of the loop? I can't remember what NCIS stands for. Tell me and then I'll let you know if I like it or not. I'm drawing a blank this morning...

Agree with the hairdresser comment. Most important!!!

Jan said...

I was doing so good on my Christmas shopping! Had it all done. Paid via direct debit from my checking acct.

Then realized that I misplaced a decimal point on my MORTGAGE payment. Now I have $63 to go four weeks on. No turkey for us, apparently. Damn

Sissy said...

I was never a Palin fan, but thought she sounded more intelligent on Oprah than when she was being handled by McCain's advisors.

I gave up most soda last year. You can do it.

I finally found a new hairdresser last week. Finally.

Candice said...

4- Give up Dr. Pepper... gasp!!! I truly think that would be a sin!

6- I LOVE NCIS!!! I'm with Jenny on this one.

8- Oh the spankin spoon.... God love that precious little girl!

10- I miss that little man soo much!

Shelley said...

Two words on NCIS or maybe three or four Mark Harmon Agent McGee Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic.... Loose the spoon is one memory that will stay with them when they are grown. Mine went through the dishwasher so many times it got weak, when I used it on my son one day it broke in half, all he seems to remember is that I broke it on him beating

Masala Chica said...

I love the picture and sadly, I know and understand #9. My husband will look at me surprised when I shower and say = "oh you smell nice!" in wonder.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Linus is adorable.
I drink Diet Dr Pepper and I will give it up when you pry it from my cold dead hands.