Aug 24, 2009

My Life In Pictures.

Aaahhh, dear's post is a fairy tale of sorts.

If you like really crappy fairy tales.

But it is my tale to tell, nonetheless, and so I shall. In my words. With my pictures.

And like all fairy tales it is short, simple and to the point. Though unlike all fairy tales there is no dragon, there is no white knight and there is no lengthy kiss at the end. So don't get your hopes up.

It is the tale I am living right now. As we speak. Love me through it.


There once was a young girl. Cute she was, she would readily admit. And though she didn't have much she did have a shovel, a pale, and some really fab leggings. The world was hers to conquer.

She thought she knew it all. And she charged ahead. Full force.

For her motto was "Go Big or Go Home." (That motto is a crappy one and can come back to haunt you: be forewarned.)

And then, for a moment, she paused. Who knows why she did it, but she did.

And she looked ahead and was not quite sure she liked what she saw. It looked rough. It looked scary. It looked big.

And she looked little.

And so she ran.
Ran from what scared her.
Ran from what intimidated her.
Ran from what she knew she could conquer.
If she had just stood still.
Stood firm.
But it was too late. She ran.

And when she got home she was soaked.

She was tired.

And she was mad; mad that sometimes great hair and hot pink leggings aren't enough.
Sometimes you just have to stand.

Sometimes you have to dry yourself off. Wipe the sand from your face....

And head back out again.


"When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." (Luke 21: 28)

"By standing firm you will gain life." (Luke 21:19)


Sissy said...

Thanks. I needed those verses today. Waiting for a call, "the call" about another baby has been eating away at me. Thank you for the encouragement.

Melissa said...

Powerful stuff so aptly put through a child's eyes. I love it how much more I have been able to learn through my children's eyes!


Unknown said...

that is good stuff! love the verses...and the hot pink leggings too!

Rhonda said...

You about summed it up! Too cute!