Jul 17, 2009

I Went To St. Louis and All I Got Was This Lousy Dog.

When packing for a girls trip there are a few things you take:

You bring 3 pairs of pajamas on the wonderful chance that you don't get out of them for days at a time.

You take $30 worth of hair magazines - in case you can talk your friends into doing something a little "wild and crazy" before we head home.

You take 18 pairs of earrings and only one pair of shoes so that you have the justified obligation to...buy another pair of shoes.

(You also take a brand new can of SPF 4, a brand new toothbrush and a brand new bottle of Big and Sexy Hairspray...and then leave them in another state.)

But maybe that's just me.

Holly, for instance, brings tofu. Okay, that's not entirely true. She also brought along fake meat that she tried to pass off as "sausage," turkey that she tried to put in my CHICKEN salad and organic non-fat milk. (Note to self: Do not invite Holly next year.) But then she made up for it by cutting up strawberries...and pouring white chocolate all over the top of them. (Note to self: Don't be too hasty. Pray about inviting Holly next year.)

And Teresa?

She brings this...

If Holly knew that dog was eating full fat whip cream, there's no telling what she'd do!


Faith(ful) Reader said...

Love the bling on the pupster and glad I don't have to clean up after that whipped cream snack...

mommaof4wife2r said...

i am totally thinking "legally blonde"...and if i could pull it off, i just might! sooo fun!

Theta Mom said...

I just found your blog and I am so LOVING it! You had me at that Bachelorette post! Hilarious!
I can't wait to hear what you say about it next Monday-but it's not the finale, it's the Bachelorette tells all- should still make for great conversation! :)

Karen said...

I want one of those to take on my next trip. Oh my goodness, that is cute and hilarious.

Melissa said...

What do you call a dog of that breed? A Chug?

Rhonda said...

Seriously? Am I the ONLY one who's going to say it?

Holly, a girl's weekend is filled with chicken fried steak and alcohol. Or is that just me?

Cute little dog. Great fashion sense.

But most important, holy boobs batman. And I only say that becaused I was blessed with nothing but loose skin in that general area after my kids were done with them. I'm jealous. And I know that is a sin. But I would seriously love to get me (and hubby) a pair of those.


Did I over step?