Apr 14, 2009

The Bra Bonanza of 2009.

If God really does humble the proud - and He does, oh believe me, He does - then it's any wonder He has any time to help Melissa win Dancing With the Stars or bring justice to pirates run amok.

Because I take up A LOT of His time.

Take this weekend for instance.

In what should have been a weekend dedicated entirely to Him, a Sunday spent doing nothing but worshipping and praising Him and a worship service where my focus should have been solely on Him, I had to go and mess it all up. By getting my focus off of Him and on, you guessed it, me.

I hate it when that happens.

But it happens. I admit it. I am but a sinner, saved by grace...can I get a whatwhat?

So on Sunday, in what was one incredibly powerful worship service and while I was standing in the choir loft, my mind drifted to the fact that this time next year I will be attending a new church. Not the one I have faithfully attended for the past eight years. Not the one I love just like a second home. Not the one full of people I love and friends I admire. Nope. A different one. And so for a moment, I got sad. And when I get sad, this is how my thoughts go:

Next year at Easter I will be somewhere different. I will be singing with a different choir in a different choir loft. I wonder if their songs will be as good as ours. I wonder if I'll be an alto or if I'll switch to soprano just to make sure I don't lose some of my upper register. Yep, I won't be looking out at these people - I'll be looking at different people. New people. I wonder if they'll like me. They might like me better if I cut my hair. Or if I buy some of those Jessica Simpson hair extensions and then my hair will look like it's already grown out and it won't be at this "in-between" phase which really puts people off. Wow. It's Easter. Oh, and why am I not singing? Why am I not singing the solo this year since it's my last Easter to spend at this church? What's up with that? It's probably best though since my hair is
kind of in-between.
Embarrassing, I know.

But honest.

Those are how fast and shallow and prideful my thoughts were running.

I can admit this now because I have repented and asked Him to please forgive my ridiculousness and I feel certain He has. He does every time.

But just so He can still show who's boss, here's what happened next.

After the choir was dismissed from the choir loft I headed down to the seat the AG and Meridith was saving for me. Rocco was sitting with his daddy since he had been suffering from an ear infection all weekend and wasn't quite up to the nursery, and so happily I slid into my seat and proudly placed what I felt certain was the cutest kid in the building on my lap. (See? Again, PRIDE.) Within minutes however the Pastor started his Easter message and Rocco decided that sitting on mom's lap wasn't all it was cracked up to be. So as I got up to carry him out of the service God proved once again that He knows me inside and out and it was high time everyone else did, too.

And right then and there, as I walked from the fourth row from the front all the way down the middle aisle and out the back door, past some 1200 people who I feel certain were staring at me and not the pastor (durn...PRIDE, again) Rocco grabs the neckline of my dress....yanks it all the way to the left....and I never notice a thing.

And now 1200 people know that my bra is tan, has flowers sewn into it and has straps as wide as Interstate 65.

Yes, that's right. It wasn't until I walked out the back door of the sanctuary and a friend of mine saw me and said, "Oh Mel, you're bra...it's....it's...showing...Rocco let go of mama's dress...oh, yes...it's showing...bad," that I decided to breathe my last breath and die right there.

And die, I did.

To my hair being not quite short and not quite long.
To being not quite brunette and not quite blond.
To moving.
To not having the starring role on Easter Sunday.
To focusing on me.
To not focusing on Him.
To pride.

And later - when David laughed so hard he cried - I did, too. And I admitted that I was glad that God is still in the business of giving "grace to the humble and resisting the proud." The proud. That would be me.

So there you have it, the Bra Bonanza of 2009. If you would like to donate to the Bra Cause you may do so by sending checks or money orders. Thank you.


Teri from Indiana said...

It must be a baby boy thing because The Little Man is constantly pulling out my shirt & letting the whole world know his Mama is old and things are heading south on her.
God loves us even when our mind wonders during church. At least I hope He does.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Just wanted you to know that I did a lil post about you today. Yes! You ARE that good. I had to share with just a few of my friends. Hope you dont mind~

Stacey said...

Hi Melissa! I just came over from Susie's and I'm so glad I did. I really enjoyed reading about the Bra Bonanza - haven't we all had days, weeks, moments like that? Thanks for sharing. I'll be back!!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I wandered over from Susie's blog and am very happy I did! I can relate. I'm often thinking of other things when I'm sitting in church supposedly listening to the preacher, who can sometimes be pretty boring, but I do find myself then asking God to please forgive me and maybe give the Pastor a better sermon next Sunday!! Love the bra story!!!

Jill said...

YOU are the most PRECIOUS, ADORABLE, FUNNY, FUN girl! SO glad I found your blog!- just F.Y.I.- I had the same "bra-church-moment" 5 years ago while holding my little-sweet-grabbing- my-shirt-darling!"- Don't ya love when God keeps us humble?-
Many Blessings!

Mandi said...

Hey! Nice to meet you! I came over from Susie's blog and just wanted to introduce myself.

That poor bra thing is totally something that would happen to me. I almost wet my pants laughing as it played out in my head. I needed a good laugh, so I'm gonna have to go read a few more posts.

Debilou said...

Hi, Melissa
I found your blog today through another "friend" (SusiefromBienvenue) .. She said it would be funny and you delivered. Thanks,, I needed a good laugh. My little ones are not so little anymore but I remember those kinda Sundays very clearly.
Have a great Day!

Tami said...

I'm popping over from Susie's blog!
You have me in tears I am laughing so hard....boy can I relate!

Have a beautiful day!

HILLARY said...

I know that God has a sense of humor! Thank goodness! I can't wait to read trough more of your deliciously funny blog!!!

(i came by way of Susie)

I think we are soul sisters!!!

Jo said...

Stopping over from Susie's ~ don't feel bad, we've all had "displays" such as those.

I'll be stopping by again for a giggle.


southerninspiration said...

oh I am laughing out loud....a mamma's proud moment. Been there, done that! Thanks for the laugh. I think I've been here before (deja vu!) but came by Susie's referral program.....did you pay her to do that?? Just kidding. Cute story and I'll be back....


jennypilgrim said...

Thank you so much for making my morning! I haven't laughed this much in a long time!!! I will be coming back for more! BTW.....I got here by way of Bienvenue!

Thanks again,

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Great post!! Loved it!

nanajo50 said...

I hope we have the blessings of your presence at our church next year sweetie! Hey, at least he didn't spit up at the same time, yeah...I've had that happen. Oh and now everyone, yeah...all 1200 of them know who that beautiful, handsome little Rocco belongs to! Don't it just make you so proud! Forget the bra, everybody has seen them and the women probably want to know where you bought it! HA HA!
Love ya!
Jo Ann

♥Aubrey said...

I found your blog via Bienvenue...She said you had a funny blog and boy was she right!
You found yourself another reader. We've all had these crazy days, especially when our children are involved in some way. It's nice to laugh at it later-but at that moment we want to hide. Thanks for sharing :)


Jaci said...

You poor thing! I can totally sympathize with your wide bra strap embarassment! I die a little inside each time I hook my 4th row of hooks. 3 was bad enough...but 4?!? Why?!?!

As far as the new church, I know my choir director would be the most excited woman in the world if a little new blood walked into practice. :)

Painter's Place said...

I found your blog from Bienvenue. I was laughing so hard when I finished reading this post. I'll definitely be back!!!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

came from susie's...and you my dear, are now my friend. pride...oh that stinking stuff. kills us all, every second of every day.

thanks for the fun refreshing look...not at ur bra, but the bra expo!

Lynda said...

lol - Rocco is all boy!

Sissy said...

Ohmy. What a moment! And you know that story was being told at every lunch table that day, sorry to tell you.

Well, as Rachel would say on Friends (when her boob popped out,) "it's ok, I've got nice boobs." At least the bra was pretty.

katy said...

WOW! the other day I was in Hobby Lobby checking out and holding my toddler at the same time. When I went to sit her back down in the buggy I looked down and noticed she had managed to completley unbutton my shirt! Praise GOD I wear tank tops underneath everything...it was embarassing enough, but the tank top saved me!
Wish I would've been there to see you're flowered bra though, I could use some entertainment! LOL

Candice said...

God really does have a sense of humor... I'm sure nobody was looking at your bra. Their attention was totally on that precious boy in the cute little golf hat!

Sarah said...

I'm over from Bienvenue and am SO enjoying getting to know you! Can't wait to read more!

HIS grace is beautiful isn't it?...even in the funny stories.

southern queen bee said...

Hi Melissa,
I am Melissa aka Missy, Susie from Bienvenue's sister. It is sad, but I am laughing too. Believe me one day you will miss these times. My baby just turned 16. I wish I could still carry him. Instead I have to cover my eyes while he drives me to church in the rain...

Rhonda said...

Oh. Oh my. I have no words.....

But I have LOTS of laughter!!! lol

Jenny said...

Thank you and you're welcome. :)

OK Fab Five said...

I found your blog through Susie Harris and I look forward to more.

Karen said...

Your title, "The Bra Bonanza of 2009," seems to anticipate the possibility of another similar event happening in your life... hmmm - I'll be praying for you. :)

On a separate note, I've just recently begun reading your blog and was immediately addicted. I linked to you from the other Melissa's blog page and had to force myself to stop reading that day so I could make my kids some dinner.

Also, I'm so sad to read you will be leaving us. I will miss hearing your beautiful voice on Sunday mornings. "Orphans of God" is my favorite - I hope you get to sing it for us before you go.

JenB said...

Oh well, next Easter at your new church you'll be thinking, hey remember what happened last Easter? And then you'll crack up laughing during prayer and have ANOTHER memory and blogable moment! See, God is good!