Apr 13, 2009

My Deep Regrets.

Please accept my sincere apology. I really didn't mean for it to happen like this. I would go back and do it all over if I could.

Are we still friends?

I hope so.

Just know that next Easter I will make sure you get a chance to see these two close up. I promise. I can imagine how angered you must be knowing that you missed laying eyes on something this precious. I know I would be.

Mother - noun - 1. A female parent. 2. Someone who subjects others to obnoxious images, stories and tales of their children. 4. One who loves a child so much that they assume everyone else must as well, therefore causing severe nausea to those who have to listen to their incessant rattling on about them.

Hope your Easter was as cute. But hey, let's be honest...


Faith(ful) Reader said...

Kids don't get any more adorable than those two...Mama's not bad, either! Happy Spring...

Lula! said...

I just spent the past 20 minutes playing catch up on your blog.

I am now hungry.

I am now saddened that it's been a full year since I've learned of Julio's chips...and I've still never tasted them.

I am now incredulous that you wore bumpits. FOR REAL? And...FOR REAL?

I am hungry.

I am loving your kids in their Easter finery.

Is Meredith married yet?
What are your thoughts on Lost?
Did you hear what Rick Warren said on Larry King Live?

OK, that about covers it all.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I swear Melissa...those two precious children look just like their beautiful mama! :) God is good like that. blessings, marlene

katy said...

You three are the cutest! Hope your day was blessed!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Just precious! All three of you!

Melissa said...

Okay, the kids are adorable, but where's your bumpit? I wore mine on Saturday and I looked like Sally Field with her hair helmet in Steel Magnolias. It was a good day.

Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

They are so cute! I hope you had a great Easter.

Christi said...

You guys are so cute. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Janis said...

Wow! What did you have to pay for the upgrade to seriously cutie kids! I wish I had invested...just kidding, wait till you see my cuties :-) It may take a couple days though, we've had Easter, a birthday and a decision for Christ so I've got some blogging to do soon!

Kaye said...

Absolutely adorable! I would show them off as well. =)

Ashley said...

Seriously? I don't think it could get much cuter. Adorable family!

Lacey said...

That dress! That hat! That big smile on mama's face! I love it!

Shelley said...

I'm digging Rocco's lid and his scuffs.

Robin said...

They are too precious for words. Your Remi is a firecracker - you can just tell from the photos.

Lisa said...

Let me just thank you and say that after a really bad afternoon, the one thing that made Scott and I both laugh out loud was the close up pic of Rocco. What an expressive kid!! And who knew that God could have ever made another little boy as cute as my two. I thought He'd broken that mold but I guess He used it ONE more time. :)

Lynda said...


Jenny said...

Oh what a let down...I was soo expecting a recount of the bra disaster of Easter 2009. TSC will never be the same. :)

Melissa Lee said...


Faith(ful) - Are you kidding? Mama was bloated and gassy. But thanks anyway.

Lula - Sorry I made you hungry - but on that note: OMG! Thank you thank you and thank you again for that onion dip recipe. I figured the Lord would return while I was eating it, it was THAT good. ;-)

Miss Marlene - You really think so? I like to think so.

Katy - Our whole weekend was blessed; hope yours was too.

Susie - Thanks, girl. I love hearing from you...and it's not becusae you think we are sooooo precious. ;-)

Melissa - What? I was "bumpin'" it up front. Can't you tell? Do you like them?

Denise - We had such a good weekend. And can I just say...I love your blog name. A.Dorable.

Christi - Thanks, friend. They make me look good.

Janis - AND a decision for Christ? I shall be looking you up very soon to get the low down on your weekend. Sounds memorable. Good for you.

Kaye- Thank you, my thoughts exactly. (ha)

Ashley - Look at you and your sweetie. I'd say that's pretty cute, too.

Lacey - That hat is pretty much too much, wouldn't you say? Am I a proud mama or what?

Shelley - Uh, yes, I must admit that I toted him around on Sunday morning like he was the Ark of the Covenant. But look at him! Wouldn't you?

Robin - How you got to be so prophetic just by looking at pictures I have no idea, but mama, you are!!! You have no idea how right you are.

Lisa - Spoken like a proud aunt. So you don't count. (ha)

Lynda - Thank you dear.

Jenny - Thanks to you three people have emailed me and said, "bra? what? bra?" So I will be addressing that later this week. Thank alot, friend. ;0)


Stacey said...

Your kids are precious!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hello Melissa! I just found your wonderful blog, via Susie's Bienvenue!

This post is absolutely delightful!

Kasey said...

lovely Susie sent me over.
luv your blog dear girl.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

My Easter was nowhere NEAR that cute. (my kids were with their dad! lol) They are beautiful kiddos. =)