Mar 20, 2009

Maybe It's Just Me...

But something is starting to make me feel a little uncomfortable.

I arrived in Texas at midnight last night. That's right, midnight. It took nine hours to get to a state that it takes two hours to fly to. What does that tell you? Delays, delays, delays. But I try not to complain too much about it after hearing this; I mean, who wants to be a "non-contributing zero?"

Anyway, this morning when I woke up and settled in to a big comfy chair with some chocolate milk (cuz I'm a classy gal) I flipped on the TiVo and what I found was more than a little disturbing. For the record, let me state that my mom and dad have TWO SEPARATE TiVo's. His is in the living room and it records things like Golf, Fox News, Lost and 24. Hers, however, is in her bedroom and it records these:

48 Hours: Hard Evidence
Forensic Files
Dominick Dunne: What Price Murder?
Dominick Dunne: Blood Money
Dead Men Talking
Crime Stories
Parole Board
Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Case Crackers
Dateline on ID
48 Hours Mystery
In Cold Blood

And last but not least..

Snapped: A nurse who was bored with her job and marriage, murders her husband in his sleep, sets fire to the house and tries to collect the insurance money.

Okay, is it just me or is that weird? My dad and I have often worried that my mom goes a little above and beyond in the ol' True Crime genre, but this just doesn't seem healthy to me. Of course it's my poor dad who wakes up every morning seeing this on the nightstand beside him...

He says this is the reason he buys her so much jewelry. I would too.

My mom. This is the same women who came to visit me in Tennessee and brought three books with her:
her NIV Bible,
Seven Things That Steal Your Joy by Joyce Meyer
Evil Beside Her: The True Story of A Texas Woman's Marriage to a Dangerous Psychopath.

(Hey Joyce! I think I found an 8th thing that can steal your joy.)


Midwest Mommy said...

I love me some crime shows but not that much, lol!

Sissy said...

um, I'm pretty sure you just read my DVR list. love that stuff!

Christa said...

I just watched that same Snapped episode last night. I watch those shows all the time. I love them!

Melissa said...

Be careful, this posted may be used againster her in a court of law....:)

Melissa said...

yeah, I'm a dork......"against"

Lynda said...

Your mom cracks me up. Welcome HOME :-)

Todd Wright said...

Great post.

Ashley said...

Yea... I'm definitely scared for you! Actually.. I'm a little more scared for your dad. Haha!! Maybe your mom is just trying to reincarnate a lost dream of being a forensic scientist or spy or investigator or something.

Rhonda said...

Oh, that is just too funny!!!

Janis said...

Your mom is such a ....COMPLEX person. That's it! I'll bet it makes her very enjoyable to be around and I'd love to meet her! How about a giveaway for a Texas vacation where the winner spend 3 nights at your mom and dad's house! Maybe the bachelor and bachelorette should take a trip there (when he's chosen!)

KellyRose said...

There is nothing like a Snapped marathon on a Saturday morning! Gotta love it!

Teri From Indiana said...

I don't know. I think your Mom is a pretty smart lady. She has you freaking out a little, your dad is buying her jewelry. Yes, I would say she's got it pretty much under control in her part of the State of Texas.

Rhea said...

That's hilarious. If I ever need to commit a murder, I know who I'm gonna call for advice and guidance. I want her on my side.

coffeeloves said...

can i just comment on the fact that i LOVE your "a bit about me" write up on your blog. It's so refreshing and funny!!! i love that you don't scrap book or do arts and crafts-right on!! i love praise and worship music as seem that i neat woman to know..glad i stumbled upon your blog.

Joy said...

This made me laugh so hard, especially your last line!!!

I only have 2 True Crime books. I can't read/watch the stuff often but every now and then...