Mar 13, 2009

George Clooney AND a Double Doozie? It's All Just Too Much.

I'm letting the fact that my mom lost my daughter outside in 30 degree weather and ended up having to call 911 slide due to the fact that she bought me some clothes and took me to the Cookie Co. But I tell you what, if there were no cookies involved, I would really be hacked.

But all is well. Remi was found, perfectly safe and not a bit cold. And I got a double doozie. So see? God is good.

On another note, I'm typing this post as I'm watching George Clooney appear for the first time on ER in years. In fact, I don't think I've seen a single episode since he left the show. And I don't know about you but seeing George in a pair of scrubs makes me want to pray for the flu or an emergency appendectomy all over again.

I don't know what you all have planned this weekend but I hope it as full as mine will be; my dad and little sister will be joining the already on-going party that is my mom tonight, in order to be here for sweet Rocco's dedication at church this weekend. What a privilege it will be to give back to God what He so faithfully lent to me. I love that little man...his fat thighs are my greatest pleasure. And that's saying a lot, because my fat thighs have also brought me immense joy through the years.

Love to you all. Oh, and please join me here on Monday as I unveil what will go down in the history books as a blog that will change America forever.

And I'm not talking it up too much, believe you me. I've never been one to exaggerate. NEVER EVER EVER.

Happy Friday.


Amy said...

LOST? 30 DEGREES? and COOKIES? No wonder you didn't post yesturday, sounds exciting!

I can't say that I'm jealous!


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Glad Remi is ok and Im looking forward to Monday!

Candice said...

Can't wait for Monday! Your surprises are always exciting :)

Maria Schatz said...

Whoa! Never wanted the weekend to pass so fast before, 'cuz it's all about checking your blog on Monday! =)

I am so sad I missed the return of Clooney to ER...I will have to watch for the rerun.

Enjoy your company! ~Maria

Ashley said...

Wow! That sounds like a traumatic experience. Nothing a double doozie and shopping can't take care of though. I want a double doozie now.... I haven't had one in 4ever!

Amy said...

I sure am looking forward to a post that will "change America forever!" In the meantime, I gave you a blog award! Thanks for making me laugh every day!

Faith(ful) Reader said...

errr....a double doozie--what's that? (If it's something personal that "mama's and daddies do" please excuse my ignorance, curiosity, etc.)

Angela said...

Wait...911...cold...lost child... cookies...George Clooney...

Is it horribly wrong that as soon as I realized Remi was safe and warm, all I could recall from the sentence above was George Clooney? LOL! (Kidding I promise!)

Seriously, so glad your lil' munchkin is safe and sound... and yes, I adore George on ER or anywhere.

Can't wait to see what the new blog is all about!

Hope Rocco's dedication went well!