Feb 19, 2009

What Would Jesus Do...I Mean You, What Would You Do?

Well, I can tell you today that if there is a video attached to this post it is because my husband loves me and he stayed up extra late to figure out how to attach it for me even though he's out of town and dead dog tired.

If there isn't a video it's because he wishes he had never married me and wishes he had continued making eyes at that skanky cheerleader back in college.

And although I am hoping that I go to bed tonight and when I wake up in the morning there is a video, I won't be holding my breath. And it won't really matter anyway, I can do this post without it; but it would be oh so nice and beneficial. That's all I'm sayin'.

*Edited at 1:12AM to say: Video? Who needs a video? Links are where it is at. And by the way, that cheerleader was making eyes at me, not the other way around. Besides, you were (and still are) always the bigger challenge my dear. Love, The AG.

So lately I've been hooked on a Tuesday night show, because there is just not enough television that comes on Tuesday nights what with the 18 hours of American Idol and Law and Order: SVU which I am completely addicted to. So I had to find something else to watch as my brain turns to mush - and I'm glad I did.

I love...

Does anyone else watch this show? And if so, what do you think?

Every week three or four different situaitons are posed with hidden cameras all around. The person causing the controversy is an actor, as is the person that is being harrassed or confronted, but the scenes are set amidst real people in real places. All of it is done with the lingereing question of "What Would You Do?"

One week there was the attractive young lady being constantly hit on by the guy next to her at the bar. Though both of these people were actors the folks sitting around them were not. So as his remarks got more and more suggestive, more and more forward, more and more "touchy-feely" the question became "what would they do?"

There was the real estate agent holding an open house (actor) who made racist comments to several of her visitors (also actors) while several other walk through visitors listened it. Racist comments? To someone's face? In 2009? What would you do?

The sad truth is - sometimes I know exactly what I'd do. And sometimes I don't.

I wish that I always did what was right. I wish that I was never afraid to confront or complain, speak up and speak out. I wish that I was never afriad to do the right thing...but regretfully, I am.

I suppose that's human, but that doesn't mean it's always right. I mean even the best of us got ridiculously angry and flipped over a tax table or two.

I suppose if He can do it - so can I.

But would I?

Then I watched this weeks episode. In this week's episode we saw the elderly man who was trying to drive; would someone step up to the plate and offer to drive him, call the police and report his inability to drive? Or would they stand by and let him endanger himslef and others? We also saw the aforementioned real estate agent and her racist comments. Oh man, that made my skin crawl. And then there was this...

A little girl, maybe 8 years old, is swinging in the park. Her nanny is taking wonderful care of her until the nanny suddenly needs to run the restroom leaving the little girl to swing alone. Warning her to remember the rules and not to talk to strangers the nanny leaves. Shortly a man approaches our little actress. His dog is lost (aren't they always), he has a picture to show her, and he needs her help to find him. She begins talking to him, even considers going with him...

What would you do?

You've been there, swinging your kids, helping them on and off the slides and you've seen every bit of this happen - do you step in? Do you speak up? Do you say something to him? Or do you say something to her?

It was interesting to watch and I found myself wondering what I might do. I truly believe that I am just nosy enough to overhear any conversation that is going on within 60 feet of me (it's a gift, I'm not gonna lie) and can respond to it within seconds. Which I would do. ESPECIALLY if it had to do with a child.

But things are much easier to profess to when you're sitting on the couch with a glass of sweet tea. Harder to do when it actually matters.

What about you?


Sissy said...

I'd like to believe I'd have the guts to stand up and do something about it. I'd like to think we all would say something. I'll live with the fantasy that everyone would do the right thing and keep burying my head in the sand.

Rhonda said...

Wow! That's a show to get the blood pumping!! I saw one once where a guy was dragging a little girl down the street by the wrist and she was shouting out "He's not my Daddy!!! Stranger! Stranger!" And most people just kept on walking. Can you believe it??

Bree Shaw said...

i have watched this show a couple of times. it is great! i am a very outspoked person and I THINK i would say something in all of those situations, but then it makes me think. this day in age people aren't as accepting of stuff/advice/criticism as they used to be. so i really wonder would i say something? b/c what if that person would like hurt me somehow for speaking up? i don't know, i would like to think that I WOULD speak up! great post!

Deanna said...

To speak up and have a confrontation or not to speak up and forever wonder what happened (or to find out later and wish you had intervened)? I can live with embarassment alot easier than I can live with guilt. If I were in the park, I'd be loud and confrontational and attract alot of attention until the nanny got back and have the police on speed dial (already do). If it turns out the guy was a nice guy, then so be it. Tough? Yeah. But I have to standby in so many other areas of life and watch wrong win over right - I'm not going to let it be that way all the time.

Melissa said...

Oh great, now here is something else I can get addicted to...i just spent 30 mins watching the shows on the website. I want to believe if I did watch this it would make me be stronger, but again, that is easy to say sitting here in my jammies than in the situation. Just have to trust Jesus to take over my mouth!

I'm gonna miss you girl, but as long as you keep this up you'll never feel far away!

Another Melissa

Kaye said...

I too have been addicted to this show since I discovered it about a month ago. It makes me think that I might not be outspoken enough, but hope that I would be in the right situation.

I have to say that watching the little girl almost get "abducted" in the scenario had me in tears. Yes, part of that is due to a hormone-happy pregnancy, but it made me want to get my son out of bed and give him a huge hug!

Glad to know that I'm not the only one loving this show!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Please let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for saying the things I want but never have the courage to. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment because...
I know that you dont like arts and crafts and if you went to my blog you would probably run! Sorry, but I just love your blog,altough so different than mine. We do share one thing in common though. Our love for Christ. For some reason I am so drawn to you. One day you can make me laugh so hard I want to pee and other days you just touch my heart and make me want to be a better person. I know alot of mushy gushy but I just wanted to say thank you. ps... your bathroom stories,priceless! We have all been there girlfriend~

Janis said...

I know what I'd do! I was a teacher for 7 years and advocating for kids (and cute little animals) is way easier for me than say, senior adults. I would simply interject myself into the conversation like this, "Did you say you just lost your dog? Oh, what did he look like? Sweetie, you wait here like your Nanny said and I'll go help the man find his dog. Remember how your Nanny said to stay right there? She'll be here any second, oh look, here she comes!" Stalling until the Nanny came back. PS-I've only seen two snippets of this show but I am hooked too!

Kacey said...

OH I love that show. My favorite one was a few weeks ago when they did the scenario at the grocery store of people who asked to cut in line and then ended up winning a huge cash prize. Did you see that one? It was hilarious!

Lynda said...

I'd take the kid with me!

Teri from said...

The child thing? I would have been in his face and yelling 911!
It might not what Jesus would have done but his Mama would have!
Realtor? Used to be one in my prior life before the last batch of blessings. I would have asked for her principle broker's name and told her that I would be calling them and the Board of Realtors.
Never seen the show but plan on watching. Beats the Hannah Montana channel.

Carrie said...

I like that show, too- it's so interesting! I usually can say what I SHOULD do, but as far as what I WOULD do...I don't know- and I think it's good, too, b/c it shows what the best thing to do in each situation is. Like, one night, there was a baby crying alone in a hot car, and I thought, "Hmmm...I would do something, but what SHOULD I do?" and they said call the police immediately & even break a window if you have to, to save the baby's life. Thanks for sharing! :)

Aja Jenise said...

Wow! Tell me what is your emotional state after this said show? Do you feel warm and cozy, vengence, shock or straight humor? Sometimes I feel short-changed when I feel upset or depressed after watching something. Isn't it suppose to be a relief or an enjoyment. I can imagine it is entertaining... as I would be a source of entertainment myself after watching this said show. I think I would be delirious with rage and irritation. But I am curious as to how it makes you feel... as I do not have access to this said show.

Truly, it sounds like the perfect reality show to stir people up, whether out of anger or shock. My blood pressure would be off the charts after that show. And I can only imagine how irritated and emotional I would be after watching said show. Whoa!! I am lucky I havent seen this show, and that I don't own a gun... or blow torch for that matter. Grrr... its amazing that 'frustration' is now a regularly scheduled program.

Oh, P.S. Loved the insert from AG there!! Precious!!

Desha said...

Love that show! It makes me cry almost every single time, just seeing people take a stand and fight for strangers. Love it=)