Feb 18, 2009

Orange In The Face.

Dear Grandma & Bonga, Nonie & Poppy,

This is a video my mom was supposed to send to you on Valentine's Day. But then again she was also supposed to send Nonie and Poppy a Winnie the Pooh card that Remi and I signed, and she was supposed to send Grandma and Bonga a jar of Blackberry Jam...both of which are laying under the passenger seat in the car. Maybe when she finally gets around to sending them she'll also send the 13 Bic pens, 4 onion rings, and her left earring that also rolled up under the seat about six months ago.

Ah, well. Let's don't hold our breath, shall we?

I did enjoy making this video though, I must say. Especially since I got to eat carrots the whole time and she talked to me in that really shrill high voice she uses when she thinks she's being cute. Babies find it annoying. Don't tell her, though.

Just know that I love you and I"m sorry I missed sending you anything on Valentine's. Being punctual is not really our strong suit around here.

Oh, and I don't always eat in the nude. Though I can't say the same for her.

She's a pretty great mom though, I have to admit.



Candice said...

He's gotten so big! And even more handsome :)

Melissa said...

I saw him slam that fist down. He means it when he say's Happy Valentines. I don't know which is more precious, his giddiness or yours. Love you.

Lula! said...

I just said to God, "Thank You for this boy..."

I did. 'Cause I'm still in awe of that whole situation. And grateful.

Rhonda said...

Well, he didn't look like he found the high voice annoying. I think he quite enjoyed it. It made me laugh too, in fact! lol Why do we do that, I wonder? Because we ALL know that we do!

Oh, and if that is ALL that has rolled under the seats in your vehicle, you're my hero. Seriously. But, what the heck are you wasting good onion rings for? That part made me gasp in disbelief!

Desha said...

He is so happy because his mama finally got him a BLUE bumbo=)

Sissy said...

I love the face!

Also, I know how it is to pack your whole life up and move it across the country. I have done that twice and it hurts each time, but there is so much that comes from it. I know you will love having your family down the road, and your kids will grow up knowing their grandparents. If we had to leave Greensboro, I know I wouldn't like it, but there are opportunities all over the place that we could follow.

Ok, that comment rambled, but I say all that to say that I know you can do it. And that you will love it once you are settled. For me it's the process that sucks.

Also, when I moved to NC, I moved 11 hours away from my dad's grave. There are times when I just want to go and sit on the grass next to it and talk to him and I can't. My mom moved up here and I know it was hard for her on his birthday when she would have normally gone out there. I get it.

Big Nanny said...

Love the video, his happiness melts my heart. I was not aware that babies don't like that super high voice that I talk to them in...I've been annoying them all this time.

You're welcome for the shower reminder;) See ya there!