Feb 13, 2009

365 Days of Love, Love, Love.

I was thinking about last Valentine's Day, and how much things can change in a year.

A mere 365 days ago I had no idea that I would bring home a perfect stranger that would steal my heart. Oh, that sweet Rocco. He came into my life and changed it completely. Thank goodness I didn't know about him last year, I would never have been able to hold out.

I had no idea that I could love Remi deeper than I did one year ago. I also had no idea she would talk more. Think more creatively. And get sneakier. It's been one heck of a fun year!

And who would have thought that the Attorney General and I would become even closer, better friends. But just like a fine wine, our relationship just keeps getting better and better.

I would never have imagine last Valentine's Day that my cousin Meridith, who has lived in Texas her whole life, would pack up everything she owned and move down the street from me. I had no idea that our relationship would move from "cousins" to "friends". I had no idea that my friendship with her would turn into one of the best I have ever known.

Last Valentine's Day I would have thought you were lying if you told me that within a year Meridith's brother, Brandon, would also move to town. And I would be able to convince him to watch The Bachelor, mow my yard and eat cookie dough with me. And watch someone who was once like a younger punk brother to me, turn into one of my husband's closest friends.

I can't believe a year later that my church has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. It has reached out to too many continents to name because it knows and understands the importance of furthering the Kingdom of God. And as proud as I was to be a part of that church last year, I am even more so this year.

I am happier and more fulfilled this Valentine's Day than I was last year (and last year was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.)

But this year has been even better.
Even sweeter.
Even more lovely.

God has been just as faithful to me this year as He was last year. My love for Him grows deeper, as does my respect and awe. So I think I can say with full assurance that this has, indeed, been a lovely, lovely year.

Happy Valentines weekend. From my heart, to yours.


Sissy said...

What a great Valentine's post! I love that last shot of Remi...adorable. And I am proud of you for introducing Brandon to the Bachelor. He could probably apply, but then you'd have to vet all those skanks, uh, women that compete.

StitchinByTheLake said...

What a wonderful post Melissa - straight from your heart to ours. May I copy you? Heavens, what am i saying....I'll just steal your idea! :) blessings, marlene

Lynda said...

You and AG are so cute together and the kids are just adorable. Thanks for sharing. A lot of us have followed your journey here and are blessed by you and your family - thank you!

Denise said...

Another great post! Happy Valentines Day.....go hug those cuties!

Jenny said...

That last picture of Remi just cracks me up!!!!

Jennifer Henry said...

I love your blog! I actually live in Brentwood and my sister in law in Mississippi was the one to tell me about your blog. Small world! :) Thanks for being so hilarious and brightening my day!

Janis said...

Yeh for posting a picture of you and the AG-maybe I'll take one at the dinner I'm going to tonight of the hubby and I. We never do that, just the kids! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the sweet comment!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

That has been a year of blessings and joy. LOVE the final valentine pic of Remi. She is so CUTE!

Joie said...

Thanks for the background on Meredith! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

It's great to see you so happy. =)