Sep 17, 2008

Letter From The Editor.

To my sweet friend who emailed me and asked me why I haven't posted any more pictures of baby Rocco...

Dear Sweet Friend,

Since returning from Texas I have washed 14 loads of clothes; 13 of which I forgot in the washer, eventually smelt them from down the hall, re-washed them in order to get the stench out, dried them, placed them on the couch to fold and now watch my daughter as she digs a hole in the middle of them and falls asleep.

They have been there for over a week.

I have changed more blow-out poopy diapers from my son in the last week than I did in the first two years of Remi's life. He pees all over himself and poops all over himself and I find this, well, odd and not a little disheartening.

I have been to Target 87 times for things like burp cloths and onesies, because every time I put a onesie on him or use a burp cloth with him - he blows up all over it. You might suggest I wash them, but remember, my washer is full of mildewing clothes. (And I hate to pull them out when they're in the middle of something.)

I went from sharing a room with the man I love, to sharing a room with the man and the little girl and the little boy I love. The room that used to be neat and tidy and clean and organized now looks like the baby aisle at K-Mart threw up all over it. My floor shares space with 6 hairbows, daddies GINORMOUS tennis shoes, 4 Cinderella nightgowns, 2 packs of Huggies newborn diapers and Pampers swaddlers (so we can decide what might "hold him in" better), a tiara, some Alcohol and Aquaphor, my bottle of Big Sexy hairspray that I am always looking for, and a pack of Rolaids that someone found in daddy's drawer and broke into.

My daughter has never slept one single night of her life in our bed and now can't seem to leave it. She wants to be held all day, every day. And when I look at her big, blue eyes I find it very hard to say "no." So I don't.

There are bottles ALL OVER my kitchen counter and I haven't vacuumed my floor in for.ever.

I ran out of my Secret deodorant four days ago and still haven't picked any up.

I threw my bra in a load of laundry about 6 days ago and apparently my dryer ate it, because I can't find the dern thing.

Much less my camera.

So all that to say, as soon as I find my bra and wear deodorant again, I will pick up my camera and take a picture.

But until then, let this be enough....I am madly, deeply, sweetly, in love. And there is no camera that can really capture what I feel. I assure you.



Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

This just makes me smile.
I love to think of your happy little family!

Big Nanny said...

If you're coming to church tonight please let me know what flavor of Secret deodorant you like and I will pick some up for you at the CVS and meet you in the bathroom at church. I'm just doing my part to minister to the mothers of TSC. And maybe keep you from getting kicked out of choir.

Sissy said...

I cannot even address how much work it must be to have one new baby in the house, let alone add a toddler to it! I have faith that you will figure out the diaper thing, find your bra and some deoderant (see above comment) and you will post pics eventually.

Petts Allowed said...

Melissa-- You sound so happy, and we're all happy for you!!Love, Kathi

Shelley said...

Girl, I'm am loving life for you. I hear in you the absolute wonderfulness of having a baby and a toddler at the same crazy, chaotic time.
Eventually, you do get to have a shower and you will smell all pretty again.
Don't sweat Remi in your bed. They are only little for such a small amount of time. Soon enough, they will crawl back into their own and not want anything to do with you. E.N.J.O.Y. we can wait for pictures.

Rhonda said...

Oh, we Moms lead such glamorous lives, don't we???

Still so thrilled for you! (But hopefully there will be a cease fire on the explosions soon!)

I'm really happy that you don't tell Remi "No". Really happy. I took the time to sit and watch Mulan with Liv for the first time in a very long time. And, oh, did it feel good! And you know what? The laundry was still there waiting for me when the movie was over.

Laurel said...

I feel for you and all the spraying in the diapers. I have 2 boys, one was a front sprayer and one was a back sprayer. My daughter however holds the record for messiest back spray. We almost just threw the bouncy chair away and shaved her head it was so bad.

You might want to try a bigger size of diapers just to give him more room to "spread". My youngest is 5 but at the time I had better luck with the non-name brand diapers.

Love reading your steps into being a great mother of 2. It's fun and exhausting one day you might get the hang of it only to have the rules change again.

Karol said...'re a busy woman! We'll be excited when you get to the pictures! Don't you worry your little heart!

*oh, and about the diapers. Since he's a teeny-tot, try folding the top of his diaper down a little to catch anything extra. make sure his 'winky' is pointing down when you put his diaper on. We always wondered why my son was houdini and pee'd out all the time!
Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Melissa?

(*whisper*) Per your last post, you threw your bra in the trash. Just trying to help.

Loads of Love,

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I am just so happy for you, dirty clothes, diapers, bottles, no deodorant and bra and all! :)

Amy said...

Beautiful chaos...gotta love it! It is gone so quickly, and then you would wish it back...Glad to hear your enjoying every messy moment of it!

Amy Jo

Anita J. said...

I can't believe I'm typing this in broad daylight, but Melissa, you gotta point the dooder down. It might save you from changing his shirt a few times, at least.

You're very cool to let Remi play in the mountain of laundry. You should teach her to fold wrags, sort socks, get the diaper basket (you do have a diaper basket, don't you?), and cook dinner. There's nothing like playing "Mommy's Helper" for a little girl. I'm sure she will be thrilled.

Shawn said...

Boys = Huggies Supreme
Girls = Pampers

That is tried and true and solved our pee out/blow out issues.

Oh and also:

Britt said...

Ugh, I remember those days .. very vividly now that you write about them. Keep enjoying them ..soon the two of them will be running around, causing chaos together :o)And those harmonized giggles will make up for all that poop!

Rhea said...

Melissa, in the chaos of this post and your life, I can hear the love in your voice. I'm so happy for you.

And I can't wait for you to find your camera again!!

Andrea Frederick said...

Doesn't that make you mad when you forget clothes in the washer until you open it up again? Worse yet! You remember, but you are too darn lazy to go and put them in the dryer b/c you are finally sitting down for the first time today!

Andrea Frederick said...

Doesn't that make you mad when you forget clothes in the washer until you open it up again? Worse yet! You remember, but you are too darn lazy to go and put them in the dryer b/c you are finally sitting down for the first time today!

Ashley said...

Yes, you are right. No camera can capture that. And don't worry - we're here - so when you find your bra, deodorant, camera, sanity...... we'll be here (thankful for the deodorant) looking at your beautiful pictures.

Melissa Workman said...

Melissa -

At Publix they have these awesome "diaper pads" for little boys. They are like maxi-pads, and you put them in the front of the diaper to help soak up the extra. I sure wish they had these when Reid was little.

It is worth a try!

ugagirl30 said...

All I can say is that there must be a down wind b/c I am in Alabama and there has been this stench the last four days......coincidence?

Just kidding. I don't envy the baby days--maybe getting a shower, maybe not. Now it is that way with two preschoolers. Crazy days!

Leighann said...

Welcome to two!! I know you're loving it. My kids are 21 months apart and it does get better. But, it might get worse first. When you have a moment to breathe, hand the babies to the AG, walk out of the house and grab some alone time..even if it's a 10 minute walk. You can do it. Hold your head up high (in case you still don't have the deo) and take a breather.

Oh, and as for Remi, don't sweat it, she's adjusting to not being the only. My daughter did the same thing. In fact she would leak in her panties so I would have to change her pants too. No lie. With her adjusting I tried babying her, discplining her, and then nothing at all. She worked it out on her own...none of what I tried pushed her through it faster. So for now relax.

Mrs4444 said...

"I am madly, deeply, sweetly, in love. And there is no camera that can really capture what I feel. I assure you." Beautiful. Thank you.

Lynda said...

I just love reading your posts. Beautiful!

Lula! said...

Today I had someone ask me, "Are you the friend Melissa referenced in her post today?"

So I came here to read...and instantly knew it was NOT me. Because you said, "My sweet friend..." And we both know I am not exactly sweet.

But I do want to kiss that baby. Poop be darned!

Unknown said...

Yes...winky D O W N. Works great!
Oh...the insanity. I kind of miss it (not really) but you make it sound like the fun it should be. The LIFE, the struggles, the kick in the family bed...ahhh...makes me sigh.