Jul 15, 2008

Miracle's Little Helpers.

To those of you who will leave me little comments that you are praying for me...thank you, so much. Every time I open up a comment and it says, "I prayed for you today," I wonder why I wasn't blogging years ago!

My doctor's office called me on Friday, just as we were arriving in North Carolina, to give me the results from my bloodwork. As soon as I heard that nurses voice on the other end of the phone my heart dropped. Before I even knew what her words to me would be - my heart sunk.

I am so used to bad news.

But God is faithful and ALL IS WELL!!! (Actually, even if my numbers were terrible I STILL know that God is faithful. Can I get a whoop whoop?) The nurse said that my numbers are perfect in every way, that I am very pregnant and everything looks good.

NO ONE - not any one at any time - has ever used the words "looks good" and "your pregnancy" in the same sentence. So that tasted mighty sweet.

Oh, AND I threw up my breakfast Friday morning!!! Isn't that exciting? That's never happened before. I've never experienced morning sickness. Good, ole, morning sickness. It was so wonderful. Hopefully I'll do it again real soon.

Ya know, I was thinking this weekend...my Pawpaw passed away last year. July 25th will be one year exactly. My paw was a big man. Literally and figuratively. He was what some might refer to as "The Big Cheese." He knew everyone and everyone knew him. At any given moment you could catch him driving his tractor, singing bass or eating catfish. His life generally revolved around those three things. And my Granny, of course. His world revolved around her.

I tell you this because two years ago when Elisha was born and then passed away, my Pawpaw took it very hard. Very hard. He was in bad health and had been for quite some time and I just remember him praying that he would live long enough to "hold that boy" in his arms. I hate he never got the chance to do that. I hated it something awful.

And I remember how he laid his hands on me and prayed for me.
He touched my pregnant belly and prayed for healing.
He touched my heart and prayed for peace.

And when Elisha died I know something in my Pawpaw died as well. He hurt so badly for the AG and I.

This weekend as I was driving home from North Caroline my mind went to Pawpaw and I wondered what he was doing. Who he was visiting with. What he was seeing.

And I knew the answer.

See, no one can explain heaven perfectly - because who of us has been there?
But this much I know.
It is real.
It is a real place.
With real people.
Who really believe.

Just like Pawpaw.

And Elisha.

And I imagine the two of them have certainly bonded by this time and are enjoying each other's company. And it makes me wonder to what extent Pawpaw had to do with this exciting, surprise we now have in our lives. I don't put it past him at all to ask for this favor and to have it granted to him. He was just that kind of man.

Now, don't go telling my Theology teachers on me. I don't know if what I'm saying is exact. I don't know if we can make requests in heaven and have them granted. But I know that what happens there is unlike anything we can imagine here. And so I like to think, in my simple and finite mind, that my grandfather, who loved me dearly, asked a special favor on my behalf.

Because someone has certainly been looking out for me.

So for tonight I imagine my Pawpaw holding my boy. Laughing. Talking. Sneaking catfish when no one's looking. And watching the joy on my face that comes from knowing what has happened inside of me is a miracle. An unexpected, unbelievable, miracle.

And knowing full well they had a little something to do with it.


Anonymous said...


God is good....


Colleen said...

Great news on your health. I have a feeling Pawpaw is watching over you and taking care of you.

Best wishes!

bigjohnsgirl said...

Great news on your numbers!!! Sometime if you want to tell it I would love to hear the Elisha story. I looked through your archives but didn't find anything. If not, I can comppletely understand. I am praying for you every day.

Dori said...


It is posts LIKE THIS that beckon one to come out of "lurking status" into "commenting status." So sweet. So happy for you. Praying!


ugagirl30 said...

Whoop, whoop!!!

Just said another little prayer for you and baby Heather. Okay, so it's not the seventies, so I'll be okay if you want to name her something other than Heather.

Vicki said...

Great news from the nurse! It's such a joy when it's so foreign and still somewhat unexpected.

God answers prayers in amazing, if unconventional ways. Your Paw wanted to hold your son and that's just what he's doing. How amazing.

And you'll all get to sit around and eat catfish riding big tractors that will be tilling soil so amazing and fruitful...

Oh, I meant to comment yesterday but this moving ordeal has gotten in the way. I'll go do that.

Angela said...

Yes, we're definitely praying for you. Every day! SO Thankful the news is good! We had a time last fall where we thought I might be pregnant, because I had some odd nausea and morning-sickness type symptoms. I read somewhere that pregnancies where the mother actually gets sick have a higher rate of success than those where the mom is just nauseous, and those where she's nauseous are more successful than those where the mother never has any morning sickness at all (just based on the statistics). Something about higher hormone levels signifying a stronger "take" on the pregnancy. Of course, I believe God is in control over all these things, but maybe that will make you feel better about tossing your breakfast! :-) And I loved your story about your PawPaw. I believe we can probably pray in heaven just like we pray here. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if your loved ones there had a little something to do with your newest miracle here, at least in asking for it.

Love and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news!

I totally know what you mean about your Pawpaw. When I was pregnant, it was something I would have really liked to tell my Grandma. But somehow I knew that she knew anyway....and I even think she picked out the cutest baby for me. So, I call him 'handpicked' by his Great Grandma!
So, your baby will be handpicked by his/her Pawpaw and big brother Elisha!

Bella's momma said...

Praising God with you that your blood work came back and all is good.

I am so thankful that Heaven is real and that we will one day see the ones we love again. I rejoice in the fact!!!

Have a beautiful day~


Anonymous said...

Great news about your number and even better news that you lost your breakfast. How cool is that??

I love the mental picture you paint of your pawpaw holding your little boy. I so think he is holding him and keeping him until you get to hold your son again. Paw Paw's are pretty great like that.
-- Brandi

Kelly said...

Hi, this post really spoke to me so I just finally had to comment. I am so excited for you and AG on the "good numbers" news. I have been praying for you ever since you asked. I know very well the strong power of prayer and girl, you're getting mine. Also, loved your story of your Paw Paw and Elisha. I believe you are right on the money! Your blog starts my day the right way with some laughter and God's praise! Thanks for sharing.

Does Anybody Hear Me said...

I am so, so happy that you threw up your breakfast and your numbers are good!!
God is always faithful. Always. Even when it seems to us that He isn't. God is always there.

Jenny said...

Melissa - I am soooo excited for you. I got goosebumps when I read the pregnancy post and now I have them again. I prayed so hard for you during your pregnancy with Elisha and I will pray again. God is so faithful!!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh, weep. Sigh. What a beautiful post. How have I grown so attached to someone I have never met?

Mrs. S said...

Melissa, although morning sickness may seem like wonderful pregnant bliss right now, I wish you none of it. If you insist, I wish you a mild case. Trust me, after throwing up for the thousanth/millionth time, you'll think twice and just wish for just nausea!
But I'm so thankful everything is going well. That little babe is just comfy, decided to stay awhile.

The Rivers Family said...

Whoop! Whoop!
I prayed for you this morning!

Lynda said...

Good news! See? You expected it, believed it, and you let God handle it.

Now, I really don't care what theology professors think about it, but I believe that heaven can be SO much more than we can grasp. It is a thin veil... and it's possible your PawPaw is as near to you as your breath.

Love never dies. Love is surrounding you at all times - just like it's surrounding your baby.

Who is Love anyway? Right.


Breanne Vasquez said...

Aww - How great!! So wonderful about your numbers!!! and throwing up!! That was just such a sweet post. You seem to make me tear up on almost every post! Still Praying!!

Heather said...

Sending you a big "Amen" and "Hallelujah"...more prayers to come each day.

Kelley said...

Because I lost my sweet "NaNa" only two short months ago, I find this post to be especially precious! Thank you for that transparency.

And might I add...."Whoop whoop" and "I prayed for you today".

Perksofbeingme said...

That was a beautiful posts. You've been in my thoughts everyday. I check your blog each morning looking for updates. I'm glad that you have people who are praying, and just know that while I'm not sure if I believe in prayer, I do have you in my thoughts.

Karen said...

YAAAAYYY ! That is good news. Him upstairs must be taking note of all our prayers. :-)

Your Pawpaw sounds like he was a wonderful man and yes, I'm sure that he's up there, caring for little Elisha and looking out for you!

Hugs and prayers.

Deb said...

I am sure you are exactly right Lissa Lee. Those 2 are probably carryin on together and lookin out for y'all.

Anonymous said...


What wonderful news!! Isn't God great?

I, too, can just see PawPaw holding little Elijah, telling him stories, explaining things to him, singing with him, and hearing that big belly laugh of his booming out over Heaven as he watches Elijah run and play. It's a beautiful sight in my mind.

Thank you for sharing your life with all of us - those of us who know you and those who don't.

Praying for you and your family today, with love,


Amy said...

Ok, So you made me tear up here. My mom lives in Heaven now, she went there 7 months ago and it is very comforting to know that your loved one is there and has someone they know to be with them.
Congrats on your pregnancy. I puked enough for me, you and the whole universe when I was pregnant, so be glad if you don't have to :)

Amy said...

Most amazing news! I was so glad to wake up to that this morning :)
Congratulations! Still praying!

Jenni said...

Wow. I love the picture this painted. My sister lost two babies, basically at birth. I remember the first was really hard on her (how could it not be?), but the second was easier because she knew she was going to be with her brother.

Scott said...

Paw-Paw has probably shown Elijah how to drive a tractor by now. And I'm sure they've hauled a few loads of hay. If you've got cows and tractors in heaven, you've got to have hay, don't you?

Have you ever read "The Last Battle" or "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis? Very interesting reading about heaven. Give 'em a try.

Kimba said...

I'm so excited for you! Here's wishing you lots of morning sickness, plenty of gas, some new pimples, swollen feet and an aching back!!! :-)

I love the story of your Pawpaw and your baby. I don't claim to know exactly how this whole heaven thing works but it's a sweet comfort to think it might be the way you described.

Off to wipe away my tears and to pray for you today, my friend.

Kendrawolf said...

I'm glad that you can look at morning sickness as something good. I never could. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jill said...

Way to make me cry at work! Congrats on your morning sickness, and congrats on such amazing news!

Me said...

I'm welling up here. I've been praying for you. Every day. Sometimes more than once. I know I don't know you, but after reading your blog, I feel like I do. I had a Paw-Paw, too, and though he wasn't physically big, he was a big man, too. I believe that your Paw-Paw is in heaven, hanging out with Elisha, watching over you. May God continue to bless you and hold you in His heart.

Wags said...

I'm with ugagirl... Heather is a great name. :)

and I'm right there with you on the whole Papaw thing. there was no more special person in my life than my Papaw. when he died part of me went with him... and more than once I've thought the reason the Lord may have allowed our miscarriage was so that we could share some great-grandkids with him too... :)

Can't wait to see how it all comes out in 8 months or so! the Wagoner's are exicted with y'all!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that there are so many dimensions to you, Melissa. One minute, you are knee-slappin', belly laughin' funny. And in the very next, you share a profound truth that makes me cry in the best possible way. I love those things about you.


Rae said...

Tears. That's all I have to say.

Oh and I pray that God truley replaces those thoughts and memories of fear regarding nurses and those OBGYN stuff. This is a time for Joy! I pray that all your beautiful love for this baby casts out all fear.

That's all. Today.

Julie said...

Oh, I am SURE your paw-paw had ALOT to do with the pregnancy. I was told we would need "serious medical intervention" to get pregnant. No thanks - went to China where our duaghter was waiting on us. In the meantime my aunt was in her final days of colon cancer. She told my mom that she had spoken to Jesus and she was going to send me a baby when she got to heaven. Drugs I said to my mom. She is on heavy drugs for pain. Well, she passed away on December 6th and I got pregnant at the end of December - no medical intervention needed. Just divine intervention.

And the sickness is a good thing. I threw up every day and it was not fun but I at least knew I was still pregnant.

Love your blog!

Julie H
Mommy to the Primrose Princesses

Amy said...


I have been visiting your blog for some time now, and finally have the time to leave a message. I am touched by your openness, and I want you to know I have been praying for you too. Now, I hate to tell you that my middle name is Jo..This is good though, because it works for both girl or boy!
I am thrilled about your numbers, and expected nothing less, this baby is a true miracle, and is loved already by so many..

Let the puking begin!


Sissy said...

I wish you could swing on by me and we could sit on my back patio and enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Happy for you about your baby news. And the throw up!

What a strange thing to congratulate someone for?!

Merrie said...

I love how you described your Paw Paw. I feel that way about my own grandfather who I lost too many years ago. And I love to think that they have something to do with the joy in our lives.

Praise God on the good numbers and on the cookie tossing. Both are a good sign! God bless you Melissa. *hugs*

Deanna said...

I pray for you when I'm under my prayer blanket at night and I think of you during the day and say quick prayers. I think that's my angel tapping my shoulder to remind me...it happens with other things about other people too.

I also think that it was big ole whap upside the head when I met my hubby. I was stubborn...didn't see him as my future hubby, and just when he was about to give up on me (after a year!), I suddenly realized, "OH!". Yeah, that a good head thump from God...I appreciate it when He does that! Ooops...got off subject.

And if it's preggy symptoms you want, then may you be blessed with mild cases of them. For me, it was heartburn...and swollen feet...and aching feet...and aching knees...and the inability to resist Whataburgers with french fries. :)

Melissa said...

Wow, I had no idea you had been through so much.
Lord, I lift up my sister to you and ask you to guard and protect her womb and she carries this child You knit together. Blessed be Your Name. Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of this new friend. Carry Melissa through this pregnancy. In the Powerful, Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.
Thank you for sharing your story!
Love you, sister!

John Deere Mom said...

So happy for good news and morning sickness! Never thought I would say I was happy someone was puking their breakfast...but it sounds like a good thing for you! :)

Susie Harris said...

You just gave me goosebumps... I just came across your blog and Im sure I will be back. Again and again... Im so happy for all of you.... take care! Susie h~

Leighann said...

Very touching...I prayed for you specifically today. Glad to hear your pregnancy looks good. I am in my third 'strong' pregnancy - in the midst of morning sickness and hating that part. Only 8 more weeks until I feel better. I'm sure you agree, it's worth it.

Kimberley said...

Congratulations, Melissa. I am so thrilled for you and your family. And, what a beautiful albeit tearful post. I am sure your Papaw and your son are smiling in each others arms--and in the arms of the lover of our soul--right now!

Michelle said...

Whoop Whoop!!!

What a special story about your PawPaw and Elisha.


Lula! said...

I will catch your puke in a velvet-lined trash can from Target, if need be. Because you know that's how I roll and you know I'd be honored to do so. 'Cause I'm praying...and still waiting on my Julio's.

Yes...I had to get that in there.

AFRo said...

This was amazing.

I laughed and cried all in the same post. Which shows the amazing writing ability that you have... and that is in my professional opinion, not personal opinion.

Whoop girl. Whoop!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I love this post, and I am so glad that all is well.

Sidney said...

Same here as afro...laughed and cried in the same post. My dad always wanted grandkids, and in fact told me that just two weeks before he died, which was several years before my first pregnancy. I'm sure he's holding my two now.

I so relieved to know that your levels are perfect!

Heather W said...

To be completely honest, I am nota religious person. My husband and I don't go to church but we don't look down on it. It's just we have our own beliefs and disbeliefs. I do for one believe in Heaven. I do believe that all of our lost loved ones are there hanging out and waiting for us. You have to believe in heaven because it is what makes it bearable when you loose someone you love. To know that you will see them again. Concgrats by the way on the upcoming arrival of the newest Lee.

Anna said...

Awesome! Still praying ;-)

Kimberly said...

Best wishes! God truly IS good! He loves us and wants all good things for us, whether they happen here or in heaven!

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Your blog, your stories, you are treasures.

You deserve this blessing so much. Congratulations!

Rhea said...

I'm so glad your pregnancy is going so well! And your numbers look good and you threw up!! WOOHOOO!!!

Sarah W. said...

I am new to your blog and am reading through the entries. You have had me rolling laughing, and now I am in tears. What a sweet post. (And you are a gifted writer, by the way). So sweet! Congrats on your pregnancy!