Jun 19, 2008

Same Kind of Different As Me

Yes, I've read The Shack. And yes, I liked it quite a lot.

But this?

This is who I want to be.
This is who I need to be.

Read all about it here and then just look over at my little carousal down on the right hand side over there, and click on it. Before you know it, it's yours for a low, low Amazon price.

You won't be sorry.
But you will be challenged.

Please get this book. And let's discuss it. Let's do the whole Oprah book-club thang. I'll be Oprah and I'll serve chilled water in wine glasses and something ritzy and shrimpy. And you can come in your fanciest clothes and we'll sit around and discuss how this book has made us realize that none of it, absolutely none of it, even matters.

Tell me when you're done.

The invites are in the mail.


Lula! said...

OK...but can I wait to delve in after next week? (You know why--I already got a stack to take with me.)

I just know I'm gonna cry and then have to eat 2 bags of my non-existent Julio's.

KimmyJ said...

I'm in, but give me time to go and buy it. And I have to finish the 3books I am reading simultaneously. Don't forget if you are Oprah you have to be bossy and say "I" a lot.

Trish said...

just picked it up tonight at Barnes & noble!!!

count me in......well except I hope it has a little more substance and truth than an Oprah pick!!

and while we are sitting in our book club circle you better hope I don't bring up the whole artificial insemination topic since I still have no explanation for my eight year old.

Perksofbeingme said...

Again, in reading your old posts I came across this. Have you read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers?

You should. I just read it and the book really spoke to me (I have a lot in common with the main character) and it's the book that started my questions about god. Let me know what you think if you've read it or if you get a chance to read it.

Anita J. said...

I think they have this at the Dollar General down the street. How could such a great book be at the Dollar General? I dunno, but I'm going to get it Friday if it's still there.