Jun 10, 2008

It's a Watercooler Carnival!

It's Watercooler Wednesday, my lovelies.

Oh, what is that? You ask.

Yeah...I have no idea.

I think it's also referred to as a "blog carnival."

What's that? You inquire.

Not a clue. Not even one.

But I'm doing it.


Okay, let's get serious for a moment. I have a lot of blog knowledge...hey, no laughing in the back. I heard that!...that I want to share with you. It's important that you know these kinds of things. So gather 'round my children and I will let you drink from my well.

Watercooler Wednesdays is a blog carnival that goes on every Wednesday over at Randy Elrod's site. So, it's kinda like your hanging out at Randy Elrod's place. Which could be good or bad. Depends on whether he's got TiVo. Which is how I base almost everything.

You simply sign up on his page as to what you'll be writing about and, well, it leads others to your site. It's about reaching out, meeting others, fellowshipping. Really it's what the New Testament church is all about. So Randy Elrod, then, is kinda like the Apostle Paul. Only I imagine Randy to be more hygienic, not as short, and not wearing an incessant smirk on his face. Which is nothing against the Apostle Paul - but he didn't have TiVo and that can lead to some pretty grim fastidiousness and all around sour attitude.

Then when people click on your link it shoots them directly to your site - where you had better have written something to do with Arts or Culture or Entertainment or anything you might consider a "watercooler topic." Which could be just about anything. I mean, have you ever actually stood at a watercooler and talked? I haven't because I prefer the tables in the breakroom. But once, at a bank, I actually saw some people standing next to a watercooler and discussing. But they were discussing Melrose Place and I couldn't join in because my mom would never let me watch it. Or Dirty Dancing. I still have never seen that movie.

And see?? We're talking culture right now, my lovelies. It's happening right before your very eyes.

And I thought I was going to have to discuss gas prices. (Which would have sounded something like this.....Wow. Have ya'll see those gas prices? And scene.)

Or that man on the news who sells lightening bugs as a way to preserve energy. (Which would have sounded something like this....Wow. Did ya'll see that old guy on the news who sells lightening bugs? And scene.)

But I didn't have to because I slipped in several cultural effervments. (That's not a word...please don't look it up...it's not a word...I was just trying something.) I slipped in that line from Kramer on Seinfeld. And then that whole Melrose Place thing came out of nowhere, right? And what about Dirty Dancing? That has to get some of you Swayze fans up in arms, right? In fact, I bet I can slip something else culturally relevant in before we even end this post. Wanna bet?

Man. I am watercooling all over the place.

But the truth is Watercooler Wednesdays are just plain good for ya. They help you meet new people. Really get your blog out there. Make a name for yourself, ya know? Which is so important in this day and age. Because the world around is ever changing and ...

Oh, I have to go. King of Queens just came on and it's the one where he wants to eat a big sandwich.

See? See how I did that?


Audra Krell said...

Okay, SOMEBODY has put baby in a corner. Run, don't walk to Blockbuster and get yourself a copy of Dirty Dancing. Your post is hilarious, thanks for sharing!

Jonathan Paul said...

Welcome to the Watercooler, Melissa! Enjoyed your post! Thanks! :o)

Lula! said...

What was it you were saying? 'Cause I couldn't get past the "I've never seen Dirty Dancing" admission. I'll come back and finish the rest after I've gotten over the shock and awe.

Girl, you gotta get your Dirty Dancing on. All that sweating and grinding and fornicating...
Don't let your mom read this. HEY NONNIE!

insane mama said...

watercoloring all over the plave indeed.
I think it was extremely cultural and I can go on with my day now