Jun 5, 2008

12 Guesses.

Let's play a game.

I'm listening to a sound.
I give you clues.
You guess what it is.

Here we go...

1. It's annoying.

2. Let's see, it's almost 2:00PM and I've been listening to it since 12:45PM.

3. It sounds like springs on a bed. Going up and down, up and down, up and down.

4. It sounds like something hitting the wall, hitting the wall, hitting the wall.

5. Oh mercy, that sound just then sounded like someone keying my car. That can't be good.

6. Now there's silence.

7. Okay, noise again.

8. Now laughter.

9. Now I hear the word "no" being repeated one right after the other in furious repetition. Followed by the words, "yes I can, yes I can, yes I can..."

Need more? Really???

10. Okay, now I hear someone yelling "Remi Hope! Go to sleep!!" at the top of their lungs.

11. Now I've heard a crash. (That would be the letter R being knocked off of her wall for the 112th day in a row.) Followed up by someone screaming, "It okay Momma, it's okay Momma, it's okay Momma."

12. Now I hear spring on bed again as she throws her body weight down as fast as she can for fear Momma will walk up the stairs. (Aaahh youth...she hasn't yet realized Momma is far too lazy to do that.)

-----------------28 minutes later-----------------

12. Sweet sweet silence.


Lula! said...

I'm thinking a Remi & Caroline sleepover would amount to serious battles of will. Theirs, not ours. I won't even give you 12 guesses as to who the winners would be, because really? What's redundancy if not redundant?

Debbie said...

We have all been there done that...only when I heard silence she was in there peeling the wallpaper border off the wall...and playing with it like it was snow..."Look mommy, look what I did"...She's eight now...so the thumping I hear now is her dancing to High School Musical while playing with her karoake machine in her room. Good times ahead for you my friend. Good times.

Mrs. Romero said...

I love how you just wrap all up with the irony...

Girl, you are so funny.

Ashley said...

You need a few tricks up your sleeve... it may not work on her (she may not be old enough yet) but back when I had a difficult sleeper I allowed a "Rest Fairy" to visit our house. A fancy little bag hung on our stairwell banister and I told him (Baylor) that if he rested (read:Slept) without a fight and without an hour of commotion (read: go to bed and sleep fast) then the rest fairy would come and leave him a treat in the bag. If he was quiet and fell asleep the rest fairy would leave stuff like Ring Pops, Hershey's Kisses, boxes of Nerds... whatever she could dig up. If he was not... NADA... he learned quickly and nap was nice for a while (until Ring Pops were just not worth it)

Lisa said...

i can only imagine that a nonie or a popie was involved in this little drama.... am i right? i was thinking the laughter part....