Jun 6, 2008

You Asked. Now You Shall Recieve.

For starters, I have been at the beach this week. Yep, this is the fourth leg of my WORLDWIDE BEACH TOUR! As the Attorney General likes to call it - because he's jealous. And sick of doling out the dough.

We have been here with our friends Ronnie and Leslie Freeman and their three kiddos and my little kiddo and my little sister who is 11 and also a kiddo. So, yeah...it's been...fun?

Actually it's been beautiful and fun and sunny and white sandy and really really wonderful being with our friends. And their kiddos. But mostly our friends.

But I tell you all mainly to say - ain't I grand??

I mean, you got posts every day because I am committed to you, my lovelies. So I posted ahead of time. Mainly because I'm smart. But also because I'm smart.

Yeah, I said that twice. I meant it twice.

So today's edition is the You Ask: I Answer edition which appears on Fridays on your local blog TV. It shall forevermore and heretofore be known as "You Asked. Now You Shall Receive." This is because I asked for suggestions for titles and I received this exact title in various forms three different times. So I figured that was my sign. I'm not trying to be all sacrilegious with it, or anything, make no mistake. I know I'm not God. I'm just a girl who likes to blog......and dole out unsolicited advice without anyone ever asking for it.

So without further ado:

Loud and Lively LeighAnn asks: How did you and the AG meet?

How the AG and I met is anything but exciting. But how the AG and I "got together" is a different story. The AG is a great singer. Okay, he's a great blender. He doesn't want me to refer to him as a singer. Fine. (Can you tell he's sitting here beside me?) Anyhoo, we were in a singing group together in college - called, are you ready for this? The Harvesters!! (Insert laughter here) But it was 1992 people so give me a break - and we traveled during the year ministering in churches together. He sat right in front of me on the bus every single weekend and although he says he got sick of me sticking my stinky feet between the seats when I would sleep (And despite the fact that she snored when she slept, snorted when she laughed, and her face was peeling from Acutane...the AG) we developed a ridiculously fun friendship. Before long I was out to fix him up with the perfect girl. And so we spent months going out with each other's friends - never really "seeing" each other. I never looked at him as anything but my new best friend. And he saw me the same way.

But then something happened that has been legend in every Bible Study we've ever taught to young married couples. And there have been mannnyyyy of those. And it's still a hoot to this day? Want to hear it? Good. Come back. It's for another day.

I'm not being mean. I just don't want to go in to it now because it's long. And because someone keeps running into my room without any underwear on. (Don't worry, she's mine.) And because someday I will inevitably say "man, I have nothing to blog about today." And then I will remember lively LeighAnn with her million dollar question and we will be off to the races.

So stay tuned. It's a great story for every fat girl out there who just wants to fall in love and get back at a cheerleader, all at the same time. Truly - it's got it all. It's an ABC Family Original Movie. I kid you not.

Sassy Sharon wants to know: Having lived in East Texas and Tennessee which do you prefer and do you think you'll ever move back to Texas?

Okay, I'm a Texas girl. I always have been. I always will be. I have lived in TN going on 13 years now and I am still an East Texas girl. I believe BBQ and fajitas will be served in heaven. And they will taste just like they do in Texas. Heavenly.

But that being said - I'm in Tennessee now, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love it. I really do. I really love the area of Tennessee I live in. And as far as beauty goes - Tennessee beats Texas, hands down. It really is a lovely state. One of my friends says it looks like the Hidden Valley Ranch commercials and she's right. The state is beautiful and the area I live in is beautiful.

There are four seasons. Which is an oddity in Texas. It actually snows in the winter and you wear shorts and sweatshirts in the Fall - which I love. Oh, and you know how there are no restaurants in Lufkin with outside seating? Well there are here! And as silly as that sounds, it's always been a big deal to me. I love to eat outside and the weather here allows it.

So no, I will never move back. Several reasons really. I've made quite a home here. The AG and I have built our home here and we have our friends and our church family here. His business is here; and as an artist manager in the Christian Music Industry you can't really do that effectively anywhere else but here. And now there is another reason - one that really will keep me here. We buried are son here. And so I will not ever leave this area. And if that were the only reason, it would be reason enough. Don'tchaagree?

And lastly...

Suddenly Susan inquired: Melissa, what is in your CD player right now?

Well, Susy, what is in my CD player is highly disappointing. Highly. Mainly because we have gotten into the habit of downloading straight on to my ipod Nano (supercool) and therefore forget to burn copies to carry around and play in our car. So when we get in the car we are disappointed to learn that there is nothing to listen to, so it's either we listen to New Life Worship with Ross Parsley - which we know every last word to, Veggie Tales "I Love My Lips" or an old cd I made 2 years ago with my favorites on it. But the AG despises it because it still has "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" on it by the Backstreet Boys, becuase it's a great song and I still love it.

Sheesh, that was a lot of info.

So all that being said. Our Cd player is lame-o. However, if you were to look at our ipod you would find Dave Barnes (love, love, love that cd), and the groups The Last Kiss Goodnight and One Republic. We love these and they are coming in handy as great summer songs that make you tap your feet on the beach or mowing the yard, either one. (Or you can purchase "Ronnie Freeman" at you local Christian Bookstore or online at www.ronniefreemanonline.com - the AG, again.)

Well, I hope a good time was had by all. I must leave now and put underpants on the little tike who keeps running in without any. And considering she's now carrying around a half-sipped can of Coke, this could be a long night.


Ashley said...

You must know that I found an handy dandy appliance at the Marshall's for $20 that plugs into your cig lighter in the car and it plays your iPod ( you just tune in to a station and it plays on your speakers) NOVEL I TELL YOU!!!!

Big Nanny said...

I have one too but you don't have to plug it in the cig lighter. You just plug it in to the ipod and it's like magic I tell ya, like magic it starts to play through the speakers. Got it at Marshalls.

NC said...

I'm just trying to figure out why everytime I read your blog you have somehow made it to the beach and I would like to go just once! I am quite jealous! But good for you!

Lula! said...

Poop on you for not FULLY answering my question. But Yay for you for even considering my question.

And poop on you for being at the beach...again. But Yay on ME 'cause I'm going in 2 weeks.

This is a lotta pooping and yaying here, huh? And this is why you love me, right?

Z's Mom said...

Hey Melissa Lee....I'm sooo glad to finally get a comment outta you on my blog. I don't know if I'm brave enough to post the picture you suggested on my blog or not...hahaha ;)

One- said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I found yours through Mindless Junque. My sister is Shannon, Eight Crazy, and she does blog designs. I was one of her first designs. Mine was free, and if it's free, it's me!! Can I list your blog under friends, so that I can get to your blog directly?