May 24, 2008

Uuuughh..I've been Tagged.

Dear Lulaville,

Never, never, never do this to me again. For I am a "giver-in" to peer pressure but will not be so susceptible next time. For you see, if you lived down the road from me I would just "wrap" (also referred to as "T.P.", "Roll", or "Paper") your house. But since that is impossible I will just leave you harassing messages on your blog that scream "I hate talking about myself" while all the while subliminally saying "Thank you Lula, because talking about myself is my absolute favorite thing and I - along with all of my peers - cannot get enough of it."

So like I said, Lula, never again.

Cough, cough.

So here goes...because I've been tagged. NOT because I like talking about myself.

What was I doing ten years ago?
I was married to the AG and living in Nashville in our first little house on Maple Circle. I was attending Belmont University and attending New Song Christian Fellowship. We had no children so we spent several hundred dollars a weekend on movies and Taco Bell, if memory serves me. I spent every waking minute studying my music and practicing because I had big plans to move to New York after I graduated and be a jazz singer. Can you imagine??

Five snacks I enjoy: I will not state the obvious. So I will go with...
1. Blue Bell vanilla ice cream drowned in Hershey's Syrup
2. Chocolate chip cookies and the dough from which they come
3. Double Stuff Oreo's
4. Sweet tea
5. Chocolate Milk.

Five things on my to-do list:
1. Mow the yard for the AG since he has recently decided he is "allergic" to grass.
2. Watch Juno and get it back in the mail.
3. Buy some beutiful steaks for the AG to grill on Memorial Day. That's what that day is all about, right?
4. Decide what to do with the 20 people I have invited over for Remi's birthday party.
5.Find someplace in Columbia that rents moon-walks.

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Rent a moon-walk from someplace in Columbia.
2. Hire someone to entertain the 20 people I have invited over for Remi's birthday party.
3. Make sure my church was well taken care of.
4. Make sure Remi and my little sister, Mallory, were well taken care of.
5. Go ahead and put my mom in a home.

Just kidding...
5. Give give give to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I love that place.

Five jobs I've had:
1. Lee Trans Services....but I was fired!
2. Dillard's
3. Spring House Music
4. Church secretary
5. Writer at Saturday Night Live.
Kidding... Unfortunately...
5. Voice teacher (which I hated so much that every day I woke up with a sick stomach just to avoid having to go because the small children made me so nervous.)

Five of my bad habits:
1. Throwing my clothes on the closet floor.
2. Forgetting laundry in the washing machine - while they're wet.
3. Starting dinner too late and my family gets agitated.
4. Snoring.
5. Not returning phone calls.

Five places I've lived:
1. Lufkin, Texas
2. Waxahachie, Texas
3. Arlington, Texas
4. Nashville, Tennessee
5. Columbia, Tennessee

Five people I would tag if I knew they wouldn't hunt me down and kill me like I am going to do to Lulaville:
1. Milli
2. Vanilli
3. Francis RuthAnn Hindemeyer Winestock
4. Tony Toni Tone'x
5. Skeeter Davis

Six random things:
1. I don't know any of those people in the answer before.
2. Tina Fey won't return any of my calls. And how does she expect for us to hang out and be best friends if she won't call me back?
3. Have you heard the Viva La Vida commercial with Coldplay? I must stop everything I am doing and listen to it. Love him. Love them. Love that song. I have put in a request to find it under my pillow the day it comes out.
4. Big Kenny, of Big & Rich, absolutely freaks me out. When I see him I cannot avert my eyes but yet I am scared to death.

5. I MUST sleep to the sound of a fan. This is not up for discussion.
6. I could play Phase 10 with people I laugh with for hhhooouuurrrrsssss.
and one more for good measure...
7. My husband still covers my eyes when we pass a dead animal on the road.

That' all my friends. Have a good night.


Lula! said...

Dear Stretch Marks,
Tina Fey called. She said Lulaville is occupying all her free time & she'll get back to you as soon as possible.

And why wait for the entire CD to come out? Download both Violet Hill and Viva La Vida now on iTunes. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed. 'Tis what I did. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Finally, I bid you a fond farewell and sweet dreams of Julio's accompanied by the sound of a really loud fan. Oh, wait...this what I'm off to do...

Love, kisses, & a 4-day countdown to THE show,

Heather said...

I can't sleep without a fan either. Too much quiet keeps me awake. I will now go download Viva La Vida.

Mrs. Romero said...

Saw the Coldplay commercial last night and nearly fainted... so good.

Lula is a total liar. Tina Fey is too busy writing her next movie with me where we go searching for mythical creatures: unicorns, lepricons, vampires, Jared Leto, etc. Stephenie Meyer is helping us with the character development. It is going to be so good. Maybe you can do some original songs for it? I might offer Lula a part, we'll see.

I loved finding out all these goodies about you.

I want to hear you sing!

Lula! said...

I'd be mad at Tiffany for outing my lie if she hadn't offered me a part in her collaboration with Tina Fey.

And ditto her last comment--I think we ALL want to hear you sing. Please.

insane mama said...

I love you, don't know how I found you, it was probably heather or mrs romero, but I'm glad I did you are pretty dang funny, southern and cute

Ruby said...

melissa, i can't stop laughing. like ever on your blog.

your comment about putting your mom in a home had me cracking up. i knew you were kidding but still it was hilarious.
i can't sleep without the sound of the fan either. last 20 years have been like that.
this by far is one of my favorite blogs. you rock honey.