May 26, 2008

Must - Haves.

I am not doing this post today because I have run out of things to say. I think we all know that's not the case. I mean, I ALWAYS have something to say.

I am posting this today because it's necessary. It's summertime and so I thought I'd share with you some of my summer must-haves. Well, must haves for me. Maybe not for you. And if so, that's cool. But since I have this open forum, and it's my blog and'll humor me, right?

1. This is Arbonne Intelligencer Personalizer and I LOVE it. My mom bought it and as soon as I tried it I knew I had to have it. She ordered me some, I had it one day and Remi dropped it on the bathroom floor and it broke into a million pieces. However, because I am resourceful (and broke) I scraped it up off the floor and now use the scraps that are left. I find that I have red, splotchy skin the older I get. This corrects that and evens out my tone. And (now this is attractive, so get ready) I also get greasy eyelids - which I hate. Again, this corrects that. Because it removes all the oil wherever you choose to use it. And who couldn't use that in the summertime? Once the AG and I went on a cruise. My face looked like someone had thrown Slick50 on it the first day I get there. It then became known as "cruise face" and he has since referred to me as this on numerous occasions. Cause he's sweet like that. But not any more! I love this stuff. (I would also like to add that if you sell Arbonne and would like to donate a pack that is not broken into 3 million pieces. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm just sayin'...)

2. Wen by Chaz Dean. Is...Expensive...Wonderful...Good for colored hair ("So why are you using it, Melissa? Aren't you a natural blond?")...And also good for hair that plans on lots of sun, chlorine or salt water. Therefore I am proud to present it as a summer must-have. Of course I don't have it. Anymore. Because of that first thing I mentioned. But if by any chance you are Chaz Dean and are reading this and would like to donate...

3. Fried Green Tomatoes. No, not the stupid, yucky movie. I'm talkin' the real deal. All deep fried. And green. And served with a pimento / feta cheese dipping sauce. Ooohhh, such a deep fried heaven.

4. Here is Melissa's recipe for success. Invite over two of your favorite couples; make sure they also have children so that they can go off and play together leaving the adults alone. Invite them over when it's going to be about 78 degrees with a slight breeze outside. Sit on the back porch while the kids run around screaming. Eat chili dogs (my favorite things in the world) and play Phase 10. This game requires no real knowledge. So you can talk about everything under the sun while playing. And to me - that is a great evening.

5. Serve the aforementioned couples a dessert of Fresh peaches, cut up into big, juicy squares, served over a whopping bowl of Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and a light sprinkling of sugar. Let it melt just a little. Welcome to summer!

6. Do not invite couples over to lounge on your deck without some kind of lighting. Something. I don't care if it's candles in a tin can. Just provide something. The AG put up white globe lights all around our deck and they look so good that my girlfriend, Kelli Hankins, who shall remain nameless completely ripped off my idea, Kelli Hankins, and copied me to a tee, Kelli Hankins. So globe lights are cool. As are these babies.

7. If you decide to go swimming with a 2 year old. And let's be honest, who wouldn't want that task? Buy these. Yes, I know you can go buy "floaties" at Dollar General for 2 bucks. Or you can spend $10 and be the talk of the baby pool. And that's some high pressure, my friends. I honestly didn't know that putting Remi in arm floaties would cause my life to change in such a huge way - but my girlfriend slipped them on Rem's arms the other day - and off she went. Oh yeah, she was off swimming in the deep end and I was snoring on my lounge chair. Oh seriously, people. Trust me, I was all up in her personal space and watching her like a hawk. Even my girlfriend told me, "Melissa, seriously, back up just a little. She'll be fine." So the next day I went and purchased these bad boys and I love them. They are Speedo brand and so they are made out of fabric - not plastic, which is soooo 1992. They are comfortable on her, don't rub her arms raw like the others and well, I'll just be honest, she's stylin'. And considering her daddy won't let her wear a bikini she needs something to flaunt at that intimidating baby pool.

8. Prescriptives *magic Illuminating Cream Lotion. For those of you over 25 years of age, who have pores and skin of any kind...You're very, very welcome.

So there you have it, my lovelies, a couple of things you'll find around my place if you were to come over for chili-dogs and Phase 10. Except for the Wen shampoo. But I'm still praying that my ship comes in on that one, so don't count me out just yet.


Heather said...

This is brilliant!! I use Arbonne and love it too. Has seriously saved my skin. I need to try this Illuminating Cream Lotion. I feel a trip to the mall coming on.

Lula! said...

OK. Please school the Litton Family in the art of Phase 10,'cause we've never had that education. And if you haven't been blessed with an introduction yet, we will excite your life with the world of Sequence, or as we call it The Game of Crack Cocaine. It's rather addictive. As are fried green 'maters, which we eat all summer long 'round here. And this is the real reason as to why I grow 20 tomato plants each season. It's not for good, healthy eating, I tell ya.

One of my BFFs (in "real" life) is an Arbonne distributor...I need her to hook me up, huh? Will it make my never-been-good skin look flawless like yours? Or does that come from chili dogs and Julio's?

Anonymous said...

Oh seriously! Could you be any more animated?!?!?!?! Yep, it's me, - that Kelli Hankins girl again.
For the record for those ladies who don't know how good I am to you and for the 16th time for you, YOU GAVE ME PERMISSION TO COPY THE WHOLE "LIGHTING" THING! (which I might add for those chiming in, is tedious when it comes to keeping all of those lights burning...too much bulb changing for me) - BUT, it does look magnificent!

And, don't be knocking the plastic floaties from the dollar store (yep, I'm that friend too!!!) But, those little fabric things are definitely right up my little Remster's alley I have to say. Nothing less for the little princess....

So that's it for now, just keeping the record straight for all these wonderful ladies out there totally spaking up every word of this. :o) And for the record also, I am allowed to give you a hard time like this because I too am a fan and yes, ladies, she can sing! Stop by the old Thompson Station church one Sunday morning and you are bound to hear her bellowing out something amazing! (she has the music pastor on her own personal payroll!)

Another time, sweet Mel. This was fun. I had lots to catch up on over the holiday weekend. Keep 'em comin'!