May 7, 2008

Pretty wild Wednesday for a white woman.

So summertime is here. Okay, to be technical it hasn't officially started. But it will very soon and when it does I want you to know about something., bring it in close. Closer...Okay, we have to keep this just between you and me, okay? Because it's got a risky title. And let's just say that as an Assembly of God girl going to a Southern Baptist Church attending an Assemblies of God University, I'm already treading on some thin ice with the Big Guy. I kid.

But if you want to start summer off right then you have to go to your local grocer and get some of this!

Sweet mercy, this stuff is good. But be sure and put it at the bottom of your buggy (yes, I still use that word. I'm old school) and cover it up with paper plates and bags of lettuce, like I do, because it's called V8's TROPICAL COLADA.

I know, right? It's both fancy AND dangerous.

And just so you know, COLADA was not a word that I heard much growing up. I reckon I would have been in for quite a groundin' had I ever tried to say it. It fell into the same category as words like, "tank top" or "bowling alley" and of course, "dance." Though there was nothing for my mom to worry about on that one...I stunk at dancing, still do. How do I know that I do? She told me.

But seriously, thank heavens I didn't have a friend with the last name COLADA. We wouldn't have been allowed to play together. I know this because once in the 3rd grade a beautiful, exotic woman checked out our groceries. Her name tag said MARGHERITA and my mom told me not to look her directly in the eyes.

But ya'll, seriously, this stuff is amazing. It's also expensive, so I find myself walking into the kitchen intermittently throughout the day just to sneak a sip of it.

Oh no! Did you hear what I just said? It's starting already. See? My mom was right. One drink and you're hooked.

I'm staying away from the Franklin Lanes that is for dead sure. If I were to walk in there with my tank-top on you might as well reserve me a hot-spot next to Hitler and whoever came up with the idea for skinny jeans.

Listen to how I talk.