May 10, 2008

Happy Day to me and you.

I've spoken twice this week to two different ladies groups. I read this letter to each of them and had several requests for me to post it.

Just so you know, it's a love letter. To me. And you. From Him. I just write what I'm told.

It's for those of us with children - without children - and all the ladies in between. Because this weekend is "Women's Day" - so here's to you.

This is not just a message for mothers – how dare you think that!
This is a message for WOMEN.
Sunday is women’s day.
It’s not just for those who have delivered a child.
It’s for everyone who has ever held a child,
smelt a child, changed a diaper in the church nursery, or stopped a running kid in the church hallway and said
“you want me to tell your mama?”
It’s for those of you who have done laundry, paid bills, burnt chicken and hosted Thanksgiving in your little bitty kitchen.
It’s for the woman who said “yes” when asked to work VBS, who spent three days last week with a sick child,
or spent 40 hours at a job you hate so that you can afford summer camp and dance lessons for someone you love.
Sunday is for every daughter and sister and aunt and grandmother who has worn a pink ribbon and a stiff upper lip.
It’s for the woman who cashes my paycheck, scans my groceries and puts this fabulous color on my hair (thank God for you!)
It’s also for any woman who held hands with the one she loves and then buried them.

It's for the one who has volunteered to work in a church nursery - just out of the pure desire to be around that which she may be unable to ever have herself.
It’s for the young woman who sits alone on a Friday night and wonders
when she won’t.
Honey, you are beautiful.
You couldn’t look better if you tried.
There’s only one who is really concerned with what you are wearing.
So wear Him well.

Have a happy day, my lovelies.


Sissy said...

Thanks for that! I am currently childless but trying to change that status!

Gotta tell are a daily read now! I like the way you put things, and being an AG-er myself, I know where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! =)

Love you!!!


Anonymous said...

Mel... this is priceless! I love you and thank you for sharing!

Your NBFF :-)

Kimberly J