May 12, 2008

Melissa + Julio = Together 4/Ever

There are only a few things in this life that I would literally give my right arm for.

I would give my right arm for....a swimming pool. I love to swim. I mean it, I absolutely love to swim. I love the water. In all of it's forms. I'm the only adult in her mid 30's who will come to a screeching halt if I spot a waterslide on the side of the road. And now I have a daughter who loves it as much as I do. And we need a pool. This is not a luxury item. Nor am I being overly dramatic about it. No, I'm not. This fact is, this is a "we-have-to-have-one-or-we-will-rot-to-death-inside-our-house-this summer" kind of thing.

I would give my right arm for...some Maui tacos. I discovered Maui tacos in, you guessed it, Maui. And yes, here I am referring to a trip I took to Maui and all I really want to go back for are - the tacos. What is wrong with this picture?

I would give my right arm for...someone to sneak into my garage late at night and set my Honda on fire.

And now......

I would give my right arm for...some Julio's Chips.

People, let me tell you about this most magnificent discovery. Julio's Chips came to me a few weeks ago via a friend. Forgive her - for she know not what she did.

Now let me just state for the record, I have never been a chip person. Ever! My husband is. He will sell me to the lowest bidder just to have some alone time with a bag of anything and a cold Dr. Pepper. But me? No. I'm more of your everyday meat and potato's kind of girl. (Make that fried chicken and mashed potatoes kind of girl.)

So when I stuck my hand inside that big old yellow bag of heavenly light, I just wanted a little nibble.

Let's put it this way. I - LITERALLY - stole the bag from her. It was a huge bag that she brought to a party. And when it was over and time for her to leave I LITERALLY hid the bag where she couldn't find it. Because she is nice and I knew she wouldn't make a fuss, she left quietly. And I sat alone, in my sin and shame, with Julio. And I never looked back.

Julio's Chips are made in Del Rio, Texas. You can't even buy them in Tennessee. So I think to myself, "Melissa, you should Google 'Julio's Chips' and see what you can find out about them." Well tad-dah! Julio's are everywhere! You can order them online! You can read about the story behind Julio's chips! Some guy at (who I know nothing about and am not recommending in the least) actually dedicated an entire post to Julio's Chips one day recently. I mean, c'mon, how ridiculous is that? You must be having a sllloooowww blog day. Right?

When I looked up Julio's I came across this...

The Legend of Julio's Corn Chips
September 19, 2006

By Joe Hyde, Publisher

Julio’s Corn Chips are legend in these parts. The signature yellow bags of corn chips can be found on shelves of every HEB Grocery Store and Wal-Mart Super Center in San Antonio, San Angelo, and even Houston and Dallas. This now-thriving, but small Del Rio food manufacturing company has humble beginnings, having grown to a successful company with little more than the word of mouth of hundreds of thousands of loyal customers.These chips are seasoned with a Tex-Mex mix of garlic, paprika, cumin and lime that is robust without being overdone...Today, the Del Rio manufacturing plant produces 2.5 tons of Julio’s Corn Chips per day for delivery not only in Del Rio, but San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, Lufkin, the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and Dallas. Julio’s remains a family operation.

Look?? Did you see that? It said "Lufkin." That's where I'm from!

That's all. Just thought that was neat.

So someone in Lufkin - please - for the love of sweet mercy and all things Holy - buy a girl some Julio's and send 'em my way. Please?? What else in this life do I have to look forward to? I've got no plans for Maui anytime soon. My Honda has no air, no shocks, it leaks oil and the back window won't roll up. And the AG told me that I am too old to run through the sprinkler. So what else does a girl have to look forward to this summer?


Anonymous said...

GOOD LAW.... NOW I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!! I'm calling Publix and asking them to stock them for the sanity of women everywhere!

FYI - I'm getting a pool!

Kimberly J.

Randy said...


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Your blog is very well done. If you are interested we could exchange reciprocal links.

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Sissy said...

Now I am hungry!

Todd Wright said...

Dang...Randy Elrod wanting on your blog. That's a big deal among bloggers.

Well, "Christian" bloggers that is.

Well, Christain bloggers who know who Randy Elrod is, that is.

Scott said...

Well, I may have to run by HEB or Walmart on the way home and see if Julio has indeed left some chips there. If Todd had some, I guess they're there. I might even pick up a bag for you, but.....I wouldn't hold my breath. You know my little monkey-boy Ben has a chip addiction!

Anonymous said...

I moved from San Antone to Minnesota. The only things I miss are HEB pre-cooked brisket and Julio's chips. They're laced with herion, I swear.

Laura1969 said...

Julio is my dad. I thank you for recognizing his talent.