May 13, 2008

Lipo, Lifts and Links

This blogger thing has really taken the bloggyness right out of my blog. It's totally blogerrific and all, but seems quite blogadacious and hard to bloggerize.

All that to say - I'm confused.

From what I understand (and it ain't much, my friends) in order to blog you have to have some tech savvy. Not much, but at least some. I got none. I got less than none. I got so little tech savvy that when I first got my computer I thought the Attorney General had upgraded and gotten me one that played sound whenever you worked on it. But then I realized that it came with a cd player and it was just playing a cd he had put in. Oh, there are more of those time?

Which, to chase rabbits, reminds me of the other day when the AG and I were watching that commercial with Kelly Ripa and she's discussing the wonder of that new oven that "brings your water to a boil in 90 seconds" and I commented on how much I needed it.
He said, "You just got a new oven less than two years ago."
"I know but it doesn't boil water like that one. It takes about a minute and a half to boil."

He asked me not to tell anyone I said that but since my mom, my Granny and my 8th grade Science teacher are the only ones that read this I figured it was okay.

But I digress.

So anyway this little blog here has taken on quite a life of it's own; which I am proud as punch to say. And so I am wanting to start a blogroll. That's fancy talk for "I'm gonna put your name on the board if you don't mind and if you promise to be kind to me and not say mean things about me or the Attorney General although you'll probably want to say bad things about him cuz he's a bad, bad man but don't forget I added you to that there board and by cracky that mean's somethin' in these here parts."

But first I have to have your permission. Well, I don't suppose I have to have it. But the Attorney General - being, well, all Attorney like and all - thinks it would be best. For he fears we might get sued if I put your name on the board and then wrote a post on, say, the dialogue a woman has with her OBGYN and then you get all offended and say "how did you ever get my name? Take it down off of your bored or I'll sue." So maybe he's right, maybe permission would be the best way to go about it.

But just know that if I tack you up on the board you have to tack me up on your board. After all, it's the only fair way. I mean self-promotion is big people. How do you think Charles Nelson Reilly got to sit in that middle square for all those years?? Self-promotion, baby!!!

So if you read my blog (or if you like Charles Nelson Reilly).....and you know you do...don't be embarrassed...then you would you leave me a little comment or an email and let me know if it's okay if I tack your name to the wall. I'm even giving it a fancy title. It's gonna be called "Lipo, lifts and links" because, well, they all start with L.

So let me know. I'll be anxiously awaiting your reply.

Okay, in all honesty, I'll be sitting here with some cookie dough and will be mildly interested to see if I even get one reply. I don't want to build this thing up anymore than it has to be.


Lisa said...

okay, now i'm confused... do i have to have a blog to participate here? if not; i'm in!!!

Evi said...

I'm sort scared that you would not really like me in real life ('cause I scrapbook) but I sort of think I could fool you into a cup of coffee once in a while and make you think we'd make good friends BEFORE I spring the albums on you (you are TOTALLY right, we can't be trusted!)
Really now though, I saw your comment over at Heather's and thought I would drop by to see what you're all about. You're welcome to stop by and visit me sometime too.

Todd Wright said...

Link the Wrights, stat.

Heather said...

I followed your comment from Sissy's blog and...can I just are ADORABLE!!!!

I love your sense of humor and that you've made me feel so much better about not scrapbooking and my unnatural love for cookie dough. Seriously.

I'll be back!

Kelley said...

Well...I found you through a post on Lisa's site (Life Complete) and, girl, I couldn't stay away when she talked about how funny you are. Let me just say that you have not made a liar of her. I have so enjoyed reading your posts. I'm not a big bad Lawyer like the AG but, honestly, I'd been wanting to put your link on my blog to share you with others but I was afraid it wasn't "Emily Post" to do so without your permission. If you're well with it though, I'm going for it. My blog is new and I'm still feeling my way around but you're welcome to send people over.

Anonymous said...

OKay so I don't have a blog... I'm living vicarously through THIS ONE... but Mark and I do have a business web site.. and would love you even more than we already do to add us..... Tell the AG I won't sue.... unless ya'll get filty rich and build a pool!

Kimberly J

Mindy said...

I found your blog thru Ashley. If you would like to add me, that would be great. However, if you read my blog and feel you don't really want to add me.... That is fine too!


Sissy said...

Hi Melissa,

You are right...maybe we were separated at birth, except you are blond and I am 6 feet tall.

Link me up!

Tonya Lee said...

I'd love for you to add a link to my blog. I'm so glad you are adding links because I've become a blog addict!

Tiffany said...

So CUTE! You are one funny lady. I came on mindless junque's recommendation and she was right, LOVE IT.

I'll be back!

The Rivers Family said...

Love your blog! I would love to be added to your roll....

Big Nanny said...

You can link me up over there on the side. Just make sure it doesn't take me to a Bible College.

STL Chica said...

I don't have a blog myself but I love your blog so much and I want to be included so badly that I might have to start my own blog just to be linked to yours!!!

P.S. You spoke at my church in the STL last week and that's how I found your blog.

Mark Lunsford said...

Hey Melissa, Link me up, too! You're already on my blogroll! I love your funny stories. Keep it up!

Rhonda said...

Okay, I added you to my "blogroll" (what is that again?) and now I read that you would like, or think that, or maybe it's appropriate that, I guess I should ask your permission?
I guess at this point, let me know if you want me to take you off, because I love your stories and ABSOLUTELY refuse to remove you unless you are ABSOLUTELY adamant that I do.
I may not even then, because I don't really take to be ordered to do anything, or so my husband and parents tell me.
I'm rambling....