May 5, 2008

Do not email me a recipe for French Toast. I don't want to know how to make it for fear that I will be asked to do so one day.

“Bloggable moments.” That’s blog-lingo for “Wow, I cannot wait to write all about this so my mom and my eighth grade teacher can read it.” Or at least in my case it is. Bloggable moments are those moments that are so fun, or hilarious, or meaningful, or frightening, or unexpected – that you just race to your computer and type with unadulterated fury.

Today I experienced a bloggable moment that was so bloggable, I can’t even blog about it.

Now, that’s bloggable.

Okay, that word is making me sick. I’ll move on.

So instead of boring you with a story that would only, could only, be read about in your Stretch Marks blog or watched on Dateline, I will refrain. And instead I'll tell
you the more un-interesting fact (except to her grandparents) that my child can now tell you what it is she wants for dinner.

Ah, yes. This is new territory indeed.

For you see, I feel she should be happy to just get a hot meal. But noooooo, she wants to make requests. And man, is she ever put out if she doesn't get it.

In the last 12 hours she has asked for…

And “Ph-toast.” (That’s “I’ve-been-spoiled-rotten-all-weekend-by-my-dad-while-you-were-out-of-town-mom” talk for French toast.)

Two of those things I can’t make and one of them I have to have delivered. So what’s up with that?

On another note, I am speaking this Thursday night at a church in Nashville for their women’s event. I am excited to be going and have been thinking, reading, praying and getting’ all geared up for it. The topic is on, “What Not To Wear.” Pretty much it’ll be my notes, my Bible and some pictures of my mom.

Oh for heaven’s sake, I kid.

I was praying today about what the Lord would have us, as women, wear. Spanx obviously. But apart from that. What?

Courage or Kindness?

Patience or Perseverance?

Helpfulness or Humility?

I’m searching Him out on this one. I want to know. What does He truly desire for us to “wear”? What would that Proverbs 31 woman look like today if I were to pass her in aisle 9 at Publix? Email me and let me know what you think she’d be wearing. Or better yet, what she wouldn’t be wearing?

Other than her Spanx, of course.