Apr 1, 2008

"What is that? Some kind of turkey wreath?"

Let me get one thing straight. Fancy, I ain't.

So no laughing.

Tonight we had Ashley's Taco Ring.
Love, love, loved it!

Here's what you do. Now, you'll want to grab a pen and paper. Or better yet, a digital voice recorder because the ingredients are lengthy and the instructions? Impossible. So hold on to your apron.

1 pound ground meat / turkey
Taco seasoning
2 things of Crescent Rolls
Onion (if you want)

Brown your meat until done. Add taco seasoning (and water. And cook according to package directions.) After finished cooking, add cheese - as much as you like. Stir together. (These are Ashley's directions verbatim) "Now place your crescent rolls in one of those cheezy little Pampered Chef rings" and fill. Cook at 375 for 20-25 minutes until golden brown.

Her recipe didn't call for onion, but in my family onion is like a fruit. We eat it in everything. So I added it to my meat while it was cooking so it could soften.

Of course you have to buy Mexican cheese - cheddar just won't do.

After I placed it the meat in the silly ol' Pampered Chef ring (which I secretly thought was super cool and far beyond anything "homemakerish" I have ever done. Ever.), but before I folded the edges over I poured a little Taco Sauce on top. And then a little Old El Paso Zesty Ranch sauce. We love that stuff.

And I served it with a blackbean/rotel/corn salad. We love this at Radke Ranch!


I loved this meal. I am not hard to please when it comes to my dinner. I like my dinners kind of like Julio Iglesias - easy, cheesy and Mexican. It didn't take long to fix and when I was done I wished that I had friends coming over to eat and watch AI with us because I was so awed at how my ring turned out.

The Attorney General also liked it because it was easy to eat in front of the TV. Keep in mind we all sat around the table tonight, but those were his words, "this would be easy to eat in front of the TV." And let's be honest, sometimes that's important. Who are we kidding?
But when he walked in from work he looked at and said, "What is that? Some kind of turkey wreath?" Uh! Offensive! It's a "taco ring." Get it right. Men.
However, the AG asked specifically that I use ground meat next time. I told him that due to the 8 crescent rolls making up said ring I was trying to do his heart a favor. He still wants red meat. And I have to agree. Turkey meat is not known for it's absorbing qualities, so the taste of the taco seasoning didn't really stick to it. I would prefer ground round next time as well. And maybe offset it by using those new low-fat crescent rolls. APRIL FOOL'S!

We're not even going to discuss Remi because she simply ate the crescent rolls and let the rest fall out of her mouth. She did down 8 pounds of Mandarin oranges though, so that should count for something.

This might not be for everyone's family, but we liked it. But we're just really good, salt of the earth, don't come better than us, down home kind of people. Maybe your too pretentious.

So the AG and I give this: 4 (out of 5) gavels.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you get the ring? Can u only get it at pampered chef??