Apr 2, 2008

A Couple Things...

Okay, so here are just some random things that I feel important to mention.

1. I am excited about tomorrow. And I'll probably be excited until I'm about 10 minutes into it. But tomorrow I am having someone come to my house and...
Clean it?? No.
Paint it?? Wrong again.
Torch it?? Nope.
ORGANIZE IT! That's right. A friend of mine has her own business and she organizes (and cleans) your home for a living.

Isn't it amazing how God made each of us so different? For instance, she wants to organize my home and I want to sit and do my nails while I watch her.

Her first task is to tackle what my friends and family all refer to as the "Fellowship Hall Closet". (If you've been in church very long at all, you get that reference.) She'll have that cleaned up and spiffed up and junk thrown out and dishes given away so fast - it'll make your head spin. Then she said she planned on moving furniture, cleaning out from behind beds and armories. I didn't even know that could be done. She's tackling my closets and our home office. She said there a "place for every pan and every pan should be in it's place." Just between you and me, it's like she's speaking Spanish half the time, but I just shake my head and tell her how excited I am.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

2. So chances are you have received this mass email that has been going around about the Oprah Winfrey fiasco. I received it last night, and there's something I want to say on the topic. But before I do, please take one second and watch it.

However, let me say this first. I have never, ever downloaded anything on my blog for people to watch - I'm not really a big fan of doing that (mainly because I've never known how.) And before you watch it I want to warn you...The first part ? Cheezy. The last part? Cheezy. The middle part? Horrific.

I'll be back with more after you're done.

You know whoever created this video put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the narrators voice was booming and effective. That the graphics looked good and the colors were impactful. But after all the time they spent, only one thing moved me. It wasn't the narration or the music from The Passion of the Christ that played at the end. It wasn't the picture of the family standing together at the cross or "church of Oprah" graphics.

It was that one woman who stood up and said something.
It was that same woman who sat with her legs crossed hoping to have a wonderful day seeing the most powerful woman in the world do what she does best - talk.
It was that same woman who entered that studio like it was any other day; as just another fan.
It was that same woman who spoke the truth against Oprah when no one else in that studio dared do so.

That, my friends, was the most powerful woman in the room. And it's not Oprah I want to be like...it's her.

I told the AG at lunch today how glad I was God didn't give me that task on that day. I feared I wouldn't be strong enough to speak out like that. But this afternoon, as I thought long and hard about it, I wish to re-tract my statement. I would be strong. Not overly strong, mind you. And not just a little too weak.

But just strong enough.

I'm saddened about Oprah. I think she was given a platform unlike anyone else I've ever seen in my lifetime. And I'm sad about what she's done with it. But that's being a tad selfish, isn't it? The truth is I'm sad for her. Her, personally. Not her platform or her pedestal, not her following or her exposure. I'm sad for her heart. I'm sad it's been led astray. I'm sad it tricked her. I'm sad it convinced her that everything she needed was found right there, inside of her heart. Because we know "the heart is deceitful above all things." And we know there'll be no place for her in heaven as long as she believes that her heart will lead her there.

But ya know what? God is still God. Whether Oprah knows it or not.
So I wouldn't count Him out just yet.

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