Mar 5, 2008

Three Days Until.

I'm getting excited. Really excited.

This weekend David and I leave for the beach. And boy, do we deserve it. (I will not post the reasons why we deserve it as they are too painful, and don't make for very exciting print.) But we do. And we are going to savor all seven days of it.

And Remi. Sweet, little, fussy, stinker, now-taking-her-diaper-off-in-the-middle-of-the-night, Remi. She will be seeing the beach for the very first time. Oh yes, it will be too cold to step into (although the pool is heated. Praise Him). But she'll love the sand. And the sounds. And the "oooohhhhhh, mama, birds." (Feel free to fill in the blank with anything. Absolutely anything.)

And maybe we'll even take some of those pictures that apparently you are supposed to take if you are in your mid-thirties, have small children, and vote Republican; where we all wear white and sit in the sand or walk out into the water holding hands. Seriously, isn't it now mandatory to show your license, your voter registration card, and your family beach shot when you go to vote? Of course, the Attorney General has nixed this idea completely and says we'll have to drug him and prop him up, but hey, I've seen Weekend at Bernie's, so I know it can be done.

Oh, and the best part? Annette & Gene are coming! That's right, blog friends, my mom and dad are coming. So that right there should fill up every single post for the next three weeks. I figure I will have much to say and to report after 7 days in a condo with them. It's little sister's Spring Break week and this is what she wants to do - go away with all of us. So we gladly obliged. (Well, I gladly obliged; whereas, the AG has reported that he is still taking his Treo and laptop. I suppose this is in case the entire Christian Music Industry collapses during the one week he has decided to take off and he is called in to help restore it.)

So, I'll be heading in to town for those last minute necessities at ye ole' Target, of course. Still needing to pick up swim diapers, Bullfrog SPF 50 (for Rem, not me. I still fly in the face of that whole SPF conspiracy), and some kind of beach bag that is big enough to hold stone tablets yet allows me to look cool even when filled with a sippy cup, half a banana, a Glamour magazine and 14 gummy worms.

Did I mention the pool was heated? Wasn't sure. If not...the pool is heated.


Ashley said...

HEY... and you do not have to go far... OUR TAR-JET is OPEN!!!!

You must use said lap-top to keep us adrift of what goes on with the Radke fam at the beach or you might forget from the long drive home.

If you happen to be going to Destin... and are in need of some churching, my brother is the Youth Pastor at Village... right in the middle of town.

Lisa said...

I so wish we were all going. I would kill for the chance to get out of town for even one day; but alas; others must have spring feet so i must work next week. take extra pics for aunt lisa and send them to me via the malster if necessary. i love you guys and i hope you make memories to last a lifetime. Man, i should write for hallmark. :)