Mar 12, 2008

Remi and the Big Water.

What a day. This was my kind of day. At some point during the day one of us would say, "let's just stay a few more days, please?" Even the Attorney General - and he's pretty certain commerce stops when stands up from behind his desk.
We started out on the beach this morning. I may have walked more than I have in the last 8 months. Maybe not, but it felt like it.

Remi loves the "big water" - we can't understand much else, but that much we know. The big water and her? They're tight. She loves it and it loves her. Knocking her to her and feet and yet she keeps right at it.

I took a picture of a chicken walking by. Oh, wait, those are my mom's legs. Yikes.

We then grilled hamburgers and jumped in for a little more pool time (forgoing that whole "wait 30 minutes" sham). And last but not least, mom and I went for a spa massage and a pedicure. We had to have our massages done in the same room - because mom had never had a massage and was unsure how the whole thing worked, so she wanted me with her. Inevitably we begin to laugh and couldn't' stop. I'm not sure but considering we shared a room with candles and sitar music, considering we disrobed together and considering we snickered at everything that happened - I'm pretty sure they thought we were on our honeymoon.

After the massage we got our pedicures - but not even that was the best part. My pedicurist was named Rashida - you might want to remember her name and pray for her. Her heart is breaking (though you would never tell it by the beautiful smile she wore on her face) over a situation with her child. And who winds up in her seat?? Yours truly. And if anyone knows about a breaking heart...well, God knows what He's doing - let's just leave it at that. I told her I would be praying for her if that was okay and asked about her beliefs. She has been a Muslim for years and said she prayed five times a day right there in the very room I was in. I knew this was no time to tell her I would pray - this was time to put feet on it. So I did. I asked her permission to pray over her, explained why I believe in the laying on of hands on her - and together we prayed. I prayed to MY God. I prayed His power and strength, His peace and miracle working power. And afterwards I told her how wonderful He was. And how we could believe Him.
And she cried. And I cried, too.

And suddenly the greatest day got even better.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics....


Anonymous said...

I think that I am having as much fun on your vacation as you are! Thanks for sharing! It makes laundry and dirty dishes tolerable. :)

And...thanks for being the one to say, "Here am I" when God brought Radisha into your day. He knew what He was doing and your prayer on her behalf was a sweet, sweet aroma.

Can't wait to read about tomorrow friend. Enjoy!

Mark Lunsford said...

Hi Melissa! I found your husband on Plaxo yesterday and he pointed me here. It's great to see pictures of your family! I hope things are going well for you. We're in Texas now! Click on my name and you can see my blog.