Mar 11, 2008

If you hold a shell up to your ears you can hear the Beach Boys.

Well, we're day 3 into our big vacationion (yep, I spelled that right if you watch King of Queens.) And we've done some really great things. Okay, I mean we've seen some really great things. Okay, I'm lying, we've eaten at some really great places. There I said it.
Actually mom and dad have taken little sister to the Nascar racetrack where they are all two (yes, I said "all two" - one of them is probably sniffing out a nearby shopping center) are driving their heads off at 110 mph. Where on this side of the island the Attorney General is snoring at 110 mph.
Taking a nap here is nothing like taking it at home. You open up the patio door here and see the beach, smell the beach, listen to the beach. You open it up to at home and well, let's just say my dogs often bring me little "gifts" and leave them at my door. "Gifts" that you see, "gifts" that you smell, "gifts" that you wish could live again and walk again . . . but I digress.

So here is what I woke up to this morning. Not bad work if you can get it, huh??

Of course, I personally like this view. And if your wondering where everyone is, well, so are we. But we are fiiiinnnnneeeee with it.

Actually I took these pictures at 8AM this morning. Yep, 8Am. It's our vacation and Remi still gets up early. What's up with that? Doesn't she know? So when I took these pictures only like 3 people were out walking and they were like, over 80.

Later we went to eat at Drunken Jack's. Little sister thought the name was cool - thus the reason for our stop. But everything was fried (and I think you know my thoughts on that...see Somethings Goin Down at the Marriott) so I feasted on some green beans. But sinfully gave in to 46 hushpuppies. Hush. Puppies.

My mom is a joy to have on this trip. At least housekeeping thinks she is. When they tried (which is their job, let's point that out) to change her sheets she told them "not to worry about it." When they tried to make her bed she told me, "Why? I'm just gonna crawl right back in it later, girlfriend." (Yes, I said girlfriend. Embarrassing). When they tried to take out the trash she took the bag from their cart and did it herself. Now, we find this all a bit amusing since when she wants a cappuccino each morning my dad brings it to her. And when she wants her hair fixed - it's yours truly to the rescue. When she needs to run down to the bookstore her son-in-law takes her. And yesterday when she tried to lift a finger little sister had to do it for her. Of course I am able to blog this because she is looking over my shoulder rolling her eyes and calling me a liar. "I do not do that Melissa - you do that." Now, that's not true. I never take the trash out. Ever.

Not sure what's on tap tonight (there's a nod to Drunken Jack's, matey). So stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

could you take a pic of "little sister" so her momma michelle could see her smiling face. Thanks.....Looks like ya'll are having a good time

Anonymous said...

Nana would also love to see a picture of Mallory. Please try to get a better facial expression than Anet's though, PLEASE!!!!

By the way, Nana would love some of that fudge you were talking about in a previous post. Can you handle that?

Meanwhile, I remain, holding down the fort at the old family business,