Mar 15, 2008

Boyz to Men said it best. As usual.

Well, here we are, it's "the end of the road" for our Myrtle Beach week. I hate to see it end. And not just because I don't want to go back to a world of bills, grocery lists, or dusting. But because we had a really great time. We made some memories this week with Remi getting to see the "big water" for the first time. And getting her picture made with a real, live monkey hanging on her ('nother story for another time).

But alas the real world awaits. My dogs want to see their daddy. "Maxi no-no" (as her name is now called) probably misses us but will certainly never let on. And of course I miss my house and my bed.
But I'll miss Nonie and Poppie. And of course, Remi's best friend, my little sister.
I'll miss taking half an hour to decide where to eat.
I'll miss fighting over who gets the last pecan praline.
I'll miss my dad fussing for an entire week that mom and I spent too much money on groceries and insisting that we "got took."
I'll miss laughing at David continually having to lather himself in SPF 50 because he broils like a lobster.
I'll miss Remi seeing the water with awe and wonder.
And I'll miss sleeping in. Because Poppie "likes" getting up with her. Oh yeah, that one will hurt.

Well, here's to a great week. Here's the the Big Water. And here's to Boyz to Men - who have been reading my mind since 1992. It's the end of the road, folks.

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